MSRP of The Model X

MSRP of The Model X

There have been many rumors about the base price of the Model X. What do you guys think it's going to be?

Roamer@AZ USA | 7 agosto 2015

Tesla will send a bill 12 months after "scheduled" delivery. So you will know prices a year ahead of actual delivery.

KyleGoss | 7 agosto 2015

My guess is $80,000 for AWD 70 kWh Model X, two rows of seats.

thevangoghs | 7 agosto 2015

My guess is a fully loaded X will be $145k (similar to the price of a fully loaded S)

DTsea | 7 agosto 2015

Well there wont be an MSRP thats for sure.. just a price.

ken | 7 agosto 2015

Obviously a guess for any of us. However, I think that the $80,000 guess is low, I think that the base price is nearer to $100,000 and as "thevangoghs | AUGUST 7, 2015" stated, fully loaded may be in excess of $130,000. But I also believe that the Signature reservation holders will have a set price of approximately $110,000 fully loaded as a bonus for the long wait time, coupled with the fact that they have had $40,000 on deposit, in some cases, for years. The good news is that we will know within the next couple of weeks. As stated, these are my guesses.

carlk | 7 agosto 2015

Whatever the "base" price is you will not get that car delivered in the first six months if not longer.

KyleGoss | 7 agosto 2015

@ken You really think the base price is going to be 33% higher than the base Model S? There have been numerous statements that the price is supposed to be similar to the Model S, and "low single digit" increase was even mentioned at one time. I think the absolute max they would do is $85,000, which is 13% more than the 70 kWh AWD Model S. If they go that high I think the base Model X might be 75 kWh instead of 70 kWh to justify the extra increase. Surely most people's X will quickly get to $100,000 with options, but there's no way they make that the base price.

Third row of seats will be at least $3,000 (same as the rear facing seats on the S) and no more than $5,000. Towing might be an option $1,000-2,000. Most other options (performance, increased battery, paint, leather, sound, air suspension, etc) I think will be the same price as the S.

vperl | 7 agosto 2015

I agree with the fully loaded all options, 145K.

If you got to ask..... buy a KIA

ken | 7 agosto 2015

KyleGoss | AUGUST 7, 2015, let me explain why I think that the base price may be $100,000. First, I don't believe that they will deliver a 70KWh MX. I believe that the towing distance on a 70KWh will be below what is expected and what is acceptable. Secondly, I too believe that there is going to be some things that are standard on the MX, that will add to the cost, but will not be optional. Like the MS, in a year from the first deliveries, they may well have an 80KWh option, but in my opinion, I do not think that that is what is going to be revealed by the end of this month. For all MX reservation holders, I hope that you are right, but my gut tells me that they are going to deliver the first MX's with larger batteries and some things that will surprise us and they will be more expensive. For your sake, I hope I am wrong. Keep in mind, my track record is not all that good, I thought that they were going to do the DS in mid-July, so what do I know?

jjs | 7 agosto 2015

7% over base S. $70,000 for S, about $75,000 for X - Entry level.
7% over loaded X. $140,000 for S about $150,000 for X - Loaded

vandacca | 7 agosto 2015

@ken, I think Tesla would like to have an entry level Model-X, like they do with the Model-S. If you didn't get the Towing Option, 3rd row seats, 90kWh Battery Pack, etc. then you could have yourself a nice little SUV that would start around $80k. For most people, that would probably be fine for carting kids to soccer practice. I too could be wrong, but I would be surprised if Tesla configured this as a ultra-high-end SUV, since they're trying to go more mass-market.

ken | 7 agosto 2015

@jjs, sure hope you are right on the entry level, but I don't believe it.

KyleGoss | 7 agosto 2015

There's never been a guarantee that towing will be standard. It is entirely possible that towing will require the larger battery and will be an option that costs extra. Perhaps the super fantastic 2nd row seats will be said to be equivalent to the next generation seats which are $750 more than the standard seats, but still that isn't much more.

Also the reason why they only delivered the 85 kWh Model S batteries at first was because they were only producing that type of battery now. With Model S production in full swing, there's not much reason to hold the smaller Model X battery for a year.

@vperl that's a pretty stupid statement regarding the Kia. If the base Model S was $100,000 I guarantee you they wouldn't have sold as many. It's pretty insane reading what % of income some people are spending on their Model S, but hey it's their money, they can do what they want. An extra $25k prices those people out.

