Long Term Matte Finish Care - Cup Holder Area

Long Term Matte Finish Care - Cup Holder Area

I am trying to finish up my configuration decisions, and am struggling with the interior trim choices.

I am a bit worried about the Matte Finishes not holding up long term near the cup holder area. What if some hot coffee spills in this area and you don't notice it? Wood and water generally don't mix well on furniture, why would that be different in a car?

I'm not so worried about fingerprints on the front panel as a driver will be cleaning fingerprints regularly on the touch screen anyways. So you'll always have a little cloth handy.

Leaning towards gloss obeche with black leather, grey exterior. I think the lacewood is too warm for the grey car, and the piano black with this combination reads quite high tech.

I noticed too that the top part of the car interior is always light tan, so bringing a bit of warm stripes in the Obeche ties it together.

Pungoteague_Dave | 26 dicembre 2012

The dramatic agonizing and angst on this forum are breathtaking. There are no bad choices, but I hear the fingerprints are amazing on glossy finishes. And of course there's no place to store or discard screen wipes.... Woe is us.

jbunn | 26 dicembre 2012

Matte is just as well sealed as gloss. Both are waterproof. Dont worry

cmlaff | 26 dicembre 2012

My obeche gloss goes well with the tan interior, but black would do well also. The finger print problem is short term. Eventually you tire of stroking the car and whispering sweet nothings in her charge port. She's a cold hearted, fast woman beholden only to the juice.

Brian H | 27 dicembre 2012

I understand Ultra-Green Car Stuff, Inc. is coming out with a line of edible screen wipes, specially for Tesla Owners.