Good for mountain biking too

Good for mountain biking too

On top of everything else, I can attest that Model S is capable of carrying at least two large 29" mountain bikes and two riders. One bike fits easily in the back with the seats folded and room to spare (front wheel removed). The second bike was on the glass roof using SeaSucker vaccum mounts. Pump, helmets, packs, shoes and all the rest in the frunk. I love this car.

chadrchristensen79 | 3 febbraio 2013

What was your reason for not using a bike rack?

Pungoteague_Dave | 3 febbraio 2013

Two reasons you should never use a standard bike rack on a Model S. I am a former bike shop owner and found that there is no way to fix a strap-on bike rack securely enough. They always move enough to put small scratches in the paint. Second reason is unique to Tesla. It has an aluminum body and cannot handle anything touching or mounting on the body surface. At delivery we were told specifically where to place both hands on the frunk when closing the lid so as to avoid denting the front of the car.

There are two ways to mount an exterior bike rack on a Model S. If you have a pano roof there are four mounting points under hinged covers that are compatible with some roof racks. Next year TM will begin selling their own version.

The second solution, available now, is to use a trailer hitch mounted bike carrier. There is an invisible aftermarket trailer hitch receiver available for the Model S. Ours is coming Monday and we will use a Saris Thelma bike rack. That way nothing ever touches the car. We used this system frequently on a Pruis and on our Ford truck. However, ANY exterior rack system will dramatically alter air flow and therefore cut down on battery range.

chadrchristensen79 | 3 febbraio 2013

I now have a Yakima rack fitted on my BMW with the
4 mounting bolts under the hinges and was hoping to use
It on the model s. I was under the impression that all model s
Would have the same type of mounting points , not just the
Pano option model.

Brian H | 3 febbraio 2013

Pano only. Some think suction and strap rigs might work for solid roofs.

chadrchristensen79 | 3 febbraio 2013

Thanks !
I may have to see about changing to a pano. | 3 febbraio 2013

I have always used hitch mounted bike racks on previous cars. Do you know if adding the Torklift hitch affects our warranty?

generubin | 3 febbraio 2013

I just found this hitch mount for the S:

garyrudolph | 3 febbraio 2013

Awesome, I was actually going to wheel my Niner bike into the Topanga mall to see how it fits :) And then just decided it didn't matter and would continue to use the truck if it doesn't. But, glad it does.