How many Wh/mile are you averaging? We are at 291.

How many Wh/mile are you averaging? We are at 291.

We have driven our 60KWh Tesla MS for over 5,200 miles so far in about 4 months. We are averaging a rather surprising 291 Wh/mile. My wife drives it most of the time and yes, she is a 'safe' driver; always drives at or below speed limit.

I know it's not really an apples to apples comparison as terrain, weather and driving habits vary. But I thought it would be a fun exercise as many of you by now have several months under the belt and have a meaningful 'average'.

Type away :-)


dsecrist | 19 agosto 2013

Wow! That is pretty low!

We have about 4300 miles on our Model S since mid-May and are averaging 360 Wh/mi. We live in a suburb of Seattle in a relatively hilly area. My wife and I both drive the car and often like to accelerate hard from the multiple stop signs around town. We haven't taken the car on many highway trips more than 20-30 miles, but the few times that we did I noticed that our Wh/mi was more in line with what you have experienced.

LuvTesla | 19 agosto 2013

hitting the highways on my daily commute and hilly where I live. I average at 370.

tesown | 19 agosto 2013

We have some elevation to scale for a few miles every day (about 4 or so). About 16 miles on a highway one way. The total commute is around 40 miles round trip.

Have been averaging 311 Wh/mile over about 2000 miles.

This is on a MS60.

Tesla-David | 19 agosto 2013

I have averaged 313 w/mile for 5,700 miles since car delivered on 1/2/13, but have managed 288 w/mile for last 2,500 miles, and the overall average is coming down, and expect to be under 310 w/mile soon. Driving the car efficiently is no hardship, and I still manage to have a lot of fun with the instantaneous acceleration especially at stop lights.

RedShift | 19 agosto 2013


Most days I am at 290. Sometimes lower, at 280.

Then, since I ate all my broccoli I get to eat the chocolate, and I go to 380 average for 1 or 2 days of the week!


CC | 19 agosto 2013

MS 60kwh all options, except twin charger and premium sound with 13,000 miles took delivery Feb 21, 2013

Avg 311 wh/mi

hikerockies | 19 agosto 2013

60 kWh, 2181 miles, in Colorado, many drives through mountains always at 5 mph above limit.

Avg 282 Wh/mi

Beelz | 19 agosto 2013

S85, 2400 miles, average 340 wh/m. I have a 12 mile commute that has a 340 foot drop on the way to work. So, mostly flat. Have done one long trip and a fair amount of driving up the Santa Cruz mountains. Still loving the car enough to get a lead foot enjoying the acceleration!

Alan4 | 19 agosto 2013

60 kW; 10,000 miles; 273wH/mi and falling. Avg in MI winter months was about 320, summer months have been about 250. Ordinary driving city/highway about 50/50 (not just artificailly cruising at 20mph), but obviously conservative to see just how low it can go. | 19 agosto 2013

SP with about 9000 miles (hover around 300 wh/m on average) | 19 agosto 2013

5270 miles -305 wh/mi. And loving it

Mathew98 | 19 agosto 2013

2000 miles for MS60 - 400 wh/mi. Lots of stop and go traffic on bridges and tunnels. The idling with AC demand quite a bit of juice...

kawaiia | 19 agosto 2013

One month new, 1,200 miles, S60 with 21" 295wh/mi

kjin7117 | 19 agosto 2013

is it known that MS60's average lower wh/mi than 85's?

i had a 60 loaner and i seemed to get a significantly lower wh/mi for my same commute compared to my p85, however that could be due to 80mph limit and slower acceleration.

currently i'm at 319 wh/mi on 90% freeway driving; mostly flat w a few hills

Anonymous | 19 agosto 2013

I've only had the car 2 weeks: 800+ miles (s85) and I'm getting around 395wh/mi. Can't stop myself from flooring it!

Equest | 19 agosto 2013

Sig with 15,378. I haven't reset the trip meter b and I am at 345 Wh/mi. I am on a trip right now going NJ to Newport, RI to Portsmouth, NH to Sterling, MA to Tolland CT then back to NJ. I am "trying" to not go much faster than 65 to economize at bit and so far I am at 281 Wh/mi. I have noticed that the winter raised the average quite a bit. The cold weather and use of heat definitely chew up some juice.

cpetrush | 19 agosto 2013

MS60 with 8800 miles, averaging 302.

exPGAhacker | 19 agosto 2013

MS85, 8,700 miles, averaging 332

Southern California around town with 25% freeway.

TeslaLandShark | 19 agosto 2013

MS80 - Haven't reset trip meter B since car had its first 100 miles. 6420 miles, averaging 312. Mostly highway miles in the Bay Area, usually keep it around 70 mph. I do allow myself a "bolt" or two every day though!

TSLAPWR | 19 agosto 2013

Drive daily, 45 mile roundtrip from Marin County to Downtown San Francisco, 11,000 miles averaging 335.

dbrooks | 19 agosto 2013

85 with 21 rims. 70 mile round trip daily. Mostly flat, a few hills.
Average is 323. Had the car since July 1.

amirm | 19 agosto 2013

MS60 8k miles 333

I am 3146 | 19 agosto 2013

I have almost 12000 miles on my 85 and with mostly highway driving here in NJ, I am at an honorable 362. I might need some lighter shoes.

diegoPasadena | 19 agosto 2013

MS60, about 6500 miles, lifetime: 315, daily drive 315, so it's pretty consistent. Mostly LA freeway driving, 72 - 75.
I'll take my first road trip next week end. I wonder if it will change much. Probably some, because avg. speeds on I5 are a bit higher.

ppape | 19 agosto 2013

I have averaged 355wh/mi in my P85 over the last 6,000 miles. There are plenty of hills, freeway driving at 75 mph and spirited test drives included.

