Loaner Cars

Loaner Cars

Disappointed in Tesla and Musk's Word!

Model S in for some service and NO ...YES NO P85 car available in fact NO Tesla's .... Just Enterprise (ICE) Chevy Cruze !
Another disappointed owner mentioned it's Tesla they are selling all cars off to get higher numbers for the Quarter!

WOW what a let down......

Mathew98 | 25 settembre 2013

We knew the loaners were selling out rapidly over the last few months.

So I specifically requested for a scheduled visit only when my SC has a loaner available.

Since I could operate my MS safely while waiting for cosmetic service, I waited five weeks before bringing my car for service.

It's all part of the growing pain. I firmly believe that TM is trying their best in producing enough loaners for the SC. However, some owner figured out that the fastest way to get their hands on the MS is to buy the loaners instead of waiting for months to have a custom build unit from the factory.

SCCRENDO | 25 settembre 2013

I was told that they keep getting cars in. However because of high demand and people unwilling to wait they are actually purchasing the loaner cars. I have a service coming up in Costa Mesa and they told me that even if they had a loaner MS ready for me on the way over to drop my car they could get a call that the loaner was sold to someone and I would be redirected to Enterprise.

negarholger | 25 settembre 2013

@jp158 - what service center?

jp158 | 25 settembre 2013

Service in New York, Queens ...

jbunn | 25 settembre 2013

Consider that a service center might have 20 cars in for service at any given time. 20 P85s in the loaner float is a 2 million dollar investment per service center that generates no income for Tesla.

Consider that a loaner still has pretty good resale if you sell it with only a few hundred miles. So your loaner float goes bad faster than milk on the counter. You want to turn your fleet over as quickly as possible, which is why it's good when they sell them.

The first time I had service they had been informed that I would prefer a Tesla. When I got there, no Tesla, but they were going to call Enterprise. Before I left, a Tesla showed up, and out the door I went with it. In this case, the availability of the car was dependent on another owner picking his car up and returning the loaner. That's hardly Tesla's issue if the customer is a few hours late on a weekday morning.

The second time I had service, they had a Tesla loaner for me, but I declined and they kindly gave me driver service to rapid transit a mile away. I could do without a car for a couple days. Let them give it to someone else.

Point is they try really hard. They go out of their way to make you comfortable. Sometimes because of scheduling it's difficult, and we need to consider that before we insult someone's integrity and intentions to keep their word.

How the hell did we all survive a year ago before we got our Teslas?

petero | 25 settembre 2013

jp158. When you made an appointment at the SC, did you specifically ask them to reserve a P85 or P85+loaner for you? I am really hoping you were not a walk-in, but if you were, what do you expect?

Mathew98 | 25 settembre 2013

@jp158 - Did I mentioned that I waited 5 weeks before showing up for service at the Queens SC just so I can get the S85 loaner?

Queens is extremely busy as they service customers from Long Island as well.

Look on the bright side, as least you were offered an ICE loaner. They could have easily issude you a metro card to use public transit in NYC instead...

podoffice | 25 settembre 2013

I received a P85+ for my loaner for 5 days while mine was in for service. To be honest I missed my 60. Road noise substantially worse on the P85+. The loaner did not come with XM or Slacker account set up. As a positive it was 500 miles put on the loaner that wasn't put on my car.

SCCRENDO | 25 settembre 2013

Bottom line. Even if they reserve a Tesla for you its quite possible that all the cars could be purchased before you get there. At Costa Mesa they promised me a Tesla but only if they have one.

J.T. | 25 settembre 2013

@jp158 I am going for a second attempt at a driver's door alignment at Queens. I gave them several dates between 9/15 and 10/31 to do the service, again, and requested a loaner. ( I took mass transit the last time) got an email from my buddy, Omar, confirming an appointment for 10/16. I repeated my request for an MS loaner (I want to compare) and he said that he couldn't guarantee a loaner for that date. So I said to pick another date. My crooked door and wind noise aren't going anywhere . . . Fast. | 25 settembre 2013

"Under promise and over deliver" and you'll have happy customers. In this case they have done the opposite and the results are disappointed customers.

Let's quit making excuses for Tesla. They're big boys and in this case they are clearly not able to deliver on the promise. Eventually, they will catch up on things (or will have to change there policy).

