First off let me say that having average wants and needs makes me...well, average. However, this does have it's advantages. For example, when an up and coming car company might want to know what most people would find desirable in their vehicles.
So here's my list. I hope someone capable of making decisions is listening.
1) It's my understanding that the model S has limited space for "things". The Model X is clearly Tesla's family version of the sedan and they need to know that while it may not look as "clean", people need storage spaces within reach for their "stuff".
2) Front and rear A/C. It's already hot in Florida and it's gonna get worse each year.
3) 12V DC outlet plugs. At least 2. We can supply our own splitters if needed.
4) Seats that fold down flat and/or remove and install easily. They are currently a freakin nightmare in most models.
Lastly. I know this one is a stretch but it would probably boost sales through the roof.
A small efficient range extender. Be it a Fuel cell, standard 1-2 cylinder gas engine or whatever.
Just enough to get you that extra 20-40 miles in a pinch.
Build that. They will all come.

cloroxbb | 27 maggio 2013

I highly doubt sacrificing the SPACE in the Model X by using a "range extender" is really going to boost sales thru the roof.

an extra 20-40 miles? What a waste of money IMO. Doesn't seem like it would be adding much value.

Vawlkus | 28 maggio 2013

Limited space in Model S........ I think you may have the Model S and Roadster confused.

Brian H | 28 maggio 2013

He's talking about small object storage, I expect.

yosr, check for the CCI.

Surf Dog | 28 maggio 2013

I don't see any need for a range extender. A bigger Battery option would be the ticket for that. The last thing I would want is an ICE of any kind.

carlgo | 1 giugno 2013

Lots of Supercharging stations coming, faster charging also. Making range less of a problem. It is also likely that the batteries will be slightly more capable, at least equal to the slight range extension of extra batteries, little motors, etc.

One thing about the X is that it is a vacation car and so will be taken to remote areas. Looking at even the last map it is clear that the SC stations are going into predominantly urban locations.

How about a Tesla tent trailer where the floor of the unit would be a full battery assembly, just like the one in the car. Double the range, lots of money. And of course a remedy for those wanting to bring kayaks and such along.

In any case range will be a bigger issue for X owners than most S owners who are more likely to stay on the main roads.

carlgo | 1 giugno 2013

PS: don't back your Tesla trailer down a boat ramp to launch your boat...

Brian H | 1 giugno 2013

Good observation; another 2-300 miles range would really make the X more appealing to lots of people!