Mostly uneventful pickup yesterday

Mostly uneventful pickup yesterday

So, I finally picked up my 85 yesterday. Everything looked great. The delivery specialist I had mostly dealt with was busy with someone else, so the walkthrough was done by someone I didn't know. He did a good job. There were two hiccups, one semi-major, and the other minor.

Getting the 85 battery is supposed to get you supercharging capability and upgraded tires (Michelin Primacy instead of Goodyear). I noticed when we looked at the car that it had the Goodyears on. Surprisingly, nobody at the service center knew about this. I committed to my car shortly after the new pricing structure, so I suppose it's possible that mine was one of the first few to have this. Anyway, they changed the tires for me with no issues after checking to be sure that I was right.

Their was also some minor issues with bluetooth connections to my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) and to my wife's iPhone. The iPhone problem was known by the person guiding the walkthrough, but the S4 linked, but would not play any music. I think the problem is solved.

Anyway, car charged at 24 mile/hour on a 208 watt/40 amp 15-50 wall outlet at home.
I changed the license plate lights to LEDs ($5 upgrade on a $90,000 car is kind of ironic, no?).

First real driving will be this week. I still have to figure out how to mount EZ pass.

ELECTRICFAN | 29 settembre 2013

What did they tell you about the 3G service, as far as how long it will be free? I got "3 months free, then a plan will be made available", but before I bought the car I had been told 3G was free, and it would stay free. That was the only disappointment of my delivery. I got the "bar type" EZ pass. Are you in Houston? I have been told there is a secret location in the windshield below and to the right of the mirror where a standard EZ pass will work. I like the bar type though - it mounts on my license plate and thus my windshield has one less sticker. After exactly one week of driving I am still loving the car. I don't like how difficult it is to enter, though. They need to move the center post back on Model S 2.0 (if Tesla survives). Its just silly for a driver to have to bang his shoulder just to get in the car.

dramingly | 30 settembre 2013

Seems like the same vague answers as with the Slacker account.
Free for now, supposed to end some time and you will have to sign up, but no idea when that might be.

michael1800 | 30 settembre 2013

Please use to search for the connectivity and slacker details. We discuss this on a regular basis. Here's the short version:

They are free for at least 3 months with a new vehicle, but you *may* get service/connectivity for much longer. They will eventually charge, but everyone will get at least 3 months free. They haven't rolled out the pricing and plans yet for 3G connectivity. After they do, folks will have to select one and pay after the 3 free months are up. The plans will not be rolled out before Wi-Fi connectivity is enabled in the car (devices cannot access your car's internet; it is so your car can join other Wi-Fi networks). This will enable you to use a mobile phone's Wi-Fi hotspot and tether your car to the phone's connection (so you can use your phone instead of paying for yet another data plan).

The slacker radio subscription is supposed to be 3 months as well, but I, and many others, have not had decreased functionality yet. If it does ever happen, we have to use the free basic service for limited functionality, or pay for a monthly service PLUS subscription for the songs-on-demand--note that the premium service isn't compatible with the car want the PLUS.

Summary: Both are free right now with at least 3 months of guaranteed free time. After 3 months, anything goes. No firm dates have been published.

J.T. | 30 settembre 2013

@michel1800 That was the SHORT version?

J.T. | 30 settembre 2013

At least I shortened your handle.

ELECTRICFAN | 30 settembre 2013


I did use Volkerize, and I had already read the threads about 3G. I wanted this person's experience so I asked. Who are you? Do you work for Tesla? Is it your job to moderate this forum? Don't understand where you get the authority to order others on this forum around.

SUN 2 DRV | 30 settembre 2013

If you choose to tether your car to your phone, it seems to me that none of the remote app functions will work unless you use a second phone and leave the first one in the car.

DNA | 30 settembre 2013

Picked up my P85 today at the factory and was told that they have not decided when they will start charging for 3G. It will happen but no guarantees on when or how long I have it free for as of today.

J.T. | 1 ottobre 2013

Is it your job to moderate this forum?

It's a filthy job but someone has to do it. :-)