I'm amazed by the car, am willing to cut them some slack, and am going nuts waiting for delivery. But, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be reminded when someone is disappointed with the product or service. How else can they improve?

GreenMachine13 | 25 settembre 2013

I set an appointment and requested a Model S two weeks in advance. When I came in there was no Model S available. There has been so much press about how they'll pick your car up, drop you a P85 and return your car when its finished. Many of us owners are not seeing that kind of service. Some folks can't accept that Tesla can do anything wrong. We all get that there will be growing pains but it doesn't change the fact that we were promised a level of customer service that they aren't delivering. No need to lay out why they made the decision. We get it....they chose to make more profit over keeping their word to current owners.

davidcjones | 25 settembre 2013

We were given a P85 loaner today when the Waterbury, MA center picked up our Signature MS today.

Eryx | 25 settembre 2013

I wish more people in this world were more like user, and less like user jp158.

kk7p | 25 settembre 2013

Still waiting for my delivery date to show up, but my real concern here is not the type of loaner, but that the service centers seem to be VERY busy. This is a car that only suggests but does not require annual maintenance. No oil changes, no this and that. What are the problems that cause service centers to be filled up with new cars (the first ones have barely been out for a year), and appointments that take days or weeks to get something fixed?

I live more than 130 miles from the nearest temporary, apparently not really open service center, and over 450 miles from the nearest supercharger, so I'll be pre-paying for 4 or 8 years of annual service to get no-additional-charge Ranger service on my vehicle.

I am hoping I'll never need service, but threads like this have me...

...Worried in Tucson

negarholger | 25 settembre 2013

I got a loaner in Fremont with 3+k miles on it - very nice car... seems they don't sell them fast at the factory. I was there for tire rotation and at the same time I mentioned some mirror things plus some service bulletins. From what I can tell from the emails they did most of the work on Sunday. Overall the car has been so far very low maintenace - my last ICE from a first year production had many more issues the first two years.

Mathew98 | 26 settembre 2013

@kk7p4dsp - You would be surprised how many MS go in for tires patches, rotation, replacement, & alignment. In addition, there are plenty of service bulletins for other fit and finish from earlier production runs.

Newer deliveries in the last few months seem to have addressed the issues from earlier runs.

jp158 | 26 settembre 2013


Get real and smell the coffee... if a company says something it should back up what they say!

This is not a cheap automobile to say the least... So Tesla/Musk make a statement they should back it. PERIOD......

PS do you even own a Tesla??? | 26 settembre 2013

@Eryx +1

Theresa | 26 settembre 2013

Ok maybe my age is going to show here. Cry, wail, screech. Oh I thought that ended when my babies grew up.

OK maybe Elon over promised a bit. I am sure his intentions were good and he probably didn't expect this much service center activity was going to happen. How many of you are really getting hurt in any way by not having a Model S to drive while they are taking care of your vehicle? Oh my gosh you may have to buy some gas. Please act like the adults that you are and not like my babies did when they were little.

@Eryx +1

@jbunn +1

MandL | 26 settembre 2013

I too got a loaner P85 when I got my annual service. They had my car for three days and I got a 12 page list of all the stuff they did to it. Given I have VIN #208 and haven't had it in before it's not surprising that there were a lot of bulletins to go through. I was happy to get a Model S loaner, but given that they're working on 10s of cars at a time at any given service center I can certainly see why they wouldn't have enough to provide one to everybody. There is still a waiting line to get a new Model S after all. I'm not too sure it's a good idea to keep two dozen+ cars tied up as loaners at each service center at this point in the company's trajectory. Yes, it sucks to have to go back to pumping gas for a few days, but when I ordered the car there was no such thing as loaners or Super Chargers. It's changing fast and they're building up national networks of these things while working out the kinks in a brand new kind of car. I think ultimately these promises will be kept, but it's got to take some time. | 26 settembre 2013


I believe @Eryx comment was legit whether he/she is a Tesla owner or not.

Pretty much every dealer I have dealt with in the past (including BMW and MB) have a fixed pool of loaners and if you don't get one of those, then its off to Enterprise. I am glad to see Tesla trying to raise the bar. The plan is all of 5 months old, so I don' think its unreasonable to give them a bit of slack to work out the logistics of having enough cars and the (investment it represents) at each location.

To be honest, if I have to deal with a non-Tesla loaner so we can add one more member to the Tesla family, I am cool with that as it benefits me in the long run.

