Model X sighting 6/5/2015

Model X sighting 6/5/2015

Spotted on Hwy 280N in Los Altos Hills, California on June 5th, 2015 6:39 PM PD. No camouflage.Spotted by kenken830 | 7 giugno 2015

Encouraging but couldn't the photographer have rolled down the window and hung out paparazzi-like to get more detail? :-)). Actually, it looks pretty good.

PJJAVA | 7 giugno 2015

Great catch. It looks huge and it's a beauty too!

teslagiddy | 7 giugno 2015

Side mirrors still intact (i.e. no side cameras)

Lucythesplainer | 7 giugno 2015

She's so tall!

Lubdub | 7 giugno 2015


EternalChampion | 7 giugno 2015

Its like looking at an ultrasound of your baby in the womb. Beautiful. I don't care if it's a boy, girl, ugly, tall, etc. I just can't wait for it to join the family.

jjs | 7 giugno 2015

Thanks for the video.

To me the front end looked different from any other that I have seen. Perhaps the angle, perhaps I just missed it before, but the front end looked much more rounded over the fenders. I'm thinking we might see a very impressive coefficient of drag.

Red Sage ca us | 7 giugno 2015

Hmmm... Nice. Tail lights, logos, headlights, and nosecone areas all looked to still be camouflaged to me. Surprised by the risk of one handed 'filming' from the driver's seat while in pursuit though.

Ankit Mishra | 8 giugno 2015

Did the person inside Model X waived at the video maker? Also whats with the blinking taillights.

grant10k | 8 giugno 2015

The person in the X might have been testing autopilot, talking to the person in the passenger side, or waving at the video maker. The blinking taillights are an artifact from taking the video; they aren't really blinking.

krissu | 8 giugno 2015

Model X shows why electric cars are not that pretty without compromise. Leaf, looks ugly, has good space in the back, really good for it's size of the car. Model S, looks really nice, really bad space and bad seat in the back, specially you sit very low your knees up and still headroom very tight. Model X, probably good space in the back, looks ugly, like air pumped into S. Either you have a cool aerodynamic looks with limited space in the back or the car will look strange. The good part is that now there will be a choice, looks or practicality. Passat GTE plug in prices were announced in Germany today. Little more than most powerful AWD diesel automatic with 290 HP. Or the other way, base Passat+base Golf= GTE Passat. So low volume.

bobsiopener | 8 giugno 2015

Comments like that always upset me. How do people not understand that beauty is a preference. I like the look of the leaf, I think the S looks fantastic and that so far the X looks pretty good for not being able to see the whole thing. I also find aerodynamic shapes appealing.

Son of a Gunn | 8 giugno 2015

The Model S has tons of space, what are you talking about @krissu. I can fit a leaf inside the frunk alone.

sbeggs | 8 giugno 2015

Haha! | 8 giugno 2015

I vote for the Los Altos Tesla club to assemble a posse and corral that sucker so that we could get a really thorough look at it.

Son of a Gunn | 8 giugno 2015

Poach the parking lot of Computer History Museum tomorrow for the shareholder meeting. The man himself may roll in a Model X.

Lucythesplainer | 8 giugno 2015

I guess I called the car a "she" cause it's been such a wait, even for a late reserver (Feb) like me, She looks a little like a pregnant model S. I think the MX styling is very nice for the anticipated utility, especially compared to the boxy offerings from the other companies. We could wait another few years and get a steroidy Audi or Volvo hybrid/EV, but I'm happy with my choice. It's great to see more videos.

let's hope the shareholders get some MX news and share it with us revenue generators!

Red Sage ca us | 8 giugno 2015

Compared to other crossovers, the Model X is positively stunning.

grant10k | 8 giugno 2015

The photos of that 5-Series just keep flying out the back whenever the trunk is opened. They should throw in a paperweight as a dealer option.

hsadler | 10 giugno 2015

That was probably Elon who said he has been driving one