Fully loaded the Model X should be at least $150k maybe a little more. Elon already mentioned that a fully loaded Founders Edition Model X that Model S owners who refer 10 sales before Oct 31 can buy at the price of a base Model X would be worth about $25k in options. I don't think he is counting the performance and battery sizes as options in that obviously since a base P90D w/ ludicrous is already $33k more than the base AWD S.

Personally I expect to spend about $105k on a 90 kWh X, cloth seats (because I like cloth better not because of the price), autopilot, premium interior, third row seats, metallic paint, and cold weather package.

KyleGoss | 7 agosto 2015

@jjs you have to compare to the base AWD Model S at $75k. All Model X will be AWD.

ram1901 | 7 agosto 2015

If the base starts at $80k I suspect many of those 20-25k reservations will evaporate. That puts the average purchase at around $90k to $100k by the time you add just basic options. One would hope the learning curve with the S would help keep the cost close to the S-d.
That being said, I'd hope they would have a base price of no more than $75k with lower range battery, no 3rd seat, no towing, with cloth interior and no special paint or wheels.
Then use the same pricing for autopilot, cold weather package, sound sys, special lighting and third row seat, special paint & wheels. And by the way, because of the added weight & shape, one would hope the base would have a 75 kWh battery to help the X equal the base range of the S-D.
Wishful thinking I suspect.

carlk | 7 agosto 2015

@KyleGoss Good point about towing can be an option. Not everyone needs it.

timf2001 | 7 agosto 2015

A base price of $80,000 would be reasonable. I'm expecting to spend around $100,000 on my Model X. If the price goes much higher than that I'd likely switch to a Model S.

Red Sage ca us | 7 agosto 2015

Since a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is $157,300 to start... It is likely a fully loaded Model X P90D will cost about $20,000 less than it...

I agree the base price of Model X 70D will likely be ~$80,000... If there is a Model X 85D it will probably be ~$90,000. While the base price of the Model X P90D will be about ~$105,000.

Red Sage ca us | 7 agosto 2015

Since a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is $157,300 to start... It is likely a fully loaded Model X P90D will cost about $20,000 less than it...

I agree the base price of Model X 70D will likely be ~$80,000... If there is a Model X 85D it will probably be ~$90,000. While the base price of the Model X P90D will be about ~$105,000.

vperl | 7 agosto 2015

Kyliee, if you cannot afford the X, then get out of line.

Why whimper about the cost? Cost is cost.

Was pointing out, and unsuccessfully to the unwashed, pay the cost, or buy a KIA, and be happy. Stop the stillness of heart wrenching gee whizz , my piggy bank only has 90K or I am not good for a loan over 90k. Or, one can complain endlessly.

ram1901 | 7 agosto 2015 is really not a case of whimpering but rather a case of many of us wanting to see Tesla succeed.
Let's put it another way. The market for +$100,000 vehicles is very limited. There are just so many true believers and many of those true believers already popped for a Model S & S-d. If Tesla hopes that the Model X will be their savior to help fund the model III, than they better price it aggressively lower than their competition to help increase sales (and help their bottom line) or they face the real possibility of a vehicle that is just too hip and too expensive for the very limited number of buyers that can actually afford such a gem. Think of it like this: Is it better to sell 100,000 vehicles for a $10,000 mark up on each or only 10-20 thousand vehicles with a 20-25k mark up? Do the math. If Tesla really wants to break into the SUV marketplace they need to start at $65 k for the model X and take that $10-15k hit per vehicle. If the X is as good as Elon says it is, they should sell like Kia's :) And one final note. If Tesla really wants to move some inventory, they need to take the X chassis and drop a mid size pick up truck cab on it . This strategy based the success of Ford F150 could provide them with enough revenue to take care of all future plans and pay off their debt. Imagine .. Tesla with the first long range EV pickup. What a concept. We all want to see Tesla succeed.

jjs | 7 agosto 2015

@KyleGoss - Very good point about the AWD. You may well be right. The early info. on the X is that it would only be offered in the AWD variety. However, it also initially said that it would have a 60 and 85 battery pack. That has obviously changed.

So the question is, will Tesla offer a RWD X? I think the answer is going to be yes. The S and X are built on the same platform. Offering the X in a RWD version should be fairly easy.

So I will stand by my estimate of a $75K entry level X.

