instrument cluster/trim highlight color thoughts

instrument cluster/trim highlight color thoughts

i for one am not thrilled about electric blue being the instrument color. while i like the color blue just fine, i find it hard on the eyes, especially at night, and think it interferes with night vision. reddish hues, like (sorry) bmw orange, are much nicer on the eyes and technically a smarter choice for all condition driving and night vision protection... i know the science is debatable, but my experience with it is that i unequivocally prefer a reddish hue to a blueish one in dark conditions..

i would be VERY happy with a user selectable display color as well of course... if that's possible perhaps it could be the ideal solution.

on a related note, i don't find the blue 'piping' around the headlamps very appealing either.. has a sort of pseudo-cool look to me, not an actual cool look... (cool like attitude, not temperature.)

fwiw. i'd be interested in others' opinions on the topic.

(and sorry if this has been discussed, but as there is no search function on this bbs (?!!!), i had to start a new one at the risk that it's already been done...)


discoducky | 3 giugno 2011

Are the insturment clusters on LCD or displays? I think they are but not for sure. If they are, would be very easy to change the color and or brightness/contrast to ease eye fatigue.

And the blue piping is LED? If so, I'd be surprized if it isn't adjustable to several different colors on the fly much like interior mood lighting in several cars.

But in general I agree with dtich in that orange would be better, but I assume it's adjustable.

Volker.Berlin | 3 giugno 2011

Volkswagen was using blue in all their models for some time, and there is actually is a scientific explanation for it. Something along the lines that the eye is not tempted to adjust for the nearer distance and thus the focus on the road is better. Something like that, I forgot the details, but I know that I was driving some of their models on night trips and I did not like the blue at all.

Having that said, as far as the announcement goes the Model S instrument cluster should be a "glass cockpit" -- a fully customizable LCD display. With themes for download like mobile phone ringtones...

Thumper | 3 giugno 2011

Presently drive a 2003 Passat wagon. Have always liked the blue and red dash. First time night passengers consistently comment that they like it.

cablechewer | 3 giugno 2011

I have the blue in my own VW and like it a lot. At first I found it a little irritating, but I just adjusted the brightness until I got it to the correct level for my use.

Tâm | 4 giugno 2011

I don't mind about the color but I do like the Prius' location of instrument cluster (nice and big digital speedometer & gauges...) which are on top of the dashboard, above the visual blockage of the steering wheel. I'm only 5'5", not that tall, but with other non-Prius, I hate to look down through the steering wheel in order to see instrument cluster. I hope an EV would be free from the restriction view of steering wheel and has its big digital instrument cluster above the steering wheel visual field.

Beaker | 4 giugno 2011

I like the color, everyone has different color preferences.

DartLady S77 | 4 giugno 2011

No matter what colour it is, the driver setting the brightness is the key to both comfort and safety.

At night, look out the windshield at your normal distance ahead of your vehicle, adjust the brightness down until it "disappears" from your field of vision.

You now have the optimum brightness for safety and information at a glance.

Brian H | 5 giugno 2011

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Supergreekster | 6 giugno 2011

I actually use minimum brightness possible in both my Subaru, Volvo, and Nissan cars. Very happy with it... Keeps night vision sharp.

Timo | 6 giugno 2011

Red light also helps with nightvision, so if instruments could swap to red when it is dark outside that could help.