My Tesla Page Modified...Design Studio Open for Some? What Reservation Number?

My Tesla Page Modified...Design Studio Open for Some? What Reservation Number?

Yes indeed...The my Tesla page now showing a nice Red Model X
I've heard the design studio might be open for some...
I'm Sig#700...not open to me yet...

NumberOne | 1 settembre 2015

From what I can see, so far just the first few.

geemoney3135 | 1 settembre 2015

My "My Tesla" page shows a black MX and looks to be close to what I saw of the Mule pics. Same wheels, spoiler, etc. Looks HOT !

Troy's SnX | 1 settembre 2015

Ordered my model X. Sig #23

geemoney3135 | 1 settembre 2015

Are the Ark Angels Singing?

geemoney3135 | 1 settembre 2015

We need details!!!!!!

ScottM | 1 settembre 2015

I'm Sig #124 and not open to me yet.

Mark35 | 1 settembre 2015

Sig#193. I see the Red MX. No links to the DS yet.

NumberOne | 1 settembre 2015

So far 23 is the highest number, but that is good news indeed, since the order page for the initial batch just opened yesterday.

Lucythesplainer | 1 settembre 2015

@geemoney3135, check thread on Tesla Motors Club

I started it in the wee hours this morning,
I'm just so proud! *beems*

sra | 1 settembre 2015

Has the design studio been open to any Europeans yet? I am sig#273

ken | 1 settembre 2015

Mine too shows the red MX. Not able to order yet, Sig#1436.

Ankit Mishra | 1 settembre 2015

@Troy's SnX
Explain in detail please.

vandacca | 1 settembre 2015

@ken, you'll be able to configure tomorrow. ;-)

aija | 1 settembre 2015

Troy's SnX Sig #23 - Please clarify - did you configure or just order? Trying to understand if a Signature has configurations options and what they are. Color choices?? Any details would be appreciated.

Mark Z | 1 settembre 2015

aija - Check this link for a peek at my Signature X Design Studio screens.

I am in the first 25 and like Bonnie, got the email to order one minute before midnight.

No estimate on delivery. Delay may occur with the Subzero Weather Package.

Linus | 1 settembre 2015

- Ventilated leather seats with heating and cooling
- 240 miles range (EPA)
- 155 MPH top speed
- 3.8 seconds 0-60 MPH (3.2 secs in Ludicrous mode; 11.7 secs quarter mile)
- Automatically retracting rear spoiler
- 20" wheels standard; 22" optional

Sounds nice.

Troy's SnX | 1 settembre 2015

Ordered signature red. Comes as P90X, but did not get ludicrous mode as that was 10k more. Ordered black seats and 20" wheels, not 22". Unsure about tow package. Can make changes till sept 8. It's awesome to finally get started. I've waited 3 1/2 years for this!

bobby | 1 settembre 2015

I am most overjoyed about the heated steering wheel! Hallelujah!!

- Bobby (Standard Res. #1071)

ken | 1 settembre 2015

Troy's SnX | SEPTEMBER 1, 2015, what were the color choices for the Signature series? | 1 settembre 2015

99 Models of X on the floor
99 Models of X
If one of those Models should happen to sell,
A lot more Models of X on the floor...

ca-blessed | 1 settembre 2015

240 miles for the 90kw?!

Does anyone think they'll mostly go lower or higher with the kwH?
Meaning, does anyone think there will be a 100/110/120 offered to get max mileage up near 290?

Mark Z | 1 settembre 2015

Colors are the same as Model S plus the return of Signature Red.

White leather has also returned. Not sure if it will be the brightness of the earlier version of X or if it will be more light cream color like the Signature S.

Interior Decor has a few additional choices and the decor is on the side doors. I am hoping that the local Tesla stores will get some samples soon so we can make sure that our choices are perfect.

Ankit Mishra | 1 settembre 2015

No, they wont. Weight will come into play.

GLO | 1 settembre 2015


I've got a 60kw Model S which has taken me all over the country but we'll get the larger battery this time for going skiing and places where chargers are more scarce.

primetime98 | 1 settembre 2015

@Troy's SnX Did you receive the invite by e-mail or were you able to just logon? I haven't gotten a Tesla e-mail in a while so I hope I don't miss it. Looking forward to configuring!

Sig X #911

johnse | 1 settembre 2015

With apologies to Harry Bellafonte:

Heyyyy-O, Hey-ey-ey-O
Model X come an' me wan' buy one,
Hey-O, Hey-ey-ey-O
Model X come an' me wan' buy one.

Come Mr. Tally Man, Tally up me options
(Model X come an' me wan' buy one)
Lu-di-crous, tow hitch, wheels and more!
(Model X come an' me wan' buy one)

johnse | 1 settembre 2015 Belafonte! More apologies...

Shelmire | 1 settembre 2015

When the S came out with its Sig Red (only for Sig owners)I passed cause I just didn't like the color. Let me ask you 'collectors' an important question. If I have a Sig X data-plate, res #700+ , will my refusing the SIG X red color in favor of another color hurt my resale or the eventual collect-ability of my SIG X? I just am not a red guy. Many thank!!! Exciting. Funny how just a little movement riles up the chanting hoards.

