Falcon wings in Rain

Falcon wings in Rain

The more I think about Falcon wings the more I get uncomfortable with the idea. The only two selling points for falcon wings are:
1. Style quotient
2. Ease of putting a child seat

But what if there is rain? And rain doest fall vertically at 90 degrees but will pour at an angle. So when you open the doors its bound to get your entire inside of the car wet. Or atleast that's what I am visioning, unless there is a better way of engineering the falcon wings.

What's your thoughts on it, would love to hear it.

David Trushin | 31 maggio 2015

Doors in general have the drawback that they provide openings large enough for people to get in and out. Hence rain can also get in. The trick, in heavy rain is to minimize the amount of time the door is open. So, you get in and quickly pull the door down behind you. Or better yet, wait til the rain lets up.

proven | 31 maggio 2015

I was thinking the same thing about the doors and rain. Rarely is it coming straight down. However, our minivan gets a lot of rain inside during heavy rain and it ends up not being a big deal. Just get in fast and close the doors!

I think the third selling point for the falcon wing doors is that you can get into the third row easier than any other crossover/station wagon.

vperl | 31 maggio 2015

If there is such great distain, or concern about the doors, cancel your MX.

I suspect the doors will be just fine, if you continue to be so "concerned" stop worrying, buy a Hugo.

Problem, concern gone, finished, and have a nice day

jordanrichard | 31 maggio 2015

I think the bigger concern is snow. Think about it, would any of us open a sunroof with snow on it?

vandacca | 31 maggio 2015

Tesla Motors have been secretly working with Dyson over the past year to implement Dyson's patented Concentrated AirBlade technology, powered by their V4 Digital Motor (TM). When the front windshield sensors detect rain, a wind curtain will be created when the falcon doors open, preventing precipitation from entering the cabin.

As a secondary benefit, when a soaked passenger or pet enters the cabin, they'll also be instantly blow dried.

Seriously guys, how is this any different from existing doors? I got caught in a down pour just yesterday and the whole inside of my RAV-4 door was soaking wet, along with part of the seat and floor.

ernie | 31 maggio 2015

I will second the notion: if your Res Number is less than 8546, please feel free to cancel! On a more serious note, all doors are a problem with either rain, wind and snow. I am wondering if there are going to be intermediate "stops" on the way up that will attenuate moisture a little.

I think they will help in so many ways. For instance I often get stuck on a ferry with minimal room to open the side door. If I am correct (please let it be so) there will be more room for the door to open. This is a concern for every ferry rider every trip.

I can just see a bunch of people coming over to look the first time they see an X in the waiting line with the doors opening up to get some coffee and a Danish out of the back.

I am more concerned about the snow and ice as there is going to be a greater surface area which will be impacted. Maybe there will be an ability to heat the area. No problem when in a garage, but thinking about what happens when parked outside during inclement weather.

EternalChampion | 31 maggio 2015

It doesn't rain in California. Just enter and exit the vehicle here.

ernie | 31 maggio 2015

Well it does rain in our area (Puget Sound) with the Olympic Peninsula getting over 11' of water average. I live just 50 miles from the holder of the world record snowfall, Mount Baker at 95' (2,896 cm) in 1998-989.

However, go just a few miles from the wettest 48 states on the Peninsula and there is Sequim (pronounced "sqwim") and there is a rain shadow with 16.51" annual rainfall. Tired of rain? Get in your X and go 5 miles or if nearer Seattle, drive 5 miles up or down I-5 and go through the "convergence zone" to find a totally different weather experience. Oh we will love the X just as we love the weather!

jjs | 31 maggio 2015

NOT HUMOR - If the rain comes straight down, I believe the X's doors will be superior to traditional doors. If the rain is coming down sideways the doors will be inferior from the prospective of time to close. These doors are going to take a lot longer to close compared to getting in a car with traditional doors and quickly pulling them shut. The real issue (minute as it is) is not the shape/style/orientation of the doors but rather the time to open/close. I just can't get my mind around it being a very significant issue though.

HUMOR (or an attempt thereof) - vandacca's information although correct is a bit premature as testing to ensure the AirBlade does not decapitate, stab, puncture, dismember or impale bicycle riders passing close by AirBlade enveloped X. Early tests have not been pretty.

rlwrw | 31 maggio 2015

Power doors have to close slower because they have to detect objects in the opening so as not to crush them.
Yes, they could close as fast as the vertical doors in the first "Star Wars" movie (thanks to skip framing), but that would be at the risk of slicing through something like the cow in the first "Under the Dome" episode.
I'm pretty sure Tesla has already thought this out, and has incorporated a manual grab the door, and either pull or push it as fast or as slow as one wants, one way or another, just like mini vans.
My guess is that jumping into the vehicle in the rain, grabbing the door and bringing it down very fast will be doable.

vandacca | 31 maggio 2015

+1 @jjs I'm told many cyclists were harmed in the early testing of the Model-X.

ir | 31 maggio 2015

Shouldn't that much worse than a minivan with double automatic sliding doors open in a snowstorm!

