Floor Mats

Floor Mats

After a great summer, the rainy season has begun early in Seattle.

What are people doing for after-market floor mats to protect from wet especially. I've historically used WeatherTech but they don't seem to have an offering for Model S yet.


jed-99aggie | 28 settembre 2013

Weathertech now carries. You should recheck their site, they came out this week.

However, the Tesla all-weather mats are made by Weathertech (MacNeil Automotive) or at least the earliest versions had the stamping not the back. For furtheer validation, when I contacted Weathertech earlier this spring they ultimately shared that they were under restricted marketing agreement to honor exclusivity to Tesla for sale/distribution for an undisclosed period of time.

If you check the pricing, as of yesterday, the Tesla order was cheaper than a Weather tech order.

I ordered mine from Tesla this week. There should be others on this forum who have them as they were a hot sales item earlier in the summer (sold out).

thranx | 28 settembre 2013

I have the full set of rubber floor mats. Each has "Tesla" on it. I'm very happy with them so far. The trunk and front mats seem to fit particularly well...there are tie-down pins for the front mats, but I haven't found any need to use them.

My favorite aspect of the mats is that they have substantial coving on the edges, so that if you accumulate dirt, gravel, etc. (not in Seattle, of course) you can lift the mat out and dump everything fairly neatly.

Code4Ever | 28 settembre 2013

Got the tesla authorized ones and they fit like a glove and I love them

Newampster | 29 settembre 2013

I have Lloyds carpets front & rear, superior to original equipment. Tesla (Weathertech privagte label) trunk & frunk. Happy.

GDH | 29 settembre 2013

Maybe Tesla will mail out coupons during the holidays for it's accessories.