Fremont Superchargers

Fremont Superchargers

Went to use the newly opened superchargers in Fremont, Ca today and much to my surprise the delivery team had taken all of the slots and were giving the delivery demonstrations on fully charged MS's. Would not have had an issue with it other than the fact that there was a line of about three long distance travelers waiting and after I had waited roughly 40 minutes and one customer drove away from the supercharger, I took the spot, delivery specialist started to say something but apparently thought better after seeing the line waiting. I know for a fact that as part of the final inspection cars are brought up to full charge via a supercharger in the final inspection area, and using the superchargers to maintain a full charge while delivering a vehicle is overkill.

Bob W | 20 agosto 2013

Make that "he or she was a Tesla employee ..."

negarholger | 20 agosto 2013

"some owners never charge at home" - homeless or rich...

Wayne3 | 20 agosto 2013

Free won't cut it long term. Contention is inevitable. You either pay with money or time waiting. Basic economics.

Battery swap provides a mechanism to alleviate the pressure a bit for contentious locations (fast or free; those that pay for fast also make the waits shorter for those that choose free). If deployed, that should help in the medium term.

But once the hundreds of thousands of Gen III / Model E cars hit the streets, I can't see it working without attaching a monetary cost to disincentivize those who could otherwise charge at home. A reasonable solution would be to charge the prevailing night time electricity rate.

In the longer term, the 500+ mile battery is the best solution. Then you mostly charge while you sleep at your hotel or destination, and superchargers are only for the odd marathon drive.

Jolinar | 26 agosto 2013

@Bob W
exactly, that's the reason I think free charging for life can work for expensive car like Model S in most cases, but won't work for cheaper Model E or other mass market cars like Leaf which target different kind of buyer.

Cheaper the car -> more likely buyer want to save as much money as possible on fuel or electricity.

Just my thoughts... Maybe I see it differently than Tesla b/c I don't live in the US.

Brian H | 27 agosto 2013

The electricity costs TM nothing. Solar City sets up arrays that generate enough FIT income to pay for it all. Only the hardware cost is TM's, easily absorbed in the marketing budget. The Model E will cause no problems.

dedood | 2 settembre 2013

Note: when a station is in use, pick a different LETTER, not a different NUMBER. They are grouped by letter, NOT number (1a, 2a) (1b, 2b). I was just at the Fremont super charger, and other was a car in 1A, and I was in 2B. A new car pulled up and went into 2A, thinking that since I was about to leave, she would not share with 1A. However, when I stopped, her rate stayed low, but when 1A disconnected, she immediately jumped up. So, avoid being next to another car, and stay away from the same LETTER.

Brian H | 4 settembre 2013

Um, there are only 2 letters. Only 2 circuits? I don't think so.

pabramson | 8 ottobre 2013

It would be nice if there were more than 4 bays available in Fremont. There's plenty of space, and don't they want us to spend $ in the gift shop while we wait? Thankfully when we found all stalls occupied we had enough range to skip it and hit the Gilroy location instead.

JPPTM | 8 ottobre 2013

Word is that there is a major expansion project @ Fremont to add lots of additional SCs.

DonS | 8 ottobre 2013

Pipes are in the ground for 4 more.

Brian H | 8 ottobre 2013

8 more coming, according to reports.