I suggest you grab some coffee yourself or did you expect the plan to be service plan to be perfect out the door?


J.T. | 26 settembre 2013

@Theresa The first two times my car was in for service I didn't take a loaner because I have another car to drive. I took mass transit to queens instead. I have an appointment for something they didn't address on my last visit. My problem is that they said they didn't address it because they couldn't understand what I was talking about. Did they call for me to explain? No. Email. No. So, I drove the car back there (an hour on the LIE) just to show them that the driver door doesn't close flush with the passenger door. They saw it immediately. I have a wind noise problem and that might be the reason for it. So, now I have an appointment for the 16th of Oct. and they say they don't know if I can get an MS loaner. One month notice they had.
I want the loaner for comparison, am reception, wind noise, fit and finish.
It's their fault for not fixing the door the last time. They had the car for 5 days.
If getting me a loaner is what will show me that they respect my efforts and my time I've invested to get this right then they should do whatever it takes.

Pungoteague_Dave | 26 settembre 2013

If the business models and customer compact (Elon's word and the stated service commitment on the website) says they will give you a loaner, TM should have some loaner cars that are not for sale. However, the REAL business model for the "loaners" is not for our convenience (and I have had a loaner for a couple weeks plus two Enterprise ICE cars for a few days). It is a strategy for TM to get around the dealership laws in most states - the "loaner" program gets cars into local inventory that can then be sold without going through the dealership licensing process.

It makes the whole custom-order internet auto delivery model a sham, but TM found that many car buyers are not like us initial early adopters - they had to find a way to deliver cars immediately. Hence the "loaners" that really aren't loaners except when it is convenient for them. I love all you altruistic self-sacrificers who say you would rather a new Model S owner have the car even if it means you have to take a train instead. Right. Sainthood nomination coming up... perhaps it would behoove all of us if we were more insistent that TM keeps up its side of the deal considering how much we paid for these cars... Our local Annapolis Mercedes and BMW dealers ALWAYS gave us brand-name loaners, albeit low end models within their lines.

Tran2Tran | 26 settembre 2013

SCCRENDO | September 25, 2013new

I was told that they keep getting cars in. However because of high demand and people unwilling to wait they are actually purchasing the loaner cars. I have a service coming up in Costa Mesa and they told me that even if they had a loaner MS ready for me on the way over to drop my car they could get a call that the loaner was sold to someone and I would be redirected to Enterprise.

I was told the samething last week. So I called up Torrance SC and they are actually dropping off a Tesla for me and picking up mine for service without charging me anything extra. I am schedule for the service this coming tuesady October 1.

Tran2Tran | 26 settembre 2013

I agreed with @jp158. If your CEO say it then they should back it up. I know when I take my Mercedes or BMW in for services in the past they alway provided me with a Mercedes or a BMW. Tesla should provide the tesla as a loaner car or The CEO should not promise it. I didn't buy a Tesla to be going to Enterprise to pick up a Camry. | 26 settembre 2013

Boy, let the breath-holding begin.

Do you really believe each SC has access to a magical supply of Teslas so they instantly produce one whenever you stomp your foot? Are you willing to pay more for service to cover the cost of maintaining an expanded fleet of loaners so you always have a Tesla when you stomp said foot? You do realize you are indirectly paying for the cost of that "free" loaner fleet at the ICE dealership, right?

You know what I appreciate: a car company that has said they will run their service department at break-even as opposed to most manufacturers' goal to drive fat profits from on-going service and maintenance of their vehicles.

A quick example--took my MS into the Rocklin SC to fix curb rash on a rim. They front-ended the entire transaction, gave me a Tesla loaner and when I picked up the car, had me write a check directly to the vendor that did the actual work on the wheel. Now, I used their time and I had one of their loaners for a day, so they would have been justified in tacking on some sort of fee, but nope--they just passed the cost along.

So, yeah, if they keep up that kind of service philosophy, I think I can suck it up and deal with an Enterprise ICE on occasion.


NKYTA | 26 settembre 2013

+1 @omar
Had the car long before there were loaners.
Fortunately I live between Menlo Park Service and Burlingame Service. Of the four visits I got a loaner P85+ once - the other times my wife picked me up/dropped me off.
I'm holding out for a Roadster loaner next time! ;-)

petero | 26 settembre 2013

jp158. Second request. Did you make an appointment, speak to a service writer about reserving a P85 and did the service writer confirm the appointment and the reservation?

