Minimum Price for non-sig X

Minimum Price for non-sig X

Seems like it will be 96K!

85D + range upgrade + rear facing seats (?) + 5K

NumberOne | 6 ottobre 2015

I think closer to $93k since the rear facing seats are standard and the $5k applies to the Base price before options. I am hoping 90k though, since I am getting just about all the options it will be over $100k anyway.

dmital001 | 6 ottobre 2015

Would be great if people can respond if this is beyond expectations and if it would make them delay till lower priced versions are offered.

I am probably going to order if it is below 100K - although that is more than my expectations. I am non-sig #240

f-tal | 7 ottobre 2015

Not sure if your calculation (for the comparible S) should include the Pano roof and maybe leather seats (depending on if they offer the X with cloth seats or not).

carlk | 7 ottobre 2015

3rd row seats may be already included in the $5K premium. Either way ~$95K would be as good guess as any although most people likely will add at least a few "necessary" options to bring the total price to ~$100K.

Red Sage ca us | 7 ottobre 2015

So... About the same price as a $95,500 Porsche Cayenne GTS. What's the problem, again?

dmital001 | 8 ottobre 2015

Its a question - can a 100K SUV sell 30K units in a year?
How many Porsche Cayenne GTS sell in a year?

DTsea | 8 ottobre 2015

Base X will IMO be a 70 not an 85 so more like $80k.

dmital001 | 8 ottobre 2015

@ DTsea - seems like that is coming "soon". Right now its 85.
I think the issue with 70 is that it will have a range less than 200 miles - not an acceptable range to tesla. So my guess would be that lower priced version might be 75 or 80 with probably cost reduced battery from Gigafactory.

CarlE_P439 | 8 ottobre 2015

Not sure where these over-estimates are coming from. This article states $75,000 (that would be for smallest battery pack I assume).

NumberOne | 8 ottobre 2015

This is such a silly thread. Tesla already sold more than 30k units of Model S this year. Mostly the $100k+ version. Model X will sell in equal if not greater numbers at the same price level. Who said that the Model X 70D will have a range less than 200 miles. You really do not have anything to base that on except your opinion, which without citation is quite meaningless.

hmn4858 | 8 ottobre 2015

Over 85K and I'm buying a Kia.

dmital001 | 8 ottobre 2015

I sincerely hope tesla introduces a lower priced, more than 200 mile range X, sooner than later. I am probably going to get the 90 but I am LONG tesla as well and current price of X is bothering me - not that I will sell anything, been in it since 2012 and in a big way!

I agree the thread actually diverged from what I wanted to know.

I wanted to know how many people would delay X buying decision due to the higher than anticipated price and buy a Kia till then.

eric.zucker | 8 ottobre 2015

Simple math: 70/90 x 257 is 199.9 miles.
Add to this the battery weight differential, and
voila you have over 200 miles in Model X 70D.

I hope Tesla publishes a complete price schedule for Model X to squash excessive price rumors.
Maybe they are concerned wealthy people would buy the lesser models if announced too early?

Pungoteague_Dave | 8 ottobre 2015

There will likely be no 70D. At a minimum it is a full year away. Might as well not exist. However, I suspect the range limitations will keep the base at 90, with a larger battery eventually appearing.

@ RS "About the same price as a $95,500 Porsche Cayenne GTS. What's the problem, again?"

Seriously Reds? You have been over the top in your predictions of the X, but really? You say elsewhere that Tesla will sell 50k X's per year, then still believe that when the base price will be over $93K? All models of the Cayenne sell about 85,000 cars per year, and the entire Porsche group sells only 200,000 cars per year.

You were very selective in choosing which Cayenne to compare with the X. There are four models cheaper than the GTS. The base model of the Cayenne is $58,300, and very few are configured GTS on a relative basis, certainly not the volumes you predict for the X. There is a very limited worldwide demand profile for SUV's in the $100k range. It is virtually impossible to spend over $91k with every available option on the largest diesel Mercedes SUV (GL350). Tesla will do very very well to sell 25,000 X's per year worldwide, unless it can truly sell one for under $75k, a goal thats not yet in evidence.

carlk | 8 ottobre 2015

My sister just bought a Porsche Mecan S, the cheapest model you can buy in the US now, for $65K. What a sorrow car it is (compares to S or X).

carlk | 8 ottobre 2015

PD with his infinite business wisdom still couldn't figure this one out. Tesla sells $100K car because it can. Porsche doesn't sell $45K RX350 because it does not have to. Simple business 101.

