Free Home Chargers

Free Home Chargers

I contacted "Ecotality" today because I heard they were offering a program through "Blink" which essentially resulted in electric car owners getting a "free" home charger (quick charger). Apparently the program is available to owners of Nissan Leafs and Chevy Cruz but not Teslas. In order to allow owners of Tesla cars to qualify for a free home charger, Tesla needs to allow VIN Verification with the Department of Energy. Does anyone know if Tesla is taking steps to allow owners to participate in the "free charger" program?

jerry3 | 4 giugno 2012

The charger is in the Tesla, you don't need an extra one. All you need is a NEMA 14-50 plug or the Tesla HPC if you need more rapid charging. Installing a NEMA 14-50 is going to be less expensive than paying Blink the monthly fee for the "free" charger.

frank_landfield | 4 giugno 2012

Which plug does the model S accept?! J1772?!

GordonG | 4 giugno 2012

Blink installed a free J1772 EVSE about a year ago for my LEAF. There is no monthly fee, but they require a contract that allows them to collect charging information. I believe Coulomb is offering free residential EVSEs in certain areas too. Tesla, if you're reading this, make the appropriate contacts so the Tesla is eligible too.

I believe the install credit is $2,500, but that was enough to make it free for me. Note that the EVSE I received was limited to 30 amps or about 7.2 kilowatts. You won't be getting the ten or optional twenty kilowatt charge rates available when using the Tesla EVSE and will need to use the J1772 adapter that Tesla provides with the Model S. The length of the charge cord for the Blink is 18 feet.

jbunn | 4 giugno 2012

Jerry3 is correct. The Tesla does not require an external charger. Its already on-board. A blink or couloumb will not provide any benefit. You only need a plug. Note, the above chargers cannot replace the tesla HPC. It is a propriarty standard and draws more power than the others can put out.