Brian H | 31 maggio 2015


vperl | 31 maggio 2015

Brian, you are thanked. Did you pay Kay's dues at your local ?

If your short on cash, got some yard work you can do. | 31 maggio 2015

Sorry to report that there has been misinformation flying around regarding the operation of the falcon wing doors in the presence of precipitation. There will be no giant fan blades. When the car senses precipitation in the form of rain, the climate control system fan will simply activate its hyper mode when a falcon wing door is opened. The positive pressure created will repel the rain while passengers turn sideways to enter. Exiting the car will be much easier in this mode.

When the car detects an accumulation of snow on the roof, the door will open at hyper speed thus throwing the snow off in the opposite direction. People will learn not to stand on the other side of the car in this mode.

The falcon wing doors actually open with less space required to the side of the car than the conventional front doors. In the ferry mode the car will detect the close quarters using its peripheral ultrasonic sensors and alert all passengers to enter and exit via the falcon wing doors or back hatch only. After the passengers in the second and third rows have exited, the front seat backs will recline enabling the front seat passengers to exit via the falcon wing doors.

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding. | 31 maggio 2015

@jjs: Thanks for the HUMOR and NOT HUMOR clarifying notations. Otherwise some of us would have been alarmed by the violent implications of your post:-))

Red Sage ca us | 31 maggio 2015

EternalChampion illuminated, "It doesn't rain in California. Just enter and exit the vehicle here."


What weather forcasters will undoubtedly call 'STORMAGEDDON 2015' at comes point this Summer would just be referred to as 'some chance of light precipitation' elsewhere.

I fully expect 50% of Model X production to be distributed within Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties for the next three years.

carlgo2 | 10 giugno 2015

Buckling kids up in the back seats, cleaning up snot, getting the bottle off of the floor where the baby flung it, distributing the stuffed animals...all this will be both easier and dryer for the adults thanks to the falcon doors. They would get wetter with conventional doors, hunched over with their butts out in the driving rain. | 10 giugno 2015

@carlgo: + a lot. not to mention retrieving kids escaping via the opposite door, hunting for a tossed binky, picking up a dropped fudgesical, etc. | 10 giugno 2015


ian | 10 giugno 2015

Mmmmm, fudgesicles. My favorite.

blakeshade1 | 13 giugno 2015

I don't see it as huge problem bcuase I once forgot that I left the sunroof open on my MS and it started to rain but I was inside the mall and just decided to check on it and I saw that the sunroof was open so I closed it and ran out to the car and it was soaked but I just got in the backseat and turned on the front seat heats to see if that would work and it did but now that's why I always remember to close my sunroof now.

grant10k | 13 giugno 2015

Well, a couple of differences there.

You'll never forget to close the rear doors. I can't even picture someone going to the mall and forgetting to close the rear doors. Particularly falcon wing "Look at me!!" doors.

You don't enter and exit though the sunroof, but you have to use the doors to get into the car. If it's raining, you're not going to open the sunroof willy-nilly but you'll have to open the rear doors in the rain to get into the back seat, if you don't want to clamor over the font seats and center console.

Laryrob | 15 giugno 2015

my concern is more whether the falcon doors can open in a 2 car garage w/o hitting a sidewall ,the car next to it or the ceiling.

grant10k | 15 giugno 2015

@Laryrob Well, that's easy enough to answer.


Falcon Wing rear doors fold up and out of the way, even in garages and narrow parking spaces.

In a garage:

Next to another car:

The answer is "probably".

jjs | 15 giugno 2015

And we will know for sure, "soon". | 15 giugno 2015

Conveniently, California is in the throes of a major drought which will make rain a moot issue for the early deliveries.

jjs | 15 giugno 2015

george - Always seeing the silver lining in the non-existent clouds.

ernie | 15 giugno 2015

@georgehawley...lack of water might mean they can't wash the cars before loading them. Well...maybe not but that drought is crippling farmers for sure.

Pacific Northwest is almost 3" short of rain in our rainy cycle which starts in October. Some areas have 2% normal snowpack..."Thank you Mom Nature". It is part of our cycle...

jjs | 15 giugno 2015

ernie Thanks for the link. Very informative. | 15 giugno 2015

I used to live in Truckee, CA. The first winter there we had 30' of snow! A neighbor tried to walk around his house, fell headfirst into a pit in the snow at a corner of his house and died. One afternoon we had 5 feet of snow. Nature gives and takes away. I loved driving in the snow. My wife not so much. Still have scars from the nail marks in my right arm from hurtling through a foot of snow on I80 in the Donner area driving a Lexus LX with AWD, a great snow car. I think the X will be even better.

We brought a little rain to CA last month when we were there but not enough to make any difference. The landscape from LA to the Bay Area was crackling dry. Hope the Pacific NW gets some pinwheel storms out of the Gulf of Alaska.

Madatgascar | 16 giugno 2015

Not humor:

I heard an explanation earlier that the hinge region would have a gutter that diverts water around the door opening. Of course some driven rain will get in, but most of the vertical rain will be blocked by the door. I think it will be nice to get out of the car with a little canopy over my head that keeps the rain off as I open my umbrella.

