Frameless Windows

Frameless Windows

I recently noticed that the model S windows are frameless. This is most apparent when the door is open, the window is just "out there" on three sides without any portion of the door framing it. This might not be unique but I've never owned a car w this feature. Have you seen this in other cars? What are the pros and cons? Has anyone noticed a problem related to this? Thanks.

Captain_Zap | 17 giugno 2013

My BMW was like that. There wasn't a pillar between the driver's side window and the back seat window either. I was surprised to see that the Model S had a pillar there since it looked like glass on the prototypes.

It never was problem. I had that car for 15 years.

carlk | 17 giugno 2013

Yes Porsche is like that. No problem whatsoever other than the clean sporty look.

Mark K | 17 giugno 2013

All my Mercedes SL's have all been frameless. Works great and looks right on a convertible.

hademarco | 17 giugno 2013

VW CC is like that. Very common now.