with gratitude.....

with gratitude.....

I see random thanks in the forums but as a new owner of a (98xxx) 70 D (to match my age and finances) the information presented in the forums has been invaluable in helping me understand the car prior to delivery and following pickup. So a huge thank you to all who take the time to thoughtfully consider the issues and respond. I also appreciate the wit of those responding - be it belly laughing funny, dry wit, or satirical . BTW for those of you waiting for delivery-my timeline was 7 days to confirm, 7 days in line to be built , 7 days building and 5 weeks delivery to the East Coast. I am honored to be a member of the Tesla family and look forward to conversations on the forum.

thranx | 11 settembre 2015

When I finally picked up my car back in 2013, it was all the information from the Forum that allowed me to slide into it with confidence.

Rchop0 | 11 settembre 2015

5 weeks for east coast delivery?? My Rep is telling me 7-10 days from CA to FL.

Bighorn | 11 settembre 2015

Barb sounds good, Duke not so much:)

Go heels!

Red70D.Martinez.CA | 11 settembre 2015

+1 Barb.

It was information I got from the forums that helped me through the wait time until my car was ready. And the REALLY long wait (or so it seemed) while the suspension problems were corrected. I am just happy the factory found the issue before I picked up my car.

So to all of you out there who have come before us: Thank you!

trixiew | 11 settembre 2015

I confirmed in August, took delivery in December. The forum was a wealth of info as well as a great way for me to feel like a Tesla club member while enduring an excrutiating wait.

Galve2000 | 11 settembre 2015


My Model S took about a month to arrive from Fremont to Syosset, NY. This was back in mid June'15

sbeggs | 11 settembre 2015


SbMD | 11 settembre 2015

@barb - congrats!
bet your car will come earlier... mine came to Boston much faster than expected in June.

Davidb0229 | 11 settembre 2015

My 70D went into transit (shipping) on August 28and is forecasted to reach Dedham, MA on "September 28-October 12," so 30-42 days.
@SbMD, you were very lucky!

ericmn | 11 settembre 2015

New purchaser of a 70D here in MA as well. It's great to see so many other MA folks on board.

And yes, thank you to those participating on the forum to answer questions.

SbMD | 11 settembre 2015

Hope you all get your cars quickly. Transit time was very fast, about 10 days (perhaps less... don't recall for sure) at that time. That was also at a time when there was a surge of deliveries to the area.

teslagiddy | 11 settembre 2015

In transit time can vary a lot even to the same location. If the train is nearly full when your car comes off the assembly line then it'll be fast. Mine took 22 painful days (East Coast). I've heard of people getting theirs in 10. I hope you get yours soon. If not, you can call my therapist.

TSSR | 11 settembre 2015

Barb, i echo our thoughts!
Thank you to my fellow Tesla owner...
I ordered my 70 on Aug4 and took delivery on Sept 9 in Houston, Tx

Phaeton | 11 settembre 2015

My very first post to this forum.

@barb - my 70D (97xxx) took 6 weeks but had a paint scratch that had to be fixed.

@bighorn - I enjoy your posts, bo Go Blue Devils!

Duke 73

Phaeton | 11 settembre 2015

Bo = but

NomoDinos | 11 settembre 2015

welcome and congrats, barb!

Have to echo Bighorn, though ;)

Bighorn | 11 settembre 2015

Thanks--my wife and I both had affiliations with Duke Eye in the 90s and my dad was a 50s grad On the court though, it's Carolina blue:)

AzHP | 12 settembre 2015

Can't wait...mine just confirmed an hour ago (midnight 9/12 on the west coast). I'm picking up in Fremont so I don't need to worry about delivery times. Fingers crossed that it'll be late September-early October.

PhillyGal | 12 settembre 2015

Congratulations to all the new owners!

I 100% agree that this forum is what made us buy the car. Meeting with some great owners (including the reverent Bighorn and super sweet Anthony J) sealed the deal and we ordered the next morning.

rxlawdude | 13 settembre 2015

Agree with all here.. the community is wonderful and contributed to me knowing more about the nooks and crannies of the MS than the Delivery Specialist. :-)

barb@duke | 13 settembre 2015

Just to make you smile. When I picked up my car the DS told me how to use the "gas" pedal- when I said I thought the car did not use gas he was a bit flummoxed- but eventually laughed at his goof.

Off Shore | 13 settembre 2015

It's hard to imagine how our first month with our 70D would have been without the extensive knowledge base this forum offers. Gratitude indeed. Thanks to you all.

SeattleSid | 14 settembre 2015

I spent a lot of time here before buying, and when I took my first test drive the "adviser" said I was the most informed of anyone he'd had. (Probably says it to everyone, right?) Despite the occasional churlishness, I still find this forum a great source of new info and entertainment. Not to mention nostalgia, as I relive, via new questions, the stresses and joys of the purchase and ownership experiences. | 14 settembre 2015

It's 5 weeks to the east coast if you take a westerly route :-))