A foot of partly melted icy snow on the roof will be a tougher issue. | 17 giugno 2015

@tb...: You have nailed the rain response of FW doors.

Attempt at Humor: in the snow removal mode I think both doors will open and pack the icy snow into block. They then close and the block tips toward one side or the other and slides off the sloping roof. Owners will be advised to avoid standing on that side of the car during this maneuver.

Tesla researchers searched high and low until they found the mythical snow falcon of Sarvonia to study its snow shedding techniques in order to develop the snow removal mode. P,ease note the block of icy snow to the left of the falcon's left wing. | 17 giugno 2015

That's " please " of course as opposed to p'ease.

vandacca | 17 giugno 2015

George, I can't believe you got one fact wrong. Once the block is formed, the rear suspension lowers and allows the block to slide off the back. Please take better care in your fact checking...

jjs | 17 giugno 2015

Looks like the block of snow/ice is not the only thing slipping! ;) | 17 giugno 2015

How did I miss that? It must have slipped off the back of my mind while getting rained on here.

innov8tive | 2 luglio 2015

My concern is how do I know if the doors will hit another car or if ill be good. | 2 luglio 2015

1. The doors have built in sensors that will not allow them to hit anything.
2. The FW doors require less distance to the sides to open than the standard hinged front doors.

vandacca | 2 luglio 2015

How did we manage before falcon doors, not knowing if we would hit something when opening them? | 2 luglio 2015

Ding. Oh s##t.

vperl | 6 luglio 2015

Doors will leak, cancel your reservation, now.

Pluto is a Planet | 6 luglio 2015

@vperl Leaky shacks have always been romantic (see It's a Wonderful Life), I think I might preorder a MX myself now!

vperl | 6 luglio 2015

Snow and rain will cause havoc with the MX. Please cancel your MX reservation. Save yourself from rain or snow on your head and shoulders.

Stop the havoc refuse the MX, a hump of a rain/snow leaker.

w.fuchs | 19 luglio 2015

Any comment here brings your order ranking by 10 positions to the rear ;)
But to this threat: I also have fear of the falcon doors. I think for tesla it would have been better to think about sliding doors like in the Ford Grand C-Max with 7 seats. My wife and I each have such a car. It is the best solution when you want a minivan and you have kids. But car-electrification is unstoppable, so we think about tesla...

vperl | 19 luglio 2015

Thanks, fuuks, your observations must be so correct because of your vast knowledge of vehicle design and manufacturing. Thank you for pointing out the dangers and the leaking ability of the Falcon wing doors. you are a giant in the industry of vehicle design and knowledge of manufacturing, telling tesla has a failed door design. I am amazed at your expertise totally and completely what engineering school did you go to, design school did you go to I am waiting. I know people that would like to go to your school that you went to to learn all about car manufacturing , thank you so much for your time.

You are as they say, "special is as special does"

Waiting for your next installment of "fuuks knows best".

I await my flawed X, with my Falcon Doors. Remember to cancel your X if you have a reservation.
I am keeping my reservation, with pride.. Be happy with the Bolt, Jolt, or molt, with sliding doors

geemoney3135 | 19 luglio 2015

What am I missing here? Are all of the naysayers going to be owners that will be seated in the back being chauffeured around. I expect to be driving mine, in which case the falcon doors will be a non issue.

Are you guys really worried about melting in the snow or rain. My god, you whine like BMW owners!

With most of the country in drought, you should be thankful for any rain or snow that might come your way!

vperl | 19 luglio 2015

Geemonkey, whoops geemoney, whoops that spell checker.

Seems some complain about everything, doors, need solar panel on roof, want a clutch, several gears, towing capacity for a 35 ft trailer and a snowmobile ... WINDMILL on roof

Doubt the , doubters even have a reservation, if the doubter has a reservation I suggest they . NOW


( moves me closer ) ......

grant10k | 19 luglio 2015

Let's say there's a design flaw where all the accumulated snow or rain is funneled directly on to your 7 year old's head whenever the rear doors are opened. How many inches of rainfall in the US is required before the owner can voice concern? Should anyone from Norway start with "I'm from Norway" so we know their concern for snow is legitimate, and thus we don't have to give anyone the benefit of the doubt?

"I think they should have gone with regular doors for the following made up reasons" is annoying, but "You should be happy because my situation is worse" is worse.

ernie | 19 luglio 2015

I am thinking that the single biggest issue with the doors [since this is Puget Sound they are "Gull Wing" doors]...will be the gawkers wanting to engage in dialog about the vehicle AND the Gull Wing doors. I already walk the line to find Tesla owners and without exception they are not only willing but eager to talk...both the driver and riders are reveling in their driving experience. Oh, and when hot outside...they are not. And when cold and windy, they are comfy. They smirk not. Oh, and they tend to be my age...some younger, some driving an MS who wish for less difficulty in getting out.

No, the rear doors will possibly be opened to welcome some in for a spell. Just glad I don't live in Boston where last winter's piles of parking lot snow are still melting.