Model S vs Model S Signature

Model S vs Model S Signature

I apologize in advance if this information is posted, or a discussion thread has answered the question, I have looked all over the site for the difference between the Model S and the Model S Signature. I cannot find any details. I would like to know the difference in the 2 models, and why there is only a $5,000 refundable deposit with the Model S, but a $40,000 deposit with the Model S Signature. Thanks!

BYT | 24 gennaio 2011

First 1,000 Model S's will be the Signature so those reservation holders get priority. The Model S Signature edition is also supposed to be the model with all the bells and whistles as I remember hearing over the Standard Model S and I think the Signature comes with the higher capacity battery pack.

Did I miss anything Model S forum mates?

Mehdi | 24 gennaio 2011

eyedoc, you didn't miss anything, Tesla has been noncomittal. Since the the Model S options have not been announced and are subject to change there is NO list that I've seen that says what the differences are. I've been following Tesla for years and made my reservation a year ago and I havn't seen anything solid.
So far the only difference is as BYT says above, Sig Series have priorities and will more than likely be loaded. I'm guessing they will have some special decals or other fancy options that would be one time offers.
You can always pay the difference and upgrade (if there are slots left) once they make a solid announcement.

discoducky | 24 gennaio 2011

few things to add..

I opted out of the Sig due to the following reasons that were stated when I made the reservation about 20 days ago:

1. The Sig will be loaded and could get up to $85K
2. The Sig will also have options available that are only for Sig cars like: Color (Interior and Exterior)
3. Big 300M battery (it wasn't clear if this option would be available to non-Sig in the first model year) but I don't want it since I'm guessing it will weigh a bit more than the 160M (which is enough for my families habits)
4. You cannot use your $40K down toward a non-Sig order. Your $40K would be refunded. You'd still need to reserve a non-Sig to get one early.

That about sums it up for me!

Roblab | 24 gennaio 2011

I can only think of a couple points - of opinion:
Tesla has said Sig Series will be loaded. The only choices would be to DE option.
I have heard it said that Sig battery is to be the 260, which I assume is because they were not planning to have the 300 at first.
I agree with the special options and paint.
I am not sure there will ever be 1000 Sigs. More like a couple hundred (US). Not a lot of people want to put $40K into their low interest savings acct, and some don't want to spend that much on an EV. I have heard that the cost would be between 70 and 80K.
Obviously this is all hearsay, and Tesla ain't tellin'. Yet.

michiganmodels | 24 gennaio 2011

I spoke with the Chicago sales rep. The Signiture will ship with the 230 battery with an optional upgrade. He did not specify when the 300 mile battery is expected to be available, however he was certain it is not shipping with the Sig series.

ckessel | 24 gennaio 2011

85k? Yikes. I wanted to upgrade to a Signature reservation, but 75k is about the top of what I'm willing to spend. It seems rather silly to me that Tesla would bump you to the back of the normal S reservation line given you have no idea what your 40k Signature deposit would be committing you to.

discoducky | 24 gennaio 2011

@ckessel, my thoughts exactly and my top end is ~70K, but since my state doesn't have sales tax that might help things a bit. Honestly, I'd give them 40K right now if I could ensure on of the first non-sigs.

@michiganmodels, that's different from the rep I spoke to. If that is the case, I think it makes more sense. The 300M density seems overly optimistic for first model year even for Elon ;)

Kallisman | 25 gennaio 2011

85K that's about the price of a Volvo S60 here. And an independent dealer is already advertising standard Model S here for 499 000 NOK, which is about the same. I'm hoping a standard model S won't cost that much, though, since Roadster 2011 model is now sold here from 679 000 NOK (about 117 700 USD). I don't think there are any taxes for EVs here, but heavy taxes on ICE cars.

Volker.Berlin | 7 marzo 2011

Good news for you Signature reservation holders!

The first 1000 cars off the line will be the North American Model S Signature Series. Those vehicles will be equipped with a 300 mile range battery.

From George Blankenship's "A Quick Update on Model S" email, received a few minutes ago.

Volker.Berlin | 7 marzo 2011

In other words: We now have official confirmation that the 300-mile battery pack will be available in 2012 ("mid-2012" according to that very email from George). That's totally awesome and just very short of unbelievable! If Tesla can make this happen, they will prove once again that they are seriously ahead of all competitors. I mean, holy shit, a serious car with 300 miles electric range! Next year! Pretty astounding, for sure.

Brian H | 8 marzo 2011

Under-promise, over-deliver. Excellent strategy, though it drives the marketers crazy! ;)

Volker.Berlin | 8 marzo 2011

Under-promise, over-deliver. Excellent strategy

Right. If they keep going at this pace, we will end up with a 500 mile battery pack in 2012. As the smallest available option. ;-)

msiano17 | 8 marzo 2011

@ michiganmodels/discoducky

is it not quite funny that just at the end of January you both spoke with a rep who said impossible for the 300 (even Elon thought so) but here we are that's the first one off the line now

gagliardilou | 8 marzo 2011

I drove to Wisconsin from Northwest Indiana today. It was a 5 hour 15 minute round trip. It was 290 miles total! The 300 mile battery pack - would it have made it? I do not know but I would have taken an ICE for that type of trip anyway. I never drive that far unless I am driving on vacation. Now that the prices for the battery packs are out, I feel the 230 mile pack is the right one for me.

ChristianG | 11 marzo 2011


probably not, the 300 Miles are from those standartised parcours where a car has to drive through and because of it, you get the estimate milage. While the parcours contains different driving styles and situations it's a very low figure. That means that most likely there will be many situation when you don't get your full 300 miles and fewer situation when you get more.

dashrb | 21 marzo 2011

I always figured the Roadster doesn't typically achieve the rated 240 miles of range, because the driver floors it at every green light since it's so ridiculously fun to drive. If you're getting 240 miles, it's because you've lost your enthusiasm, and you're driving so boringly, you might as well get the Leaf!

But I'm not a Roadster owner, so I'm not really sure.

Douglas3 | 21 marzo 2011

Even if you drive the Roadster like a madman, you'll get more range than you would driving a Leaf gently.

If you get 240 miles, it probably means you're enthusiastic enough to put it in Range mode and go on a road trip.

DartLady S77 | 8 giugno 2011


A 5 hour 15 minute trip means you most likely stopped to eat somewhere in there. Charge while eating and you get there no problem. There are plenty of charging stations already in place from Wisconsin to Indiana. See this site to follow your route and see how it could be done.