Idea for a Model S commercial

Idea for a Model S commercial

I kind of think most car advertising stinks - it's all been seen and done before: either highly polished car driving along hill, perfect family in SUV, or car doing crazy stuff which doesn't make any sense whatsoever except it looks cool (cough, cough ... Ford B-Max ...).

But what about a car commercial made by the owners? What if people could just send in miscellaneous videos of them receiving their car, driving their car, of the feedback they're getting from friends and strangers, and of what they experience on the road?

Maybe it could be a great project just to collect all this video, and then find someone to mix it and put a soundtrack to it?

FLsportscarenth... | 23 gennaio 2013

Maybe a Tesla approved one could be 'aired' on Youtube?

Brian H | 23 gennaio 2013

Multiple owners: "I will never buy a gas/ICE car again." 'Nuff said.