New idea for developers TMX and TMS: mobile warning if someone has hit your car !

New idea for developers TMX and TMS: mobile warning if someone has hit your car !

Something came up to me the other day thinking back to a unfortunate accident that happened to my car.
My car was parked in the street. When I got back another car had seemingly rammed my car and left quite some damage on the car. Ofcourse no note was left and they got away with it.
I wasn't far away and if somehow I got warned that this had happened I would have been on the spot quite quickly and been able to deal things as they should have been.

So, this gave me an idea that would give Tesla cars another great added feature. With all the sensors and software in the Tesla cars, wouldn't it be possible to create a programme in which Tesla owners could be warned with their mobile app if some damage would occur to their car while the car is parked?

Wouldn't that be a valuable new feature?

kittylitter | 13 novembre 2015

What if the car was programed to take pictures from the cameras in a case like that.

Actually, the car could automatically send the pix or video to the cops and the nearest Tesla service center. The perp could be in jail and the car repaired without you having to do a thing.

They could call it 'Auto Pilot Plus'.

Elon, I'm retired but could work for you part time on a consulting basis if needed.

Triggerplz | 13 novembre 2015

Come On Man How often does a car get hit while parked?? Or maybe they should make the car able to drive itself to the shop get it self fixed and drive itself back and re park itself before the owner gets back to it.. They could call it "Auto Repair Itself Pilot Double Plus"...

JanDeVuyst | 18 novembre 2015

@Triggerplz: seriously? Maybe you are living in the vast lands of America with your nearest neighbour many miles away. Most of us however are not.

My car has been damaged by ongoing traffic three times now the last 5 years. None of these times the driver had stopped and showed any responsability. I just got surprised of the state in which my car was when I got back and took off to the garage and payed my bills my own.

I am sure I am not the only one who has had unfortunate experiences like this. I think installing such a program would be another unique wonderfull safety feature no other brand could have. Great idea by the way about the automatic video, though I think that would be limited since there is only a front camera installed and most unfortunate passingway accidents take place on the sides and back of the car.

I hope someone from Tesla reads this and thinks it's a good idea also!

rossRallen | 18 novembre 2015

I was going to suggest linking your app to a shotgun on the roof, steered by the sensors, but that might interfere with the Falcon Wing doors and further delay production. So, no. I guess not.