Bennett R. | 19 agosto 2013

For my first ~5,000 miles I averaged about 330. For the last 1,200 miles, I have been more conscious of optimizing my mileage (e.g., coasting when possible, using brakes even less, not accelerating when there are slowdowns or stoplights ahead)and have averaged about 290.

EclecticCitizen | 19 agosto 2013

over 4000 miles, averaging 331 Wh/mi on mixed streets and highway, mild elevation changes on some commutes, driving conservatively and using cruise control anytime I can. 74 mph typically on highway, lots of 45 mph streets around here, but frequent red lights. Occasional drives to show friends the acceleration, but not often.

ORWA | 19 agosto 2013

6,200 miles in two months and average 325.

nickatcammar | 19 agosto 2013

9,000 miles and average 291 model S 60 kw/h with 65% hightway at average speed 75 m/h

mikeflb | 19 agosto 2013

60kWh, 19" tires, 60% hwy, 40% local, since May 15th, 4,700 miles, 302 Wh/Mile.

Usually driving myself or with 1 other person.

Xerogas | 19 agosto 2013

40kWh, 19" tires, 85% hwy @70mph, since May 15th, 4,800 miles, 306 Wh/Mile.

Usually just me in the car, 60-mile round trip commute to/from work.

keichhor | 19 agosto 2013

My trip A states 325 in my 60, but with mostly short distance drives the number is much higher. On freeway, weekend drives I average under 290. | 19 agosto 2013

S85 - 2000 miles in about four week averaging 314 overall, but usually under 300 on road trips.


TonyF | 20 agosto 2013

Having driven 8400 miles, avg energy use is 353wh/mi. That is weighted toward cold weather (I took delivery in Phila on December 10) and averaged 380-400 during winter. Currently, I get 260-270 during the warm weather and each week my 353 decreases 2-3wh/mi.

Only Trons | 20 agosto 2013

S85 with 3388 miles in the four months we have owned the car. Avg Wh/mi is 292. Mostly commute driving on level city streets with short highway stretch - but with commute traffic, highway speeds usually no greater than 40 mph or so. Now, if I were to subtract out those laps around Richmond International Raceway during that Tesla event when I pegged the energy usage........

SamO | 20 agosto 2013

On my first road trip of 600 miles from Fremont to SOCAL, I averaged 287wh/mile.

I've given a bunch of test drives since and had to provide demonstrations of acceleration which raised my average into the low 300's.

But I think the MS has made me a better driver and I'll likely fall into the 270's for regular drives.

lazyav8tr | 20 agosto 2013

40kwh with dual chargers. 6500km since June 17 average 161kwh/km (261 kwh/mi). 154 kwh/km (247.8 kwh/mi) since Aug. 1. I'm retired, so not in a hurry. Few freeway trips. Our slow speed limits in Ontario help a lot. The first few days of ownership were the worst with many demos of it's amazing acceleration 8>)

Mathew98 | 20 agosto 2013

Wow. Seems like a majority of the owners are getting it below 330. Am I the worse offender in the 400 range???

Any other owners who regularly get stuck in stop and go traffic?

BTW, I DO floor it from every stop light...

Brian H | 20 agosto 2013

Yes, you're a wastrel, spewing polluting electrons into the atmosphere which ...

Oh, wait.

vired99 | 20 agosto 2013

Thanks everybody for sharing your experiences. Seems like most of us are getting Wh/mile rating within a few %age points of EPA rating.

I hope TESLA releases the software update to reduce vampire losses soon. (Or has it already been done)? That would increase the milage by another 5-10%.

On most days we lose 7-8 miles of range to vampire losses. And we drive roughly 40 miles in day. If the vampire losses are reduced in half, that would be a 10% gain in mileage for us.

HGP16 | 20 agosto 2013

351 - S60, 14 weeks old, 1300 miles, all of it city stop & go driving in Washington DC where summer is pretty warm.

ModelS3P | 20 agosto 2013

I have 2000+ miles and have averaged 315 Wh/mi. MS40 with 60 kWh battery.

hordsterMD | 20 agosto 2013

MS60, Picked up Feb 15th. 5700 miles, averaging 307wh/mile. 20 mile round trip commute in Baltimore.

jman | 20 agosto 2013

I know I sound like a rookie here, I have stock and have been following Tesla for 8 months now, but the EPA number of miles is only around 205 miles for the 60 battery,

my question, what does the 320 wh/m mean?? Look forward to getting my MS next May !!!!! Can't wait to join the club !!!

hillcountryfun | 20 agosto 2013

Hey jman:

60 KWh = 60,000 Wh

60,000 Wh / 205 miles = 292 wh/m


KWTESLA | 20 agosto 2013

85KW about 9000 miles our average is 320 watts /mile. We are trending much lower 280 wpm on all my trips even going to Yosemite and back. I am the conservative driver my wife is the lead foot. Our average would be even better if I would quit giving test drives.

Vicelike | 20 agosto 2013

first 635 miles....374.... lots of demos on hill climbs. And a long trip into the mountains....

Vicelike | 20 agosto 2013

first 635 miles....374.... lots of demos on hill climbs. And a long trip into the mountains....

85 s+ no power saving features used . 100% Air conditioning

Chuck Lusin | 20 agosto 2013

40kWh, 19" tires, 85% streets, since May 16th, 3,000 miles, 325Wh/Mile Lifetime. AC at 72F. 1,050 foot elevation gain on the way back home.

Getting Amped Again | 20 agosto 2013

MS60, 6000 miles, 325 Wh/mi.

I realize this discussion isn't entirely about electricity cost, but where I live (WA), I could putt-putt around and use 275 Wh/mi and save $6/month! Never has zooming around been so cheap.....