As for people who are waiting for a $80K X Tesla will do it but likely will not until production exceeded demand for $100K cars.

Ross1 | 9 ottobre 2015

MX is the most difficult car in the world to build, according to Mr Musk.

Very probably there will be price rises across the range to cover this.

Why in a year's time wouldn't everything go up to cover costs AND R&D on MX?

Think another $10 k at least.

There are glitterati out there who will pay more than $200k when they see what a status symbol it develops into

Already "everyone" thinks MXs start at $132k, because that is what the media is telling.
When "everyone" sees your entry level MX they are going to think you paid $132k for it.

And maybe you will, in a year or two.

As a TSLA shareholder.........I rest my case.

carlk | 9 ottobre 2015

When Tesla sells a lot of $132K X's it will be a $132K car in everyone's mind. That will help sell cars that cost less. High end car, or any luxury good, companies from Porsche to Cucinelli all know how this brand image thing work. Everyone wants to have the super high brand image but some can and some can't. Toyota/Lexus know they could make $132K level cars but they also know they could not sell them no matter if the car is worth or not. Tesla is in the enviable position that in a few short years it has achieved what Japanese have tried for decades but still could not have.

Red Sage ca us | 12 ottobre 2015

Pungoteague_Dave: Yes. Seriously. You may not have noticed, but the media seems to report almost exclusively about the top-of-the-line Tesla Model X and its price point. Its most impressive feature, sans Falcon Wing Doors or safety rating, is the performance it offers. Well, it just so happens that the sole Porsche SUV in the class that offers similar performance in the 0-60 MPH parameter happens to be the $158,300 Cayenne Turbo S. Go ahead, look it up. I'll wait. ... So, yeah... $25,000 more money to do the same 3.8 second 0-60 time. And, as a bonus, Ludicrous mode is still $15,000 less than the Porsche POS.

No damned body gives a flaming fig fart about the $58,300 plain vanilla base version of the Cayenne, which scurries feebly to 60 MPH in 7.2 seconds on a good day. No one says there is a 'limited market' for the Cayenne... Or the POS Panamera with its friggin' $263,900 Exclusive Series. BOTH LINES that are outsold in their COMBINED ENTIRETY by MODEL S ALONE in the US.

Since the top sedan from most marques is typically outsold by a 3:1 ratio by its comparably positioned SUV, then HELL YES, the Model X will be able to move in excess of 30,000 units -- NO PROBLEM.

Benz | 13 ottobre 2015

@ Ross

"There are glitterati out there who will pay more than $200k when they see what a status symbol it develops into"


Benz | 13 ottobre 2015

@ Red Sage
@ Pungoteague_Dave

Tesla Motors will deliver more than 30,000 Tesla Model X SUV's in 2016.

teslaliving | 13 ottobre 2015

My S85 was $100K, I wouldn't be surprised or upset if the X was $110K similarly equipped. Im accounting for price drops since I got mine too since now you could get AWD and autopilot included for less than what I paid for mine.

proven | 13 ottobre 2015

I doubt there will be a 70 X since Musk said that there would be a smaller battery option but it would be "something like a 70." That tells me it'll probably be 75 or 80 which would bring the range over 200 miles.

Reedmadd | 13 ottobre 2015

Thank you Red Sage for making me laugh out loud! Not only do I agree with everything you said, I love the way you delivered it.. Let's just see it play out. Over the next few months there'll be the first in depth reviews and videos of the first cars that will get more juices flowing. Then many of us will get to start configuring our reg res X's and the standard X pricing will be out. Fast forward to next year, what a year it will be for Tesla and the X (and of course the S still) with new hype after March when we see what 3 and Y look like.

It's been a frustrating few weeks for all of us TSLA stock owners but we need to remain strong and long! And avoid flaming fig farts at all costs.