Looking for a Model S to be displayed at "Directions 2013" in Reno Feb 7th

Looking for a Model S to be displayed at "Directions 2013" in Reno Feb 7th

Hi All:

I planned to use my Model S to display at "Directions 2013" in Reno at the Grand Sierra Resort. But I won't have it till March. The event is in the morning of Feb 7th. Our governor and many state/local leaders will be at this event. For the past two years, we've highlighted the latest electric vehicles (Volt 2011, Leaf 2012) and I'd like to show off the Model S. Tesla is "busy" that day so I'm hopeful a Model S owner can help. I may be able to put you up for a night at the GSR if you want to drive over the hill. You can charge at our charging stations or at the RV park on the property (40A). Come up and go skiing!

You would be at the event with the car... showing it off to everyone... maybe even the governor.

Please let me know if you are intereste (or know someone who might be).

Travis Johnson
NV Energy
Electric Vehicle Program Manager

AaronB | 30 gennaio 2013

Would have loved to, but can't make it during the week. If there are any other weekend opportunities let me know. I live in Tracy, CA - only a few hours away!

aaronburg at

bnwdon | 30 gennaio 2013

Sorry Travis,

Can't help you with Reno but let me know if you need my S in Las Vegas. Hopefully someone can be there to represent Tesla.

Don Carrier

GLO | 30 gennaio 2013

Am in Sacramento, will look at my calendar or my husbands. He's goes to Reno frequently for business. Though, I am not enamoured with having him take my baby over the hill in snow and sanded roads but will discuss it with him...

travis.johnson | 30 gennaio 2013

Thanks everyone! GLO if the weather looks good and the roads are clear, maybe join your husband! You would be done by 11:30 which is plenty of time to get in a half day of skiing!

I'm hopeful we can make something work. I really want to show the Model S to our community leaders which will help me get more charging stations on the ground. I have 23 stations installed in NV so far...