Factory tours on Saturdays?

Factory tours on Saturdays?

I've finalizing airline Tickets to the Bay Area in November, and I just realized that I might be able to squeeze in a factory tour if they do them on Saturday afternoons. Anyone know the answer?

carlk | 6 luglio 2014

That's what I did in March. The down side is production is stopped in weekend except a few workers/machines that are running probably doing some catch up work.

rdalcanto | 6 luglio 2014

Was it worth it? Should I push back my Saturday departure to the evening for an afternoon tour? How long was the tour and how often do they go? I would need a 2 or 3pm tour. I would call and ask them tomorrow, but it would be too late to change my current reservation. Thanks. | 6 luglio 2014

IIRC, one of the advantages of going on the weekend is that you can go through the painting area, which is not part of the weekday tour because its in use.


Bighorn | 6 luglio 2014

I dont think I`d do a Saturday unless I knew I had the option to come back on a workday. | 6 luglio 2014

One advantage of the weekend, is it is far quieter and you can hear the guide better.

That said, I'd still recommend a weekday to see everything in operation. In the past they did 2 to 4 tours a day depending on the need. The tour takes between 60 and 90 minutes (likley depends on how busy the guides are, phase of the mood, etc.). Most of it you'll sit in a tram, and a portion is walking around.

The tour may change after the line changes being made this month, so all this info may turn out to be wrong!

It's well worth it in either case. I expect you'll enjoy it!

GeekEV | 7 luglio 2014

I took my tour on a Sunday and it was totally dead in the factory. Hardly anything going on at all. But that was a year and a half ago, maybe they're running more full-tilt these days.

rdalcanto | 7 luglio 2014

Well, I ended up pushing back my flight last night so I can do a tour on Saturday before I fly back home. Even if it is quiet, I figure it is better than nothing! :)

Hopefully, I will be able to see a Model X prototype in November as well.

Iowa92x | 7 luglio 2014

Visiting San Fran later this month, looking forward to renting a Tesla and touring the factory.

That is all, carry on.