Musk discusses Autopilot and hidden menu options.

Musk discusses Autopilot and hidden menu options.

Interesting discussion on autopilot, but I like info on hidden menus for adaptive cruise control, blindside indicators and lane departure detection. But the hardware is not installed on current cars. Maybe later?

Lbb | 7 maggio 2013

How did Engadget get an access code for the hidden menus?

lolachampcar | 8 maggio 2013

I'm not sure they did. I think a Tesla owner shot some pics at service then someone at TMC said EG poached the pics off the forum.

lolachampcar | 8 maggio 2013

I just looked at the vid and you will notice that they did not enter the code and then switched from video to static images after the enter your code part. That would seem to back up the idea that they just poached pics from the forums then put it all together to make it look like they had more access than they do.

Funny, they did not say anything about poaching pictures.

Paulreiche | 8 maggio 2013

I am still looking for the button to download my own horn honk tone.

BYT | 8 maggio 2013

Related article,

The first sentence already made me wonder, "Love or hate Tesla Motors (NSDQ:TSLA) and its CEO Elon Musk, it's hard to deny that he's ahead of the curve when it comes to developing new cars."

Why would anyone hate TM or Elon? They are not some evil empire trying to do wrong strictly for profit? I guess I'm really bothered by just that opening to the article without even getting past the first paragraph?

lolachampcar | 8 maggio 2013

Fox News seems to hate (TM and Elon). They are just acknowledging that there is some angst out there be it rational or not.

jbunn | 8 maggio 2013

Would be interesting to see what the Fox finance network reports. Fox News propaganda is fine for entertainment, but for the finance viewers they are playing with real money, and more prone to choose accurate information, rather than stories that suit their ideology.

RedShift | 8 maggio 2013

Jbunn, I feel some shorts do it out of ideology/hatred.

I have heard a lot of negative comments on another forum, mostly from one guy. He even got support from a few who said "those who loaned to Tesla need to be voted out" :-} (it's Bush who started the program not Obama)

He comments suspiciously like a short called 'Odysseus' recently on motley fool or was that seeking alpha ...(one of those stock monkey sites on yahoo fin news feeds)

Brian H | 8 maggio 2013

Here are a couple of its stories: and They note earnings of 12¢ a share vs. expected results ranging from -1¢ to 8¢.

The only misstatement I noted was that TM had said it needed to sell 20K/yr to be profitable. AFAIK, Elon once said 8K/yr to break even.

kback | 8 maggio 2013

There are a lot of negative people out there regarding Tesla. My own in-laws commented that the only reason Tesla is still around is because of the money given to them by Obama. Of course, we all know it's a loan that will be paid back early, with interest. Some right wing Republicans are lumping Tesla with Solyndra and other failures, and they see everything through tainted eyes. We know better.

drp | 8 maggio 2013

Too bad tesla didn't get the GM money. Tax payers would be rolling in the profits, unlike our GM loss