SD in the OC | 1 settembre 2015

Are there any unique colors, exterior or interior, on the Sig. Also, the Sig S was more expensive than a fully loaded S when it came out. Does anybody know if there will be a price gap on the X Sig. vs. X with the same features?

Mike X | 1 settembre 2015

Signature Reservation #447. No configuration options yet.

Roamer@AZ USA | 1 settembre 2015

@Shellfire, I don't see collectors being of any importance anytime soon. Store it for 25 years and maybe it will have collector value to someone. What is valued to collectors is subject to the whims of an often bizarre collector car market. If you want something collectable with a future market value buy a Detroit muscle car. Those will be really rare 20 years from now.

The volume of Tesla production pretty much guarantees they won't be a rare collector car anytime soon.

AOe | 2 settembre 2015

I am european Sig#160 not open yet...

rbi | 2 settembre 2015

Europe Sig reservation #151 - no design studio yet

Gert van Veen | 2 settembre 2015

Called Tesla, no deliveries in Europe this year. Lets hope this is just a communication policy.

timf2001 | 2 settembre 2015

There won't be deliveries in Europe this year because Tesla is limited on how fast they can ramp production on the Model X and also under pressure to deliver as many units as possible. The real production ramp on Model X won't start until November or December. Since European deliveries spend at least 1-2 months in transit before being delivered, these would not only miss end of year delivery but also reduce the number of units available for quick delivery in the U.S. this year. Look for European production to begin in January and deliver Spring 2016.

AOe | 2 settembre 2015

@tim: This would mean that they would do two signature production runs. First US, then start build regulars for US to deliver as many to the US market as possible and then only start with signatures for Europe? This does not seem to be making sence. I certainly could understand the argument of the transit time.
My guess/hope was that they finalize all Sigs by end of Oct, with transit to EU - delivery late December...

vandacca | 2 settembre 2015

I suspect that Tesla will be building US Signatures until December. I doubt there will be any Production vehicles until Jan 2016 at the earliest. I don't think a lot of their suppliers are up and running yet.

FactDoc | 2 settembre 2015

Sigs for at least 6 months

timf2001 | 2 settembre 2015

With Model S, they did several runs of Signature models for various regions (Europe, UK, Asia, Australia) many months or even years after the North American Signatures had been built and delivered. There's no reason why they'd have to do them all at the same time with Model X.

mark.schmehl | 2 settembre 2015

Sig reservation #9 in canada. Nothing yet.

Ankit Mishra | 2 settembre 2015

I heard they did same with the S because they wanted their early cars to be close because they have a high chance of having some problems. They want to fix them as fast as they can. Every new product has some problems in the initial batches.

Captain_Zap | 2 settembre 2015

Another reason for the Model S Signatures being staggered for different regions is the safety equipment differences and certification issues.

dortor | 2 settembre 2015

hmm - but in reasonably short order they were producing 300-500 model S's a week - I would expect them to reasonably quickly reach the 300/week production rate which would blow out all 1250 Sig's in 4 weeks…also they need these numbers to make their guidance of 55,000 auto's produced this year…

vandacca | 2 settembre 2015

@dortor, Tesla updated that guidance to 50,000 to 55,000 units for 2015. Furthermore, Elon has always said that he makes his decisions based on the long-term health of Tesla rather than short-term investment goals, so I highly doubt they'll spend too much energy trying to reach that higher limit.

They probably could reach 55,000 if they put in longer hours and spent more money building custom parts, but I don't think it would be worth it because it would reduce their gross margins significantly.

dortor | 2 settembre 2015

I agree in any case they have a number to meet and if they can't ramp product quickly then it's going to be a rocky Q4…

thank you for the correction - I know they had revised it down - I thought 55 was the down number - shame on me. Given how Tesla over promises and under delivers I would humbly suggest 50k is going to be difficult.

bens-tech-toys | 2 settembre 2015

US Signature #204, and nothing to order.

Gert van Veen | 5 settembre 2015

Since the first opening, I didn't here about more people having access to the DS? Anybody?

shop | 5 settembre 2015

Rumor in another forum that more sig owners will be asked to configure in about 2-3 weeks. But so far, none but for the first batch.

toby_wan_kenoby | 5 settembre 2015

ken | SEPTEMBER 1, 2015
Mine too shows the red MX. Not able to order yet, Sig#1436.

I am Sig# 1347 and I recall that # 1358 was when they closed the Sig reservation like line in March 2014. So Ken, you must have been on the waiting list and moved into the que with some Sig reservations being cancelled. An that to the tune of almost 100!

When did Tesla inform you of your ability to get a Sig ? Would be interesting to see how long it took for 100 Model X Sig reservation holders to cancel.....

ken | 5 settembre 2015

toby_wan_kenoby | SEPTEMBER 5, 2015, Yes, you are correct I was on the Sig waiting list for well over a year. I got the call to move up to the Signature series on June 30th and wired the additional $35K on July 1st. That same day I got a confirmation that they had received the funds and that is the day that I got the Sig number 1436. That number only showed on my reservation page for about two days and then disappeared and went back to my RN number. So that means to me that there has been approximately 200 cancellations, or switches, if we assume that they are indeed building 1,250 Signature Series. Or 250 cancellations if they are only building 1,200. I had been on the Signature waiting list for about a year.