Key Fob - Attaching to your Key Chain

Key Fob - Attaching to your Key Chain

The Model S key fob is certainly unique looking, but I'm not sure what plans Tesla had for attaching it to one's key ring. I could not find any small key ring that would fit through the very small opening in the fob, so I came up with the following idea. Using a small piece of 20 G stranded, electrical wire (similar to telephone wire), I bent and tied a 1/4" loop through the slot in the fob. I then put a very small spot of electrical solder at the twist of the wire loop and snipped off the excess wire. A common 1/2" split key ring easy fits through my 1/4" soldered loop, and your regular key ring or chain will easily fit through the 1/2" loop. It all fits together very securely and looks good. One caution: the key fob is plastic, so be very careful not to overheat the soldering of the wire, or that will melt the plastic. The soldering should take about 2 seconds. If you are not handy with a soldering iron, a jeweler will gladly do the job using similar stranded silver wire.

jk | 4 marzo 2013

Works well.

nickjhowe | 4 marzo 2013

A less risky solution can be found in the delivery checklist

gasnomo | 4 marzo 2013

I used a small hair band from my wife (she has all colors and you can buy a 24pack at target for $5.

One end looped through fob, other through normal key ring.

Darmok | 4 marzo 2013

A picture of what I use is over here (Post #83), a Case Logic USB case, it's worked well.

Pungoteague_Dave | 4 marzo 2013

The Rockville SC is now handing out cool lanyards for the fobs. Thsi is something the Service Manager Lenny found on his own, and may be specific to that location.

mallynb | 4 marzo 2013

jk@... A couple of years ago I bought a key-chain LED flashlight for 79 cents that I use on the bottom shelf of our stereo system to read unlit silver labels on a gray housing. It has two small gauge, wire split-rings, on both ends of the chain to attach it to the flashlight, and to a larger conventional keyring. I will use them both when our Model S is delivered. No soldering required.

sandman | 4 marzo 2013

Just used a mini ring and attached the nice Tesla Motors key chain to it. I might switch to a cloth or nylon loop. Most of the time, this thing sits in my jacket pocket away from anything else that will scratch it. There is no reason to mess with it once it is on my person somewhere.

jbunn | 4 marzo 2013

Funny, but I gave up keys entirley. Homelink opens the house. Spare keys in the glovebox.

akikiki | 4 marzo 2013

Does the MS come with more than 1 fob? What happens if its misplaced? How much for a spare? Is Tesla the only place we can get a spare or replacement? Anyone know?

nickjhowe | 4 marzo 2013

@akikiki - the car comes with two. They are c. $300 each for extra ones, from Tesla.

Beavertail S | 5 marzo 2013

My wife felted a wool loop for our keys. Soft in the pocket, able to be hung on a hook and I attached a key ring so I could have a little LED flashlight on my car key.

Brian H | 5 marzo 2013

unfortunately, not all wives are so skilled. ;(

GeekEV | 5 marzo 2013

@Darmok: +1 on the thumb drive case. I took your advice and it works great.

Darmok | 5 marzo 2013

@Geek EV, credit goes to Jason S over on TMC, who found the thing while hanging out at the Container Store at Santana Row while waiting for a charge. Serendipity worked well, I think it's perfect.

mbcaffe | 6 marzo 2013

I found a flashlightI got from a tradeshow. I removed the rings and attached it.

akikiki | 6 marzo 2013

@NickJ: Thanks again. You always have a correct and sane answer. We appreciate your help.

jk | 24 aprile 2013

I used a black plastic wire tie. They are cheap and durable. Just pulled the tie into a small ring around the fob bar. No scratching either.

jonesxander | 25 aprile 2013

I went to a Tesla store and explained I couldn't a Model S, but that I was a huge fan and investor.

He was kind enough to give me a free key chain! I bought a T shirt too lol.

But every day it hangs from my Mitsubishi Galant ignition lol.

Brian H | 25 aprile 2013

How do you hang a T-shirt on that wee ignition?

PAK | 18 maggio 2013

Zip tie.

kcovshop | 20 luglio 2013

Dear Tesla - I just spent 15 minutes trying to attach various key chains to the key. Come on... this is a joke, you can do better. Please provide some kind of key ring to new car buyers, or at least advice on where to get something that works.

Brian H | 20 luglio 2013

Lots of threads on this. My KISS solution: a small ring on the fob, linking to your large one.

hpatelmd | 20 luglio 2013
pgiralt | 20 luglio 2013

I second Pete's key fob holder. Got a pair of the black and red and they are great.

docdac | 20 luglio 2013

This is what I use. Very inexpensive, strong and works great. Link below, or look up 'cell phone strap' on Amazon:

moorelin | 20 luglio 2013

This is my version of the little strap. Easy to click off/on.

cloroxbb | 20 luglio 2013

I just use the flashdrive holder that I bought on amazon last year. They come in a two pack.

JPPTM | 20 luglio 2013

cloroxbb--the custom ones that are being sold over on the TMC site are really well done...see hpatelmd's link above.

JohnnyMac | 20 luglio 2013

Have tried many. My preference is the simplifcty of the cell phone strap:

cloroxbb | 21 luglio 2013


I know they are cheap, but I already bought them, so I might as well use them :)

I could always DRAW a Tesla logo on them, or a sticker haha.

cloroxbb | 21 luglio 2013

Oh, and they are the same exact ones, just with a Tesla logo on them. So its not that big of a deal to me :)

JPPTM | 21 luglio 2013

..actually he tweaked the design including the hole placement to make it more suitable to hold the fob rather than a USB drive. YMMV.

cloroxbb | 21 luglio 2013

Ah, didn't know that. Ill see how these hold up when I get my Model S, and if they don't suffice, then I may buy the Tesla logo ones.

hpatelmd | 21 luglio 2013

@cloroxbb, I also bought 2 on Amazon. The custom ones that Pete has are a better fit. The Key fob remains more snug. In the plain ones, at times it feels as if the Fob may slip out. No such concern with the new ones.