If you answer yes to all the above, I will understand your disappointment.

jp158 | 26 settembre 2013

Point to mention!

The service center is excellent the Service Manager, Technicians and reps all wonderful.
It's just a matter of the loaner policy. Tesla owners treated wonderfully in the Queens center. So the only issue is the loaner issue... Sorry I didn't mention that earlier.

Pungoteague_Dave | 26 settembre 2013

omar - I can deal with the ICE loaner. But I do have a problem with the misdirection in the business model. It is a bit dishonest to sell the "we will give you a Model S loaner" program as a marketing feature (which TM has done big-time) with the real intent being to build for-sale inventory, intending to skirt the dealer licensing rules, which is the real reason that TM has the loaner program.

I treat having a Model S loaner as pleasant surprise, although have intentionally scheduled service around loaner availability. At the current time my car is in service without either an S loaner or an Enterprise ICE because TM cannot bring an Enterprise car on their flatbed when they pick up a broken Model S. Therefore, we had to 'borrow' our company farm pickup truck to drive back 190 miles, while seeing Tesla's Ford F-250 with trailer (we do still depend on ICE vehicles to keep out EV's running) going the other way to pick up the Model S that had left us stranded.

rodhoffman | 26 settembre 2013

In Denver I had a P85+ for a day for my first service in 4,000 miles. Only needed service was the creak in the roof - they did other stuff and all is perfect with my car. The P85+ was fast and NOISY! I will stick with my S85. I only called two days in advance for the loaner window. Next time I want to try a Roadster!

jp158 | 26 settembre 2013

To Petero

Yes Patero, in fact set up appointment and waited 2 weeks. Then notified about no tesla loaners available.


petero | 26 settembre 2013

jp. Thanks, sorry for your disappointment. It seems availability is a critical and ever changing commodity.

Schlermie | 26 settembre 2013

I received an email from Ownership Experience yesterday that included a comment about Tesla rapidly expanding the loaner fleet in response to their customer experience interactions.

SCCRENDO | 26 settembre 2013

@Tran2Tran: unfortunately live 30 miles from Costa Mesa and 45 miles from Torrance. Costa Mesa will only do valet within 20 miles. I am just doing my 12,500 service, pano repair and replacement of back window motor (oops motor failed on Monday and found my left back window wide open, temporarily taped shut now with duct tape). If I need to drive an ICE its only one day so I am not gonna get my heart rate up

Tran2Tran | 26 settembre 2013


I only live 10 miles from Costa Mesa and had the appointment two week ago. They didn't offer the valet service for my annual service 14000 miles already and no loaner car available. I end up calling Torrance and they gladly offer me the valet service and a tesla loaner. Policy should be consistence at all SC.

SCCRENDO | 26 settembre 2013

I was used to getting Lexus loaners when I had one so I also have high expectations. Frankly I'm hoping trips to the Service Center will be infrequent. My services should occur about every 6 months. If I can set it up on a Sat. I can drop my car and hopefully get a Model S or just deal with an iCE for the day. If my car should need to be in for a longer period for any reason I would start getting annoyed if I landed with an ICE vehicle. Out of curiosity are we expected to fill the ICE up with gas when we return it? I am afraid I know the answer.

riceuguy | 26 settembre 2013

Look, I'm driving a crappy Chevy loaner from Enterprise right now, so I have a pretty strong opinion on this. First, for the people who say "Elon promised," there are a few things to remember. First, would folks rather that when you show up they just say "sorry, we don't have any Model S loaners available," or would you rather they send you to Enterprise? They can't always have Tesla loaners available. And it's far worse here in Texas where loaners are the only easy way to buy the car...9 of 12 loaners that we had here in Austin are gone, and 2 of the remaining 3 are close to sold. They can only replace them so fast. For selfish reasons, of course I wish they didn't sell them and that they were more available, but really do you expect them to turn down nearly $1m in sales from one small service center alone--in one quarter?! Multiply those kinds of number times 40+ service centers and you're talking about a huge amount of revenue. I am sure they're cranking out loaners as fast ast they can, and patience is needed. Am I annoyed at having a Chevy Captiva (did anyone know this existed)? Of course. In reality though, I have it for (hopefully) a day and really don't care that much (heck, it reminds me how great my Model S is for sure!). Settle down people...they promised, they delivered, now they're figuring out just how hard it is to balance the service promise against the unexpected windfall. They'll get there eventually.

