flat tire

flat tire

I got a flat tire today (a puncture). There is no spare. I want to be proactive if it happens in the future. Does anyone have any suggestions?

PaceyWhitter | 25 gennaio 2013

Not the greatest solution but Tesla offers a tire repair kit:

tcunning | 25 gennaio 2013

I put a can of fix a flat in the trunk and got a little mini tire pump like what Tesla sells.

ALSET | 25 gennaio 2013

@Pacey- do you know if this single use? On the topic of flats...can this car be jacked up like any other car? Changing a flat tire the same as an ICE car?

PaceyWhitter | 25 gennaio 2013

I don't have it but obviously the pump is multi use, the question is how much of their tire sealant they include. Will have to find someone who has bought it to ask that, although I wouldn't think the sealant would be that expensive to replace.

noel.smyth | 25 gennaio 2013

@ALSET - there is a Jack mode setting that you need to set before jacking a car with the air suspension as it will self level without that setting.

Manta | 25 gennaio 2013

Keep in mind that Model S is a heavy car if you're planning to use a jack.

I bought this tire repair kit which I understand is very similar to the one Tesla sells. You can get refills online too if you need them.

Brian H | 25 gennaio 2013

Note that jack mode does not do the jacking, it just permits it.

eltonf | 25 gennaio 2013

@paul_villasenor why did you go with that one instead of the one Tesla sells? Since they are nearly th same price I prefer to get the Tesla approved OEM version, which is what I bought.

Getting Amped Again | 25 gennaio 2013

I have one of the Tesla ones and the sealant bottle rattles around and I can turn it some but it won't come out unless I take out some screws and open the housing, which I haven't tried yet.

GeirT | 26 gennaio 2013

We buy at USD 100,000 car and don't get the repair kit as part of the package, and need to buy?
The wife's RAV4 came with the kit at "no cost"...

Timo | 26 gennaio 2013

AFAIK you get tire repair kit with the car. Not sure though. Anybody confirm?

nhurst | 26 gennaio 2013

I did NOT get the repair kit with my Sig delivered 12/12/12.

hsadler | 26 gennaio 2013

My SmartCar came with tire repair kit which included electric air pump (front and rear tires different size so no spare).
Starting price for the SmartCar was approx $ 12k

Carmine | 26 gennaio 2013

I did not with my Sig delivered on 12/8/12. For that matter, the only thing that was included were the cheap front mats. Decent front/rear mats as well as the Tesla Tire Repair Kit should be included for ALL MS's; or, at the very least, for Sigs. As a stockholder I can understand why these items were not included; however, as an owner, I
Does anyone know if the slime canister in the Tesla Repair kit is reusable and/or replaceable?

Velo1 | 26 gennaio 2013

If you have the sealant kit, don't you also need to buy a jack?

From my experience (years ago), the sealant kit is fine for nails and other similarly small punctures. But anything bigger than a nail hole cannot be effectively sealed, as the sealant will spew out under pressure.

Has anyone looked to purchase a real spare tire and wheel? I am investigating this possibility.

Thumper | 26 gennaio 2013
Manta | 26 gennaio 2013

@eltonf - I spoke to a Tesla rep on the phone, and he said they're basically the same thing. (He thought the other one would be cheaper.) I picked the Slime kit because I knew I could easily get refills for it. If Tesla had comparably priced refills on their online store, I might have gone with theirs.

Mike6 | 26 gennaio 2013

I had a flat yesterday too!

Its a bit annoying to call the tow truck - depending on where you get your flat this could be anywhere from an hour to many hours.

In my case, worked out pretty well. He plugged the flat and had me on my way in less than an hour.


Brian H | 26 gennaio 2013

Certain states require the kits, or some flat/spare provision, and (only) those cars got them, AFAIK.