Happy with the red Sig color

Happy with the red Sig color

I ordered my Sig model S in red without having seen it ... any regrets for red Sig owners ..

RZitrin1 | 4 novembre 2012

Love it! So does everyone who sees it.

It's the way to go. Black interior; tan looked washed out. It's more of a beige.

StephRob | 4 novembre 2012

Absolutely love it. I was afraid it might be too maroon for me, but it's not. It's just a beautiful, rich, deep red. Everyone who has seen it has loved it.

StephRob | 4 novembre 2012

BTW when we toured the factory, it was predictably just brimming with Sig Red cars. Some white, silver and a few black too, but just loads of red. He started to worry that the red was too common, but then I reminded him that in about three weeks the reds would be all gone and then never again (except for a few Canadian and European I guess!)

STEVEZ | 4 novembre 2012

I've been living with my Sig Red for a month and just love the color. It's a bit of a chameleon: maroon in some lights and just deep red in others, but in any light it's stunning.

cosmomusic | 4 novembre 2012

Extremely happy. Sig red vastly more attractive live than in pictures. I was in Mill Valley last night at a favorite restaurant, and car which was parked out front, was major attraction outside. Heard folks were taking pictures and conversing over the car. Everyone wanted to know what car was it, and how it drove. And on, and on........

The second day I got it, a Marin County Sheriff pulled up next to me at Stop Light and was as excited as I was about the car. "Beautiful car,a knock out. Take care of it" he says with big smile on his face. Folks pulling up to me and taking pictures of the car while driving on Highway. Man, its an eye catcher. The handling and acceleration, ease of navigation on 17 inch screen is nothing short of heavenly.

Brian H | 4 novembre 2012

Heh. The Tesla Grin, without even sitting in it!!

adufort | 4 novembre 2012

Thank you cannot wait to get my S

portia | 5 novembre 2012

Love the Signature Red, I have the Nappa white interior which goes great with the red, super beautiful!