How to manage the Tesla Spotify account (currently only available in Europe)

How to manage the Tesla Spotify account (currently only available in Europe)

Hi there, can anyone tell me how I can manage and integrate my Spotify (Tesla) account through the Spotify app or on their spotify website? I do not have a paid Spotify account, so the Tesla one is my only account on Spotify. (since some might integrated their existing paid account in their Tesla) OR should I start to login through a FREE Spotify account in the control settings of the media player?

many thanks in advance for your help on this.


nickivieru1991 | 17 novembre 2019

I have the similar problem with my spotify , Now I have one private account and a separate account for the car both I and my wife can share and play our playlists in the car without interfering with each other. If I create a playlist with my private account, and share it with the car-account, it appears in the car but if I also make the playlist for a full family it will not appear in the car. Also sometime in the car profile is less ads and fewer recommendations of new singers. I do not understand why but I think that not so many of singers know the service that promote their profule in spotify

jamesmarkran365 | 21 gennaio 2020

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