How about anodized auto bodys?

How about anodized auto bodys?


I'am reading about the Model S' paint beeing too soft now and then. Since the body is alumium however, would anodization be an option? I know it's not trivial, but so is Tesla ;)
Anodization/Elox can provide at least some of the colours in full saturation, see the black of the widespread Mag-Lite torches.
Hard-anodization seems to be rare. Jetboil-stoves had that before, but they changed to cheaper processes. The ceramic layer is a lot thicker with hard-anodization, it becomes visible and looks silky-aluminum-matt. Not sure if that can take colours the normal way, but i would prefer ceramic-coloured anyway.
Given the effort they put into the paintshop at Tesla, it might be a compaitivly efficient process. It would certainly give Teslas, already the most lasting cars by construction, the most invincible body - long shelf live would help the advent of the electric car i guess.

What do you think?

Dramsey | 15 marzo 2014

Downside: impossible to touch up or repair.