Model S Performance for sale on Auto Trader??

Model S Performance for sale on Auto Trader??

Was just cruising Auto Trader and found this! Anyone looking for this configuration
who does not want to wait Here ya' go! It might not last long though (newly listed today as long as I can tell) Anyone know this car?


6USX130 Cal. Plates

85 kWh Battery Panoramic All Glass Roof 19 Wheels Tan Performance Interior Carbon Fiber Interior Decor Tec Package Sound Studio Package Active Air Suspension Parcel Shelf Supercharge Hardware Twin Chargers

Mileage 1,070
Body Style Hatchback
Exterior Color Silver
Interior Color Tan
Engine Electric
Transmission Automatic
Drive Type 2 wheel drive - rear
Fuel Type Electric
Doors Four Door
Stock No. CFS00283

Smythe European, Inc.

Please ask for our Internet Sales Department
4500 Stevens Creek Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95051

sergiyz | 13 gennaio 2013

wow, that was fast.
It's a Mercedes dealership, someone traded-in a tesla sig for a Merc ??

skykid | 13 gennaio 2013

Whoever traded-in the Model S is going to regret this lololol

Brian H | 13 gennaio 2013

Signature! VIN 0283 ...

cpetrush | 13 gennaio 2013

There's also one for for sale on Craigslist, CA San Fran, a few days ago. Also a reservation was being sold. Whatever.

drp | 13 gennaio 2013

Hmmm sounds cheap! Wonder why?

jat | 13 gennaio 2013

@drp - not cheap, once you consider you aren't getting the tax credits and it is used.

petero | 13 gennaio 2013

My guess, the MS is on memo and not a trade in. The dealership is probably selling it for the owner. My surprise is the car is not marked up higher!

Superliner | 13 gennaio 2013
Superliner | 13 gennaio 2013

Called the dealer.. Car was traded and is not on consignment, "story is .. wife DID NOT LIKE the car". Spoke to Monica @ Smythe European; car is on their lot. Asking price is as listed "for now" $111,971 could be a good opportunity for someone here perhaps who has not already finalized and wants to grab a Sig Performance without the wait!

petersv | 13 gennaio 2013
JoeFee | 13 gennaio 2013

@ petersv | JANUARY 13, 2013 NEW.

This is not a performance Sig and is listed for 129K !!!

skykid | 13 gennaio 2013

Wife didn't like the car? or just the color?

GDH | 13 gennaio 2013

There's also one listed on in FL, it was $150K lmao.

Sudre_ | 13 gennaio 2013

With today's higher price a fully loaded performance S is 104,000 and that's with the upcoming red color. If these minor used cars actually sell it looks like there isn't any depreciation on the S. Might bowed well for a lease option. (price included HPWC)

I don't see counting the SIG personally since to me that was an extra price to jump the line but it looks like a possible break even on resale.

Brian H | 13 gennaio 2013

The English for that is "bode well".

Sudre_ | 13 gennaio 2013

Thanks Brian. I tried every combination but that one and never figured it out. My new word for the day.

TheAustin | 13 gennaio 2013

Exterior Color Silver
Interior Color Tan

No wonder he's selling it...He must be color blind (and his wife must not be).

TikiMan | 13 gennaio 2013

Yup, likely WAY too complicated and fast for her. Sometimes a slow Benz or BMW is better for the wifey-poo ;-)

Brian H | 15 gennaio 2013

Say that on TMC and you'll be banned as Politically Incorrect Misogynist for life. >;) The GeekGirls will have your guts for garters.