KyleGoss | 7 agosto 2015

@vperl Where did I say I could not afford a Model X? I am comfortable paying just over 100k for the options I want, but much more than that it starts to get where there are better things I could do with that money. For example there's pretty much no way I am going to buy the P90D Model X with ludicrous for the extra $30k. Could I afford it? Sure, but I have a lot better things I can do with $30k than dropping my 0-60 time from ~5s to ~3.3s.

If the Model X comes out with a base price of $100k and with my desired options it is $125k, then yea I probably will cancel and buy an Audi Q7 or something like that. | 8 agosto 2015

@cmcnestt: Lots of good thinking. At 1K builds per week Tesla will run through the advance reservations before mid-2015 unless there are wholesale cancellations or more delays so the demand lever may be getting itchy sooner than one thinks. Not everyone needs to tow things. I see a 70 kwh base model being offered at $79 K. 85 kwh upgradable to 90 (virtually everyone will order this creating a big battery backlog). $99K plus delivery for 90 kwh, 3 rows. leather, autopilot. no tow, no spoiler. ( my car)

No RWD ever

Fully equipped performance model $149K. | 8 agosto 2015

2016 that is

pvetesla | 8 agosto 2015


I agree.
You reach a certain price-point that makes the excitement of owning an X just not worth it. A Q7 or BMW X5 would be just fine if it would save me 50k. I love my MS but there is a limit to my "love"

pvetesla | 8 agosto 2015


I'm guessing you hope the base price will start at 100k. I can guarantee you'll move up that list really fast!

carlk | 8 agosto 2015


"Think of it like this: Is it better to sell 100,000 vehicles for a $10,000 mark up on each or only 10-20 thousand vehicles with a 20-25k mark up?"

All the first tier companies, Merc, BMW or even Porsche, are trying to attack the lower market. Many second tier companies, Toyota, Honda and even Hyundai, are hoping they can get into the higher market. So I guess most want to do both if they could. There is no reason not to.

Isn't that exactly what Tesla is planning to do for the future? And they are doing the right thing by attacking the high end market first. It's much easier for a higher market company to go down market than the other way around. Toyota, as the world's largest auto marker that makes great cars, still wasn't that successful going to the high end market after decades of trying.

Germans still own the top three best selling luxury brands, MB, BMW and Audi. Tesla in a few short years has already established itself as a (super) high end brandname that even the Janpanese could not do. No sane person would want to give that up so easily.

Red Sage ca us | 8 agosto 2015

carlk: +42! Excellent points! Toyota and Nissan, with Lexus and INFINITI respectively, had a tremendous advantage over contemporary choices with reliability, service, and performance to start. But then they literally 'took their foot off the gas' and let AUDI, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz retreat, regroup, and counterattack. Today, they face a similar 'attack' from Kia and Hyundai, which it doesn't seem they are either willing or able to withstand.

This is why I believe it is imperative that even with going 'down market' Tesla Motors should absolutely NOT adopt the current Lexus strategy and philosophy regarding performance sedans. The notion of detuning entry-level Model ≡ vehicles to 'protect sales' of Model S is... ludicrous. The BMW 3-Series has nearly twice the sales of Lexus IS so far this year.

In order to survive, and eventually thrive, Tesla Motors vehicles must continue to separate themselves from the crowd with superior responsiveness and unique performance regardless of price point.

ram1901 | 8 agosto 2015

Audi, BMW, MB, Lexus, Infiniti all offer a top notch all wheel drive SUV at base $65,000 or less. In order to eliminate these competitors and remain solvent, I'm just proposing that Tesla think hard about providing there SUV at a similar competitive price. By so doing, IMHO, i believe they'll out sell all the others, put more folks in EV's and build the cash reserves they need to move to the next level. As noted before (above), we all want Tesla to succeed but we have to be realistic. We're not operating in a closed environment. Doubt this will satisfy those who disagree with this approach, but it's just another man's opinion.

carlk | 8 agosto 2015

@RS You are absolutely right. Some people are questioning why Tesla are spending resources to make the 2.8 sec car that few really need. The thing they don't, but Tesla, Porsche, BMW or any of the high end car companies do, know is that is the only way to establish the brand image that allow you to sell any cars to anyone at any price you want to charge. Lexus had everything going for it other than that perfomance edge and paid the price dearly. Soon as it is established as a conservative and dull brand it's very hard for that image to change.

I took a ride in my sister's new Macan S last night. It is small inside for a CUV, with cheap looking plastics and the loud but lame engine sound is really annoying. At more than $70K out of door it's not cheap either but it's selling like hot cakes with months long waiting list. The only reason for that is it's instantly recognizable as a Porsche.

