New EV Dictionary - broder (verb)

New EV Dictionary - broder (verb)


broder (verb) - to purposely or with willful ignorance run down the battery pack of an electric vehicle to the point that it no longer moves the vehicle. Note: This is an extreme form of turtling an electric vehicle that is either a planned act or involves extreme negligence or outright idiocy to accomplish.


"Tony brodered his Leaf to get the data to make his range chart."

"I can't believe he brodered his Tesla by attempting to drive 60 miles when the car predicted 30 miles of remaining range."

"I reminded my wife to charge the Leaf last night, but she thought there was plenty of charge remaining. Today she ended up brodering the Leaf. Of course, I took responsibility by saying I should have purchased a Gid meter last month." | 29 aprile 2016

Not to my knowledge.

buchholtz3 | 29 aprile 2016

Is "bricking" a synonym for "brodering"?

NKYTA | 29 aprile 2016

Brodering, implies intent. But then again I. Not a lawyer.