Houston Tesla Club - First Meetup

Houston Tesla Club - First Meetup

Quick recount of the first meetup of the Houston Tesla Club: 8 Model S' showed up at 3:30 pm on July 20, 2013 at the Fry's parking lot. It was fantastic to see all the various colors in person and to meet the proud owners. Special thanks to John Gray who stopped over and provided us all complimentary detailing liquid. After a quick meet and greet, 6 Tesla Model S' headed out to Top Water Grill as a caravan. To say we got a lot of attention during our 60 mile caravan drive would be an understatement. The drive to San Leon was fantastic and we had part of the parking lot in the restaurant cordoned off for us. Again, as we parked our cars, we had a crowd gather around during our photo session. Lots of good questions asked and took us a good 45-60 mins before we all got into the restaurant for some much needed drinks and food. We left the restaurant at about 8pm and not before answering a few more questions from onlookers. All in all a great drive with great company in a GREAT car!

It was fantastic meeting fellow owners and we will be working on a road-map for the future events, how we can make it more interesting, etc. We would love to hear ideas so please keep posting them. We want our Houston Tesla Club to be one of the best ones out there and this was a good start. Hat-tip to Tom for all his help with coordinating the event and Greg for leading the caravan. Thanks to Top Water Grill who welcomed our group and for the great food. Thanks to the owners and family members for joining in.

Pictures from the first meetup can be viewed at

q177onique | 22 luglio 2013

I definitely plan to be at the next meet up. I am hoping to take delivery within the next two weeks. The anticipation is killing me!

NICE | 26 luglio 2013

Here are some pictures from our Houston Tesla Club meetup on 7/20.

We gathered at Fry's in Southwest Houston.

Then we caravan for an hour to the restaurant. People were waiving and snapping pictures. We snapped pictures of each other too.

Thanks to John Gray "The opti-coat Guy" who showed up greet us and give away bottles of detail spray.

We arrived at Top Water Grill in San Leon (a little past Kemah).
They blocked off the peninsula just for our Teslas.

We couldn't resist the photo op. We lined up the Teslas for these great pictures.

There was a lot of interest for sure. People kept getting into the picture.
We finally had to give in and gave them a full demonstration.

Our Teslas were in prime view from the restaurant.

The food was delicious and we talked Tesla for hours.

We had a great time and we hope to have many more Tesla meetups.

A special thanks to Top Water Grill for accommodating our Tesla Club.

Bill522 | 26 luglio 2013

Had a great time in the caravan and watching the people's expressions as we entered the parking area-the entire restaurant was buzzing. It was the first time I had met the other members, but everyone was so helpful in providing tips and offering suggestions. Another outing is already in the works. We hope to keep building the enthusiasm and let people see that great Tesla Grin.