Missouri Tax

Missouri Tax

Below is what I believe to be true about Missouri tax - any confirmation or rebuttal would be appreciated.

I have researched the issue on the following Missouri website: As I understand it, if you are a Missouri resident and purchase a car outside of Missouri you DO owe state tax, however, you DO NOT owe local tax (city, municipality, etc.) UNLESS your local municipality has established a use tax. You can go the following website and plug in your info:

You should not be paying Illinois tax on a vehicle if you live in Missouri. The reason Missouri dealerships are mad is that you can cross the river into Illinois and not pay local tax, which is typically around 2% of the purchase price.

Sudre_ | 11 gennaio 2013

Right now that appears to be true. A court ordered that MO's tax on cars purchased out of state was not allowed for whatever reason. Our legislature passes a new bill to start taxing them and our governor veto'd it. Our legislature hinted at overriding the veto but last I heard it did not happen.

I think Liz has paid IL tax though.... so I am confused.

Sudre_ | 11 gennaio 2013

Local tax.. correct. My post made it sound like no taxes at all. State tax yes. Local tax no.

schoendp | 12 gennaio 2013

I did check with an Illinois dealership and a Missouri resident does not pay Illinois tax. She will only pay Missouri tax because that is where the car is titled.

Sudre_ | 12 gennaio 2013

Cool. I did notice that St. Louis City does have a Use Tax. So anyone buying in St. Louis will be paying almost double in taxes.