Favorite Home Page

Favorite Home Page

Does anyone have a favorite webpage they like to leave on their screen? My favorite lately is because it not only shows the current news but the "tiles" on the home page are colorful and cool to look at. When I show the car to people, they are usually impressed by how the page looks - I am sure some of you have even better "home pages"..... (I also like and

Thanks for your input and ideas!

kickgas | 28 aprile 2013

I've made dropbox my home page with a folder of my favorite photos, so I can look at whatever pictures I have in my collection, i.e. family, scenery, vacations, etc.

kashiraja | 28 aprile 2013

I have a Google doc where I put up all my favorite links and handy charger maps etc. Then I share it as a web page that I have favorited in my car. That way I can add new links on my PC and then have them show up in my MS.

Rumbles | 29 aprile 2013

I few months back I made a site which shows a large analog clock (and other things). It is my default home screen. Enjoy.

Rumbles | 29 aprile 2013
noahas | 29 aprile 2013


Very nice!

agiangone | 29 aprile 2013

Thank you Rumbles. I use it.

Mliss | 29 aprile 2013

Thank you. These are great ideas

dstiavnicky | 16 maggio 2013

My favorite is found at