Inductive Charging

Inductive Charging

There are some very well informed Tesla fans on this site I would like to know how far are we from getting access to this technology?

I found this video on YouTube

jbunn | 4 giugno 2012

Some mad scientist did experiments on remote power transmission using tuned circuts years ago... He said...

"Sooner or later my power system will have to be adopted in its entirety and so far as I am concerned it is as good as done.”

Volker.Berlin | 5 giugno 2012

Yeah, right... What was his name again? ;-)

Timo | 5 giugno 2012

Technology exists, it is just matter of implementing it. Problem is that max power delivered by those systems is somewhat limited and it has losses which are not negligible when you are talking about several kilowatts of charging power.