Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma = I don't get the attraction
32 mile rated electric range
20 mpg
52 mpge electric mode

The car has no storage and is not terribly attractive. In concept it sounds intersting, in reality. . .
The model S offers a lot more for a better price.

Is there a market for the Karma?

steve | 18 ottobre 2011

Only if your name is Leonardo. :)

Really though, the car is very attractive appearance wise, but unattractive in all other respects IMO.

Volker.Berlin | 19 ottobre 2011

"The EPA has finally released its official fuel economy rating for the Fisker Karma, and it's not high: just 52 MPGe, an all-electric range of 32 miles and 20 miles per gallon on gasoline when the battery runs dry. This is well below the numbers that Fisker reps were bandying about in past years: 67.2 mpge and an all-electric range of 50 miles."

Mycroft | 19 ottobre 2011

Like I just posted in the Fisker forums, yes the specs suck, but they did for the original DeLorean also. (150hp & 0-60 in 10 secs)

But if you like the look, the Karma, for the price, is the most head-turning vehicle on the road!

David M. | 19 ottobre 2011

I saw a Fisker Karma in person at an Auto Show last year. I wasn't very impressed with the styling, and the ergonomics didn't look right. Frankly, there was a much bigger crowd huddled around the Nissan Leaf. Unfortunately, Tesla did not participate in this car show.

DarrellH | 19 ottobre 2011

The Karma IS head turning as long as you disregard the MAD Magazine Alfred E. Newman grill.

Mycroft | 19 ottobre 2011

If you pick the dark exterior colors, it kind of blends in. If you pick a bright exterior color, especially white, then it kinda looks like the Anonymous character mask with the mustache.

cybercop | 19 ottobre 2011

Alfred E. Newman? L I thought it was either the Cheshite Cat or, really, the Joker from Batman. You see it now, don't you.

mscottring | 19 ottobre 2011

When I first started following the Fisker story I was really pretty excited about the car. But the more I followed it, the less excited I became. When the real statistics came out for the car, any level of excitement I may have once had for it was gone. I don't mind the look of it, but don't see the point of it.

Loek | 19 ottobre 2011

I agree, I think the Fisker Karma at least has become irrelevent. The Nina may still carry some interest if they do a much better job on design. Really though I think this poor Fisker news is both good and bad for Tesla. Good because it will drive more people to the Model S that were considering Fisker. Bad because it will add to the Solyndra effect, a general dissappointment with the federal loan program that is helping both Tesla and Fisker.

Brian H | 20 ottobre 2011

Hmph. If you think the Karma is "very attractive", your taste is all between your cheeks. The lower ones.

Overdone, claiming far more than it's got.

petero | 24 ottobre 2011

For what it’s worth. Last night (10/23) I saw my ‘first’ Fisker Karma (silver). I live in Southern California…And yes it was pulling into a gas station. Go figure.

Andrew18 | 24 ottobre 2011

My cousin test drove one and he was underwhelmed
Very tight interior and felt heavy and slow
He said he would never buy it- i had a res for a karma but canceled it when i saw it and sat in it-seemed claustrophobic for such a huge car

I am now hoping for sig 587 though if over 90k im going loaded production 230

BYT | 24 ottobre 2011

As far as I'm concerned, FISKER KARMA is the Chevy and Tesla Model S is the Rolls Royce!

Nicu | 24 ottobre 2011

Only that this time the Chevy is more expensive than RR !

BYT | 25 ottobre 2011

@Nicu, LOL, you got me there!

Brian H | 25 ottobre 2011

Gore bought a Karma. What else do you need to know?

Nicu | 25 ottobre 2011

Gore can have a 50 car collection. Not me, and not most of mere mortals. So we have to discriminate.

Brian H | 25 ottobre 2011

I mean that Gore's endorsement is the Kiss of Bogus.

Brian H | 25 ottobre 2011

He's famous now for the "Gore Effect"; wherever he shows up to speak about Global Warming, there's a blizzard. ;p

Brian H | 25 ottobre 2011

Speaking of the Karma, and the Surf, compare the X:
"The new crossover will feature even more innovative packaging solutions than the seven-seat Model S, including third-row seating capable of comfortably accommodating seven full-size adults, and it will be a fully specced luxury vehicle."
Cheaper than the Karma, and more than twice the vehicle. Hilarious.

David M. | 25 ottobre 2011

All I know is: When Fisker finally throws in the towel, Tesla better be rolling thousands of Model S sedans off the production line. Otherwise, Uncle Sam will come knocking for their loan to be repaid.

As an investor, and reservation holder, I'll be sweating bullets for the next several months.

ThomasN | 25 ottobre 2011

I just hope fiskar survives long enough to pay off its loans, I'm confident Tesla will both survive and excel.

Nicu | 26 ottobre 2011

Obviously, loans are contract with very precise clauses so nobody can ask for the money before it's due.

Timo | 26 ottobre 2011

I don't think loans can be closed "one-sided" like that. They got it and now they are paying interest to government. As long they are paying interest to government it is sweet deal for government. Loans are deals with strict rules.

Brian H | 27 ottobre 2011

It's a subcompact.
Who knew?

charlieg | 31 dicembre 2012

I would love to take a look at the Porsche Hybrid too. 2013 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid 4dr Sedan MSRP $96,150.00
The only things that scares me is the price on every car Porsche ever made besides the 911 falls off a cliff.
Look at the 928.

Volker.Berlin | 1 gennaio 2013

If you want to take a look at a Porsche hybrid, I think you should look at the 918... :-) It's one of the few cars on the road that are even faster than a Model S P85.

LarsT | 1 gennaio 2013

Year, but take a look at the price tag: Almost 1 Million US-Dollars without options. The 918 is a Hybrid and I believe the problem is that petrol heads don't want the electric motor and battery and the progressive buyers ask, why ist has to carry a V8 anyay.

Brian H | 1 gennaio 2013

Hurry! There are only 918 of them!

Volker.Berlin | 1 gennaio 2013

Also, has someone checked on the cupholders and blind spot warning? Not sure if the 918 has any of these... LarsT, I admit I wasn't serious, but it's definitely an interesting car!

Alex K | 1 gennaio 2013

@charlieg | DECEMBER 31, 2012: I would love to take a look at the Porsche Hybrid too. 2013 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid 4dr Sedan MSRP $96,150.00 [...]
The only things that scares me is the price on every car Porsche ever made besides the 911 falls off a cliff.

I'm leasing a 2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid. I had the car custom ordered. With all the bells and whistles, it cost $125,000. I'll see what it actually is worth at the end of the lease and determine if I will keep it. I had a 2006 Cayman previously and its residual value was about 50% after 5+ years.