To further support the notion that maintain a brand image is important Porsche is only selling the higher level "S" version in the US now. It wants to separated the Macan as much from run of mill mid-range CUV's like Lexus RX as possible. Porsche has been the master on that.

carlk | 8 agosto 2015

@ram1901 Tesla can eliminate those competitors but by quality and performance, not by price. Tesla is not even ready to ship a couple hundred thousands car a year yet. That will be 2017 with the Model 3 can that likely could eliminate those you mentioned.

Tesla has its hands full with what they could sell already. As an example combined Macan and Cayenne sales may reach 100,000 worldwide this year. Neither car is as good as the X and are priced at slightly below the X at the low end to quite much higher than X at the high end, especially when you factor in the tax rebate and gas savings. Tesla should have no problem to sell as many X as it could produce. There is no need to lower price and taint the brand image which is very hard to establish.

Yes we all want the car to cost less but that thought is just not realistic.

KyleGoss | 8 agosto 2015

Everyone who thinks that Tesla should sell the Model X at a price below the Model S is off their rocker. Model S and Model X are not the end game for Tesla, Model 3 and beyond is. Model X is just another stepping stone and requires similar profit margins in order for Tesla as a whole to be successful.

Regarding spending resources on the 2.8 second car, they are selling it at a ridiculously high margin so it seems like it is worth it because quite a few people are buying. 2.8s 0-60 isn't about needs it is about wants.

carlk | 8 agosto 2015

Not only that but I think the sooner Tesla let people know that, instead of still allow them to have illusions, the better. There is no question that many people are holding their order of S waiting for the the X reveal. Some are hoping for a cheaper price and some are thinking there will be extra features that can be passed down to the S (for free). Sure there might be new features but any of those will not come for free. The days that Tesla would give you something for nothing have long passed. When Tesla made known that one has to pay for the X with extra goodies those who are holding for S purchase can then go ahead to place their orders.

Red Sage ca us | 8 agosto 2015

Precisely. Despite any perceived premium on the low end, the Performance version of Model X will be a bargain compared to others. In fact, each price point for Model X will seem as if it is offering more for the money than anyone else.

LauraTesla | 8 agosto 2015

Interesting topic. I'm number 2051. Widowed, two kids, travel a lot. Not a soccer mom. I put my reservation in because I believe in the future of electric energy and at the time the S was not available in AWD. I like the idea of no oil changes and no repairs. As a business owner I try to be practical and not showy financially.
I expected the x to be $70-$77k when I started. Thinking $80-85k with tech improvements, some cup holders in the back etc.
I read the forums almost daily, get a kick out of the "regulars". Interested to see the final product. I'm hoping it will appeal to the mass markets. Funny the guys who profess....if you can't afford it by a Kia ...probably can't afford an X.
Lots of guys on here getting them as a second vehicle for their wives......a good thing. Read where Tesla was marketing the X to women. They had a focus group of women etc.
A few guys in the "what are you trading in?" Said they would get an "Outlander" . I am on vacation in Iceland for three weeks with my kids......we have an Outlander as a rental .....if the X with my options goes over $85k. I will just get an Outlander or a Honda CRV. and save the difference. So as discussed here.....are they willing to price it to the mass market or to the zero to 2.8 sec guys?

vperl | 8 agosto 2015

Children, stop it.

The MX P90D will start at 110k, top out at above 147k

Please buy a KIA, Lexus or some German car. No shame in knowing your limitations, abilities, and financial inequity.

I AM hoping for a
MX P100D, but figure not gunna happen.

johnse | 8 agosto 2015

Yes, child, stop it.

I fully expect here to be an X70D--with no P, no bloody Ludicrous...(yes, channeling Scotty there :P ).

It will probably come well equipped, but things like towing will probably be extra.

I expect that's the model I will get, with towing, a couple of other options... I owned an airplane that cost less than what I'll pay for this--and it will be a stretch. I'm willing to make that stretch.

And yes, I'm thinking the towing package with the 70kWh battery. I'm not planning on long distance towing--the mileage with a trailer is almost immaterial (for me).

