New "My Tesla page"

New "My Tesla page"

Just saw that my Tesla page has been modified. My signature reservation is now showing a Dark red car, seen from 3/4 back, when the production reservation shows the same car but in black.
What next?

toby_wan_kenoby | 1 settembre 2015

As a teaser:

toby_wan_kenoby | 1 settembre 2015

Another try:

vperl | 1 settembre 2015

Yea, saw it four hours

Be Happy

Shelmire | 1 settembre 2015

yeehaw! MOVEMENT!!! Now that I am almost a SIG X owner ( my S is not) let me ask you 'collectors' an important question. If I have a SIG data plate, 700+ res #, will my refusing the SIG red color in favor of another color hurt my resale or the eventual collect-ability of my SIG X? I just am not a red guy. Many thank!!! Exciting. Funny how just a little movement riles up the chanting hoards.

PhillyGal | 1 settembre 2015

Thanks for making me drool on my laptop :)

darlin | 1 settembre 2015

Mine is black for some reason.

proven | 1 settembre 2015

Mine doesn't have the interior shot, but that's probably because it shows our S and X. Our X is not signature and is black on the page.

Ankit Mishra | 1 settembre 2015

What does independently operable 2nd row seats mean?
This is so cool.

eric.zucker | 1 settembre 2015

@ankitmishra: Each of the the three seats is individually adjustable. Nice.

EternalChampion | 1 settembre 2015

We have penetration!!!

Ankit Mishra | 1 settembre 2015

Oh! Is that a unique feature? By the way the car looks cool in the pics in side back view. And why no front shots yet? They hiding something?

tmaz | 1 settembre 2015

So it appears the second row is powered like the front seats. Interesting....

sra | 1 settembre 2015

WOW!!! Progress!!

AlMc | 1 settembre 2015

Nice to see. Production res. holders get Black on the design page; Sigs get 'sig red'. The design studio is open to the first few Sig holders....not sure of the cut off...first 10? 100?.

Many more interior shots and design studio pix and details over on TMC.

Daniel_L | 1 settembre 2015

Do signature cars come standard with the preformance option (P90D)...because the price of 143,000 (see TMC pics) is really high for a standard 90D

carlk | 1 settembre 2015


We have penetration!!!

I'm ready for the moment of truth.

clublon | 1 settembre 2015

Shelmire, Get the color you really want and you will enjoy your car more. Signature S's don't seem to be at that high of a premium at this time. Hard to guess where the collector car market will be in 10, 15, or 20 years from now. (If only I had kept my 68 440 Magnum Charger). Red seems to be one of those colors that either you like it or not. Probably won't grow on you. 98% or more of the people that see your car won't know or care that it
is a special color. You get to look at it everyday. Be sure you like it.

clublon | 1 settembre 2015

Is that seating for 7 or 8? I can not tell by photo.

Daniel_L | 1 settembre 2015

Seating for 7 I believe

TonyInNH | 1 settembre 2015

Yes, I'm fairly certain performance is standard on the Signature, hence the reason why 'Ludicrous' is an option.

For a standard X you'd have to add the performance option before being able to add ludicrous mode.

TonyInNH | 1 settembre 2015

The back row seats 2 adults.

thevangoghs | 1 settembre 2015

Look at the windshield in the interior shot....Beautiful...

ken | 1 settembre 2015

toby_wan_kenoby | SEPTEMBER 1, 2015, thanks for the interior pictures. An exciting day! The long awaited coming.

Captain_Zap | 1 settembre 2015

Signatures are fully loaded and then some.

Captain_Zap | 1 settembre 2015

Is there pics of the special Sig color interior? It might show more contrast.

Mark77 | 1 settembre 2015

Looks great. Panoramic windshield(like on some of the mules), covered center console with storage, power folded 2nd row seats.

dortor | 1 settembre 2015

how many signatures are there? and is the reservation number for all Model X's or is it after the signatures?

example: reservation number 3082 - and if there are 2500 signatures - it's either the #3082 to be built or it's #5582 to be build - i.e. 3082 after all the sig's are built…

mrjedistud | 1 settembre 2015

Is that a built in center floor console that I see? Hopefully its not a $650 option.

dortor | 1 settembre 2015

hmmm - still don't see cup holders for the 2nd row - lack of cup holders in a family oriented SUV is a major oversight…grrr.

jordanrichard | 1 settembre 2015

Perhaps the rear cup holders are built into the front seatbacks. Also that center counsel appears to be part of the floor. Meaning not an insert like the optional one for the MS.

Just as was suspected, the second row seats look like they are out of a spaceship/airplane. I am specifically referring to how they are mounted to the floor.

toby_wan_kenoby | 1 settembre 2015

Sigs are in addition.
1250 Sigs with reservation numbers up to #1357
Then the regular reservations started at #1 again....

That was for US, Europe and Asia is extra.

Ankit Mishra | 1 settembre 2015

The normal X begins with 1. So, 3082 is 3082 in normal X. But signatures will be given preference, so when all signatures are done then the normal X chance will come (from no.1). Correct me if I wrong guys.

ken | 1 settembre 2015

toby_wan_kenoby | SEPTEMBER 1, 2015, more signature numbers than 1357 because mine is 1,436 and there were some beyond mine. However, your 1250 may be correct in view of cancellations, switches to MS, etc. | 1 settembre 2015

I think I am falling in love...

Please note that the head rests are adjustable. There is a seat-shaped button for the second row. The seats may be adjustable as well as folding. The back of the center seat looks like it folds down to form an arm rest, probably with cup holders. (Hoo-hah!) The front seats are amply bolstered. Hard to tell but it looks like the front seat belts may be adjustable.

This is going to be a dynamite CUV! Can't wait to see the P model blast off on a track, leaving a Porsche 911 in its rear view mirrors.

jenniferbetts5 | 1 settembre 2015

I thought all reservation numbers were sequential, with the 1,250 Sigs mixed in. (Saw in a post here.)

#1427 and waiting.

ken | 1 settembre 2015

jennifer | SEPTEMBER 1, 2015, the reason that you are seeing Sig# greater than 1250 is that earlier Signature reservation holders either cancelled their orders or changed to the Model S. When they do that their numbers are not reused. In my case my Sig# is 1436 but that doesn't mean that they will be building more than 1250 Signature series it only means that about 200+ have bailed out. Additionally, someone has said that the reservation #'s start over after the Signature series are manufactured. At least that is my take on the situation.

NumberOne | 2 settembre 2015

One other thing is that some Signature holders had two reservations, and decided to keep only the production or vice versa.

Brian Vicars | 2 settembre 2015

Does anyone know if the Sig red is metallic?