How do you feel committing and paying with no refund after singing the ....... line? P#6997

How do you feel committing and paying with no refund after singing the ....... line? P#6997

Even though they have delivered only 100 cars, and then waiting 8-9 months or more. Should they not just wait until you get to 3 months out, then commit like we were told. I feel they are just getting the money for tesla .

nickjhowe | 1 settembre 2012

The first cars were delivered on June 22nd. The main batch of Sig cars will be in Sept - that's only 3 months. They've already had my deposit for nearly two years. We don't have to pay more until the car is ready.

Sorry, but I don't understand your post.

skystream3.7 | 1 settembre 2012

when we get the call in the next week. They will ask us to pay a none refundable deposit. I payed $5000 down, when you get the time to design your car. You will be asked to pay another $5000. At this time you will have $10,000 none refundable. when you get you car delivered to your house they will ask for the remaining $60,000.

jerry3 | 1 settembre 2012

It doesn't really bother me much. (Disclaimer: I have a fairly high number, 7971, so mine doesn't come up for awhile).

1. If the ramp up goes as projected they should get the greater part of the 5,000 cars delivered in 2012.

2. Elon isn't a fly-by-night person and has a proven track record, so I'm not worried he will abscond with the money and leave the country.

3. When I purchased my 2004 Prius, I waited that long and there wasn't even a picture of the car until about three months before delivery. The first one I saw in real-life was mine.

skystream3.7 | 1 settembre 2012

that helps, thanks for the response, i just see the number grow now time to build P5700. It grows about 500-1000 per week and yet they have only delivered 100 cars.

J King | 1 settembre 2012

I have done my design and did not have to add to the original deposit. I only have the original deposit in TM's bank. They did convert that deposit to non-refundable when I signed the contract.

adstein | 1 settembre 2012

It seems like only the original $5k is non refundable. I am willing to lose that money in order to support Tesla and the growth of EVs. That said, I feel pretty confident that I will receive a car and not lose the money.

jerry3 | 1 settembre 2012

The $10,000 came from the Signatures. If you cancelled a Sig after you signed the contract $10,000 would be non-refundable.

jerry3 | 1 settembre 2012

That's $10,000 of the $40,000 deposit.

J King | 1 settembre 2012

@jerry3, Thanks for the information. I did not realize that signature cancellation would only keep the 10,000. Might have upgraded the reservation if I had known. In any case, the Signatures were all taken when I tried to upgrade.

Sudre_ | 1 settembre 2012

Just to clarify.

Sig Model S holders put down a $40k deposit. After they commit and sign the papers $10K becomes nonrefundable. They never have to put more in until they get the car at which point they pay the balance.

P Model S reservations put down $5K and that's it. It becomes nonrefundable when the papers are signed. They never have to put more in until they get the car at which point they pay the balance.

BYT | 1 settembre 2012

Sudre, I can't answer for P but yes, that was my case with Sig!!

Brian H | 1 settembre 2012

You can delay signing 30 days w/o affecting delivery date. Then 1 day per day that you dither. So wait till you're sure of everything! | 1 settembre 2012

I had no problems or concerns when I signed. No buyer's remorse here

Steve841 | 1 settembre 2012

I had more issues giving my original $5K two + years ago .... to a company that had no real financial backing. But I did it.

DouglasR | 1 settembre 2012

To clarify further, the non-sig reservation holders do not need to add more to their original $5k deposit, but the contract states that maximum liquidated damages for nonperformance is $10k.

skystream3.7 | 1 settembre 2012

when i talked with the Tesla Rep they said that i would need that additional $5000 so get ready when you get your time to design, they will ask for a credit card at that point for $5000. then it is non refundable $10,000 days before you get your car they ask to be paid in full.

If all you do is tell them what you want, than i am great.

That was not what i was told.

jackhub | 1 settembre 2012

"I feel like they are just getting the money for Tesla." And? That's why I'm here.

Peter7 | 1 settembre 2012


You were given bad information. As P174, I locked in 7/19 and did not have to give Tesla any extra money. They do expect full payment on delivery, as all manufacturers do.


jackhub | 1 settembre 2012

I put 5K down. I have 'finalized' and I was told no more money until the day of delivery. The 5K is now nonrefundable. | 1 settembre 2012

I finalized last week. No additional funds required until delivery. I am general production & ordered a performance model.

Sudre_ | 1 settembre 2012

I have finalized my standard P3270 reservation a few weeks ago and I did not have to add any money to the 5K I already put down to reserve.

J King | 1 settembre 2012

@skystream3.7, Are you sure that you have an official Tesla Rep as the contact? Could some scam artist have hacked the order system and you are not talking to Tesla? Try calling again from this website contact list.

jbunn | 1 settembre 2012

Skystream, I think you may have misunderstood.

petero | 1 settembre 2012

skystream3.7. When I recently committed I was NOT required to put down any more $$$. I feel real good about the process and only wish TM was telling me to “show them my money” because my car is being delivered next week or better yet today.

TM is locking in the orders to better plan for inventory and production needs and scheduling. It is also their way of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Jason S | 1 settembre 2012

On reading the title my first thought was "impatient": I felt impatience after finishing off the MPVA. Like the others, no further money had to be put forward.

The folks who have the car so far seem to be enjoying it very much. So therefore my feeling is still impatient. =)