Brian H | 26 settembre 2013

To extrapolate from the loaner sales, they could crank out any reasonable model+options package and make it known they were available for immediate purchase, and they'd get snapped up. As a supplement to the custom build business. If they had the production capacity!

riceuguy | 26 settembre 2013

@Brian H: You know some Texas dealers are reading your comment, shaking their heads and saying, "see, the franchised dealer model is the way to go!" They're still wrong, of course, but yes, if Tesla could just sell cars like in normal states, they'd be killing it even more here in Texas! Dallas service center had something like 36 deliveries still to make by end of quarter as of about 6 days ago. And that's with our pain-in-the-ass buying process.

Brian H | 27 settembre 2013



A sham? What % of 1% do you suppose the loaner sales constitute? Trivial.

Benz | 30 settembre 2013

Someday Tesla Motors will sell 100 Tesla Model S loaners PER DAY. Think about that. It's a strategy, and it's a pretty good one.

fluxemag | 30 settembre 2013

The main reason I want another Tesla for a loaner is because my car is so high profile in the lot at work. Every time I show up in a loaner, which so far has been a Tesla 3 times, people ask me what happened to my car. At least I've been able to say "but they dropped off the fast one at my house and bring it back when they're done." People are very interested in how the quality pans out. This time I have to drop my car off 30 miles from work to the SC in North Phoenix. It's unknown if the loaner will be a Tesla or the dreaded Enterprise. But I still prefer my car to the loaner Teslas. I've got carpool lane plates, XM, Slacker, dark tint and all my settings. The go pedal isn't as good though!

RIsquare | 30 settembre 2013

While I do appreciate the passion of most of the MS owners, I do not agree with positions like - they are trying hard, they work hard, they are good guys, MS loaner is a burden for Tesla's balance sheet etc.

Everyone in these US is working hard. If you think that your Tesla rep is working harder than Ahmed who sells Gyro sandwiches in your local mall, than you are wrong.

Tesla MS is sold on super reliability notion and it shouldn't break that often. So if Tesla wants to reduce loaner inventory than they better improve reliability. Otherwise they should offer decent loaners for a car that costs over $70K. It doesn't need to be MS all the time. Tesla doesn't need to turn into car rental company either. It is perfectly fine if they outsource this business to a car rental company like many dealers do. However, it is essential to get a loaner of similar value such as BMW series 7 , Audi A6 or MB S class.
Getting Chevy Cruz is an insult to the MS owner and a disgrace for Tesla IMHO.

Dramsey | 30 settembre 2013

FWIW, I got a loaner when I dropped my car off at the Rocklin, CA service center for the nav system fix. They offered to return my car on a flatbed, but heck...pass up another chance to drive from Reno to Rocklin and back through the mountains in a Model S? I told 'em I'd pick it up myself!

ELECTRICFAN | 30 settembre 2013

I'm on the side that says Tesla should do what it says. But what is really interesting to me, and I can't wait to see how it turns out, is will the "non-dealership" model help us here? We've all had broken promises from the places we bought our cars, pre-Tesla. Musk is promising the "no dealership middle-man" will yield a better customer experience. Judging from this topic, not so much, so far...

but hope springs eternal!

I've had my MS for six days (don't even have my tags yet), so I haven't encountered any service issues, knock on wood.

I bought the $2,400.00 4-yr anywhere plan, hoping I would get better service when I need it. But I read the service policy of MS loaners and counted on it in my purchase decision, and they will hear about it if I don't get one when I need it. Just hope it doesn't turn into another "screw you we already have your money" attitude like GM, Ford, etc...

Benz | 1 ottobre 2013

We should not forget that it's just their first full year of production of the Model S. To be able to provide a Model S loaner for each customer who's Model S comes in for service, first of all the weekly production of these Model S loaners will need to be raised to a much higher level. And the current situation (rising demand is much higher than the current production capacity) does not allow them to do that. But they are working on it. They know what they want, and they know how to get there.

kawdennis | 1 ottobre 2013

I just walked into(no appointment) the menlo Park SC with a list of problems, they wrote it up , game me a P85+ loaner I kept for 6 days, in short, they were great! Dennis

Brit.l.T | 1 ottobre 2013

All I have to say is... first world problems.