Nema 1430 L/R/P?

Nema 1430 L/R/P?

Went to Lowes to get the items to make an extension for my dryer plug (for temporary use until my HPWC gets installed in my new home) and they had a few different Nema 14-30 plugs and outlets, with letters such as P, R, L and I think I saw U as well. The sales associate was not very knowledgeable with any of this, so I hesitated making the purchase. Any ideas? Thanks

PaceyWhitter | 23 luglio 2014

You want the NEMA 14-30R, not the L14-30 (twist locking receptacle). R is for receptacle, P is plug.

Don't know about U.

KdotB | 23 luglio 2014

Gotcha. Thanks!

Rocky_H | 23 luglio 2014

U for unplug?

Rheumboy | 23 luglio 2014


Brian H | 26 luglio 2014