Those like me are real customers...we may just not need or want the highest-end performance and all the bells and whistles.

tmaz | 8 agosto 2015

It is quite amusing how one can point out those on this forum who are the hard working individuals who have done well for themselves and those who are very well off and want to drive cars that showcase to others that they are well off. Those who measure the value of things they purchase to ensure the price reasonably reflects the product are those that break their ass every day. Those who want the car to cost an absorbent amount of money so only the exclusive few can flaunt it are the ones with status problems. I pity those as they are pocket rich but truly the poorest of all those on this forum. As long as Tesla follows the same pricing model they employed for the S then everyone will win; tesla, stockholders, the snobs and the working class!

vperl | 8 agosto 2015

Towing will not be an option, as AWD will be your only choice.
If you get a MX 70D your range will be just a hair around 200 or less.

Sack up children your KIA is waiting.

carlk | 8 agosto 2015

@LauraTesla When it's all said and done the X will be way more a car than the outlander and likely anything else you can buy on the market. It has becomeing clear now that Elon is incapable of making anything that is just good. Imo buying a base X is still a much better deal than any similar cars you can buy. By similar cars I mean Range Rover or Cayenne or even RX. You can't lose whether you're buying the base car or the 3.3sec (?) top model. And don't forget you always have the option of an S, either a new one or the CPO car.

pvetesla | 8 agosto 2015

It's simple economics. Cost/Benefit.

Yes @vperl....there is a limit. Fingers crossed it's around the MS numbers. That's my personal limit.

I love Tesla and I love everything they do and stand for. But I'm not planning on purchasing Elon's Dragon either.

(oh...that sounded kinda dirty....sorry)

Red Sage ca us | 8 agosto 2015

Further, CPO Model X will probably be available by January 2016 from demo inventory to anyone who doesn't mind about 3,000+ miles to start...

Lucythesplainer | 8 agosto 2015

As long as pricing is comparable to MS, I'm OK. I'm looking at the 90 for the range, not to tow a boat or race a Porsche. Everytime I configure a MS for practice, the price comes up ~ $100K, so I'm planning on at least that much. Just hope none of the teased surprises are a lot extra, and still wishing for some new colors...

vperl | 9 agosto 2015

You all understand, all MX will have the tow package built-in?

But, it is foolish to tell the children, they cry and stamp their feet, another tantrum .

Believe your childish thoughts, Santa will see you now.

ken | 9 agosto 2015

LauraTesla | AUGUST 8, 2015

Assuming you are in an area that allows Federal and State Tax credits, and allowing for the fact that you will not spend any gasoline money for the next 5+ years, your $80-85K car will net you in the $70K's. I truly hope that you can get a Tesla MX it sounds like you deserve an EV for your family. Please ignore the "get a KIA" comments, none of us deserve that kind of harangue. My opinion, the MX will be worth the wait and the money compared to other options. Good Luck, hope you enjoyed Iceland, it's on my bucket list.

vperl | 9 agosto 2015

Everyone, get a KIA, they are on sale.

Thanks in advance, for your understanding of your limitations. (Clint Eastwood)...

Red Sage ca us | 9 agosto 2015

By the way... When the Model X was first unveiled as a prototype, the car mentioned to represent minivans was the Honda Odyssey. At the time, the Odyssey was the highest rated minivan in the US on a perennial basis.

Last year, the Odyssey came in at second place instead. It was bested by the KIA Sedona in at least one comparison test. Of course, both are new for 2015, and were surpassed by the all new Toyota Sienna according to Car and Driver, this year.

In any case, any of those three set a high bar for family hauling. None of them would be a poor choice relative to a budget minded buyer. We can only hope that Model X uses their established standard as a minimal benchmark to build upon.

Remnant | 9 agosto 2015

@ ram1901 (August 7, 2015)

<< If Tesla really wants to move some inventory, they need to take the X chassis and drop a mid size pick up truck cab on it. >>

MX is all on back order. There is no inventory. You're talking a new model, by way of a gimmick.

However, I take it that you'd like to reduce the MX MRP in some way, in order to increase its appeal and thereby the demand for it. IMO, the only way to do that is by improving its functionalities, that is, reducing its weight, increasing its battery capacity without increasing its weight, decreasing its recharging downtime, increasing the efficiency of its motors, etc. I trust EM has been pursuing such goals already (which might explain the production delays).

If you have suggestions with regard to these types of innovations, I would appreciate reading them on this thread.

carlk | 9 agosto 2015

The truck is in the plan but it will be after the Model 3 and likely the Roadster II too. Elon has said Tesla will eventually have 5 or 6 models but they got their hands full now even to do the next one.