My road to an X just hit a bump in the road - Tesla please smooth the path.

My road to an X just hit a bump in the road - Tesla please smooth the path.

We currently own a Model S. My wife prefers to sit up higher, have more storage and passenger space. Her current SUV is ready to be traded in. The X would be perfect for her. She is not opposed, but not enthusiastic either. (Serious range anxiety. It is justified given where she is likely to drive. Something the SC network, through, 2015, will not solve.) So we have discussed and continue to discuss. Until very recently I thought it was a very good idea, even with the justified range anxiety issues....until.

Until I realized that would not leave us with a "slow" vehicle that our teenage children could borrow. Occasionally this is a must. We have not, and will not, allow our teenage children to drive our S unattended. They simply do not possess the restraint to drive it safely.

I don't expect the X to be any different, perhpas worse with two motors.

I have asked in prior posts (software enhancements) for Tesla to implement a "teen" mode whereby we can restrict both the acceleration and top speed. Password protect and then I'm fine with allowing them to drive it.

With this realization it is highly unlikely we will get an X. I will keep my reservation in the hopes that this enhancement can be made.

Roamer@AZ USA | 26 dicembre 2013

Keep your order number. I fully expect a performance limited mode will be available in the future. It is needed for valet and teen drivers.

philiparnason | 26 dicembre 2013

That is actually a pretty good idea, and probably could be easily implemented via software.

Do you live in a major city? We are a single car family in a city that provides excellent mass transit. For those times that a car is necessary, Car2Go and ZipCar provide by the minute or by the hour car rentals. What about Hertz car rentals? I have two children, not anywhere close to driving age. I hope by the time they are, robotic cars will take them to their chosen destination :)

dortor | 27 dicembre 2013

I would not recommend purchasing based on un-announced features for a product that hasn't shipped yet…

teen drivers are an issue - and I would recommend a cheap used car until driving skill increases…if you want to stay electric a Nissan Leaf (used) or RAV4 EV is a choice my wife and I are seriously considering for our upcoming teen drivers - both of these cars can be had for close to 12-15k 2 years old low miles - and offer 70-100 miles range - more than enough for the average teen usage and they are not high performance by any means.

jjs | 27 dicembre 2013

dortor - The issue in not their daily driver. The do indeed have an older, used car for that purpose. However I have twin daughters who share a car. At times a "loaner" is required. Those times an additional vehicle is needed is our dilemma.

I will keep my reservation for now and hope that a "teen mode" is shipped with the X.

andrigtmiller | 29 dicembre 2013

They must already have the basis for this in the software, because if you get a loaner Model S, it is limited to 80 miler per hour. Seems like the just need to expose an interface, and perhaps let the user select the limit.

hpoe5 | 29 dicembre 2013

Some graphic GPS units know the speed limit based on position. Simply set a mode to never allow it to be exceeded.

cloroxbb | 1 gennaio 2014

You are just talking just about the acceleration? Because teens have a problem with top speed as well, which any car can provide...

jjs | 1 gennaio 2014

I'm talking both. I understand that all other cars have a top speed issue. However it is just too easy to get their in my S. Even easier for a teenager. I would welcome the additional safety of capping their top speed as well.

Reduce acceleration, cap top speed, surround them with the safest car in the world. That sounds like a good plan to me. :)

Epley | 6 gennaio 2014

Tesla can limit both acceleration and top speed in the Model S, right now. They activate it in developer mode, which I was lucky enough see firsthand when I got my car back from the service center once. They are just working on ways to implement it for the masses, but it's already being done for test drives and loaners.

Justinpmayo | 7 gennaio 2014

If only I had this problem... :)

jjs | 8 gennaio 2014

@Justinpmayo - GOOD POINT. It really is a first world problem. Thanks for the reality check! :)
If this is the worst problem I have then I will be very fortunate.
But it would still be ok with me if Telsa "fixed" it. ;)

Koz | 25 gennaio 2014

Get the next smaller sized battery and a used car or keep the existing SUV. Your wife can use the ICE for range impaired drive and let your teen drive it to reduce teen anxiety.

johnny04 | 25 gennaio 2014

I don't see Tesla coming out with this feature any time soon because at the moment it still needs to educate the public that an electric car can out pace any cars.

evpro | 8 febbraio 2014

GPS could link to a national database of the speed limits on all highway sections, display it on the dashboard (I want that already)and connect to the car's computer for selectable teenager, valet or elderly modes.

You could also limit acceleration, if desired.

Anti-cellphone mode would detect cell and texting signal in the car and trigger a warning while slowly reducing maximum speed.

MassX1317 | 9 febbraio 2014

Also would be nice to set it to something around 8mph above speed limits to avoid getting ticketed!

I think changing acceleration could be a safety issue if the driver is expecting the vehicle to accelerate at a different rate than it actually does. Could happen if you forget to turn the setting off.

JustinHardy | 13 febbraio 2014

I believe you can monitor speed via the iPhone app...

nhirsch | 14 febbraio 2014

This is probably the easiest car to limit or adjust about anything given it's electrical/electronic nature.

church70 | 19 febbraio 2014

Actually Tesla can already do this I had a loner last week P 85+ and it was governed to 120 km hr maybe it was 130 I can't remember but you could still go 0 to 60 like a bat out of hell lol but not that day too much snow on the ground it's part of demo mode I think all the demo cars have this like at the store I mean