Flimsy roof rack mount covers are annoying

Flimsy roof rack mount covers are annoying

I'm sure other owners have had issues with those flimsy plastic covers that conceal the roof rack mounts. Whenever I go through a car wash, at least one of them pops up. The other day, one of them actually popped off, so now I have to take my car to the service center just to replace it. Can't Tesla come up with a better design for this? There's a screw receptacle under every cover. You would think that they could take advantage of this to keep the silly covers in place!! I really don't want to be driving to the service center every time one of these covers come loose. When my warranty runs out I'll then have to pay for the covers in addition. Tesla, please fix this annoyance!!! The car shouldn't be falling apart after going through a car wash!! I already had my charge port door come loose in a car wash and I had to epoxy the metal disc back onto the door. I suppose the simple solution is to not wash my car.

pgiralt | 2 dicembre 2013

FWIW, I haven't had any issues with them, but then again I hand wash my car.

Andercam | 2 dicembre 2013

I've heard replacing one of those flimsy plastic covers is not an easy job.

Gizmotoy | 2 dicembre 2013

I thought of this as I took my car through a touchless wash the other day. Those covers are pretty flimsy. I might start bypassing the air dry and drying myself (can't wash the car at my apartment, unfortunately).

wb11 | 2 dicembre 2013

yes. I noticed the cover on the passenger side popped up this morning from driving, not from a car wash. | 2 dicembre 2013

Duct tape will fix it in a jiffy!

8508BlueS | 2 dicembre 2013

No problems with mine, but I also hand wash it,,,, Every freaking weekend! I hate dark blue, should have went with the gray.

fluxemag | 2 dicembre 2013

Yeah one of mine broke in the car wash, or at least half way broke. From now on I'm taping them down before I go with painter's tape. And yes, I know I'm nuts for taking it through the drive through full touch car wash. But I got white, so it's not a huge deal. I only hand wash about once a quarter to really get everything off.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2 dicembre 2013

Not sure why some one that would put their car thru a auto destruction car wash would care about panels being ripped off. Don't they have detail or hand wash where you live.

Maybe a little silicone seealer would solve the problem. If you are never installing a rack just seal them down.

That must be one brutal car wash.

Gizmotoy | 2 dicembre 2013

@Roamer: Touchless car washes have less paint impact than hand washing. If it's just dusty instead of muddy, you're far better off at a touchless wash than doing it by hand and risking swirl marks. But hey, I guess I shouldn't care about "panels being ripped off."

Even if you go to a hand wash place, they're rubbing a wash mitt on your car that's as dirty as the last couple cars that went through, and that's assuming the minimum wage worker is careful. If that mitt touched the ground at any point in its life, odds are you're in trouble.

If you can do it yourself you can be relatively sure you're not causing damage if you know what you're doing, but you have no such assurance at a hand wash place. And they're likely to towel dry it, which can be terrible unless you use drag or dabbing methods (and they don't, from the few dozen I've observed).

dfoxhw | 2 dicembre 2013

When you live in the Northeast, hand washing your car in the middle of winter isn't a pleasant undertaking, especially since outdoor hoses are typically winterized. I prefer the automatic cloth washes to the touch less washes because the touch less ones use ultra high pressure. I can just imagine what that would do to the plastic covers.

At any rate, I've never owned a car before where factory installed equipment comes loose after going through a car wash. I just hope the high pressure undercarriage wash doesn't puncture the battery compartment. ;-)

Roamer@AZ USA | 2 dicembre 2013


I agree. I have floor drains in my garage and a power washer hooked to potassium softened solar heated water. I admit I am pretty anal about washing my cars. Micro fiber wash mitts and micro fiber drying towels that only get used once then laundered.

I have a killer detail guy that does the cars once or twice a year. I have ten year old cars with paint that looks better than factory new. But that's just me. With all the stuff ready to go I can knock out a wash pretty fast and watch the news while doing it.

My favorite touch less wash converted to spinning rags so now I only wash at home.

I would just clear silicon the roof tabs down. Don't have a solution for the charge door. Duct tape??

Lessons learned on a first year car. I just could not wait for the second year car.

bradtesla | 2 dicembre 2013

I had a car wash break one off already.. They need to make them out of a stronger plastic or have more recoil to them so they stay down.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2 dicembre 2013

Double sided foam tape maybe an easy way to stick them down.

Fluvio | 3 dicembre 2013

Why not just remove them and then remount if you ever sell the car? Or, better yet , mount a roof rack and make the car more useful by carrying your skis , bikes, kayaks, etc. up top?

Rheumboy | 3 dicembre 2013

I used a small amount of great

michael.doyle99 | 24 giugno 2018

I just had one of the rook rack plastic pieces break.. Does anyone know how much it costs to replace it?

Bighorn | 24 giugno 2018


Bighorn | 24 giugno 2018


msada | 18 gennaio 2020

I just ordered a roof rack door cover from tesla parts (mine broke off). Does anyone know how to replace this thing? Can't find any youtube videos on this