Front lic plate

Front lic plate

Just picked up my Model S Red, 85, 19 in, tech, sound, air suspen,My birthday gift, today and was told that there is a way to mount the front lic plate without drilling into the nose cone. Has any one heard of this?

herkimer | 6 maggio 2013

this one is simple and not invasive

rchiang | 6 maggio 2013

there were different way to put it but I found this method a nice job.

bjm | 6 maggio 2013

There are multiple threads on this topic.

I chose to do it this way and it seems to work fine -

rchiang | 6 maggio 2013

I think we have a winner! LOL

jhuang | 6 maggio 2013

I can see to find that J bolt. Where did you guys find it? Went to both ACE and Home Depot, no luck.

bjm | 6 maggio 2013

I got the bolt at Home Depot - the only length they had was 4.5 inches, I believe - had to use a hack saw to cut it to length.

ayemumin | 28 luglio 2013

I used the toggle bolts with lock washers and they worked very well. You also have some room to make minor adjustments to center the plate.

CoreyM | 18 agosto 2013

@ayemumin--I like your idea. What size toggle bolts did you use?

mikefa | 19 agosto 2013

i used industrial strength velcro strips to attach my front license plate below the nose cone and it holds up really well, and easily removable when going through a car wash... yes the Model S paint can withstand an automated car wash with no problem!

DC_POWRD | 19 agosto 2013

I ordered a Show-n-Go manual for the front. I'm hoping that it will be installed by the delivery team when I take delivery mid-September. I'll post an update when it's done.

201w77 | 20 agosto 2013


Did the service center tell you they would install your show-n-go for you? What do they charge?

201w77 | 20 agosto 2013

Can you post pics of your front plate mounted w/ industrial Velcro?

cerjor | 20 agosto 2013

How far below the bumper is the show n go when retracted? I have a dig mount that is down about an inch and I often scrape when parking head on against a curb.

mikefa | 9 settembre 2013

@201w77 - sure thing i will post photos of my velcro mounted front license plate, but i'm a newbie at this - how can i add photos in my comments?

Cindy I II III | 9 settembre 2013

Copy paste the syntax above, copy the URL of your picture, replace the URL letters with your real URL. If you don't want the picture to be too big, reduce 600 to a smaller number (credit to Brian H)

Brian H | 9 settembre 2013

Cindy, you can't show the angle brackets without using special HTML codes (remove the spaces): & lt ; and & gt ;

<img src="URL" width="600">

NO2PTRL | 15 aprile 2014

Is the show and go like the hide the plate?

I would think that if a cop sees no plate and then you pull a fast one and it flips up, that you will still be getting a ticket, thoughts?

I love the j bold option but how long a bolt do you need? The Velcro is interesting also and I look forward to seeing the pictures.

Does anyone know what the magnet option look like?

Bighorn | 15 aprile 2014

I think the j-bolt install I saw on youtube involved a hacksaw.
The magnets are glued inside the nosecone.
I used zip ties which were quick and intuitive, after I got a fix-it ticket.

J.T. | 15 aprile 2014

I did the jbolt option. Took 40 minutes and I am not handy. Search YouTube for the video. No hacksaw required when using 3" j bolts found at lowes. If I could do it anyone can.

ccbldg | 15 aprile 2014

front license plate

Captain_Zap | 15 aprile 2014

Mine is zip tied on below the nose. Works great. I wouldn't be as inclined to do it in hot climates because of air flow to the battery. That is why those vents are supposedly there.

The Tesla Store won't do alternative installations for customers anymore.

dleidy | 15 aprile 2014

How about just drill a couple of holes in the nose cone, since the holes will be covered up by the license plate frame?

NO2PTRL | 15 aprile 2014

JT, thanks for the 3 inch info. I hope that blocking that area has no effect on my air conditioner.

I just hate the thought of putting anything on that beautiful nose cone.

2050project | 16 aprile 2014

Seven different how-to videos here for Model S front plate license installs:

SeattleSid | 16 aprile 2014

I did the J-bolt thing. Interestingly, after having the titanium belly installed, I noted they'd removed the strip of foam tape I'd put on the bottom of the holder, and slid the whole thing down onto the lip of the new belly-plate. A little lower still, it looks better. Or less obtrusive.