Model X at Stanford FutureFest, with its grandpa the DeLorean. Bonus Elon video.

Model X at Stanford FutureFest, with its grandpa the DeLorean. Bonus Elon video.

Model X at Stanford FutureFest.

Elon spoke at this event. Here's an unofficial video:
The audio is a bit remote.

aesculus | 8 ottobre 2015

Did not listen to the video yet but is it a good thing to be associated with the Delorean? We know that fate.

Red Sage ca us | 9 ottobre 2015

The DeLorean DMC-12 was a real car. It's creator was wrongfully accused of drug trafficking and was fully exonerated. That was a legal action done on purpose by the US government to specifically ruin his reputation and the company that bore his name. A similar dirty trick was done with trumped up charges against Tucker, decades before. The worst thing about the DMC-12 was its lethargic off-the-shelf motor. Everything else about it was rather well engineered for the time. Similarly, the Tucker 48 was a marvel of engineering for its time, sharing a focus on performance, safety, fuel economy, drivetrain layout, and cargo/passenger capacity with the Tesla Model S. Both Tucker and DeLorean represent good association to and good lessons for Tesla. The lessons learned have allowed Tesla Motors to recognize and prepare for pratfalls ahead of time. There are histories of both Tucker and DeLorean on YouTube that make for good viewing. Watching those, you'll understand why Tesla does not advertise nor use 'independent franchised dealerships'.

aaquino22 | 9 ottobre 2015

I wish I was there to see that!!

grega | 9 ottobre 2015

I would like to watch the video but the audio is just a bit too far gone. I'll try again when I'm in a totally silent environment.

Appreciate the link in any case!, and will look out for an official video :)

JeffreyR | 9 ottobre 2015

STVP Future Fest on Wednesday, October 7. I wish I were there too. Did not see any posts here about it all until today. Oh well.

DonS | 9 ottobre 2015

Business schools teach that most companies fail because they are under-captialized. DeLorean built a car that was more expensive than planned, and couldn't hang on to build the volume needed to pay the bills. Tesla was within weeks, some say days, of the same fate. The Roadster cost more than planned, Elon had sunk the last of his money into Tesla, and the company managed to stay afloat only through the January 2009 deal with Daimler.

Red Sage ca us | 9 ottobre 2015

Well, DeLorean couldn't pay bills because the US Government locked up all his funds after falsely accusing him of trumped up charges. Detroit was PO'd that DeLorean was able to get funding from the British Government to open his manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland. In the bad old days the press did as they were told, so they reported he was caught dealing drugs, then conveniently neglected to note he was fully exonerated.