Model E concept in 2014?

Model E concept in 2014?

Hey guys,
Since 2012 Elon has been saying Tesla will have an "affordable" car available in "three to four years."
Problem is that if that were true that should have meant a 2016 release for Model E. If he keeps saying "3-4 years" in 2014 then we are talking about a 2017/18 release at best.
At some point you have to show a concept and put some real resources into actually designing/building/testing and prepping the factory for mass production of Model E.

If we don't see some concrete action on this front in 2014 I am afraid Elon may have been a bit ahead of himself as to when a truly affordable EV will be available from Tesla and we will be looking towards the end of the decade for Model E, which would be disappointing.

Here's to seeing something of substance from Tesla in 2014 on the Model E!

p.s. I understand they are super busy and have their hands full with Model S and X production but a concept shouldn't be too hard to keep our hopes up in 2014!


Svenssons | 13 settembre 2014

"There are people not buying a Model S b/c they are waiting for the Model X"

It is correct that over 20k have reserved a Model X (i'm one of them). But it would not matter for Tesla even if all these would have ordered a Model S instead. They would not have been able to sell and deliver more cars even if all these should swap. I would not and many of those that have reserved a Model X have already bought a Model S. I will not order a Model S because I want a SUV/CUV. The attention to Tesla that Model X have created have helped over all sales for Tesla but they can not sell more cars than they can deliver. It does not matter if it's called Model S, Model X or Model 3. Demand of Teslas car is much higher than their capacity to produce them. It is a problem but it's not a big bad problem for Tesla.

Svenssons | 13 settembre 2014

@JeffreyR: The options are not: "sell a MS now than take $5K reservation for a MX to be sold sometime later". They are taking up reservations (not selling any more than already doing) on Model S and get no reservations for Model X or take reservations on both Model S and Model X. If I ran a company, I would like to take reservations on the new product that is coming out soon and that's the case right now for Tesla.

Remnant | 13 settembre 2014

IMO, to be overwhelmingly competitive, including some 50% mass market penetration, MΞ should be a midsize AWD all-terrain 4D SUV 7Seat mirrorless Pano-HU-Display-Rearview-Cam 400-mile-range Fast-Recharge Swappable-battery car, with optional frunk connectivity for a 2000 mile Al-Air range-extender.

Most of these technologies are likely to show on the MX.

Brian H | 13 settembre 2014

The MΞ will not be all-terrain, 7-seat, 400-mile, or Al-air extender capable. AWD will be optional. Mirrorless depends on regulations. Pano is a possible option.

It will be a smash hit without any of the above.

JeffreyR | 14 settembre 2014

I hear you on the "they can only build them so fast" bit. But, Tesla is deflecting potential Model X buyers to the Model S for a reason. The reason I came up w/ is they would rather sell you a Model S now than a Model X reservation for "soon". Maybe the re-direction was at a specific store (and not company wide) b/c they were trying to win some internal contest or something. But when I read about this practice I theorized about the "buy now" concept.

Why do you think they were selling the Model S instead of just taking another Model X reservation?

Brian H | 14 settembre 2014

They will have to put up with far fewer impatient Waiter emails, posts, and phone calls from a Model S reserver than a Model X!

JeffreyR | 15 settembre 2014

Good one!

Brian H | 15 settembre 2014

Not (just) because MS buyers are savvier, but the Wait will be shorter. We're back to the "I've been in agony for over a year!" scene. The MX forum is going to get wild for quite a while, I think.

vgarbutt | 15 settembre 2014

Well i don't know about you guys, but the summer is just about over here in Canada.

So i expect the next few months to be great, with the X coming out, and the model 3 prototype being unveiled AND a hopefully outstanding 3rd quarter report!