New Olreans area Model S

New Olreans area Model S

Hello all,

I have made a reservation for a Model S, but before I pull the trigger I want to test drive one for obvious reasons, plus the fact that I'm a pretty large person (6'5" 270lbs). I have driven several vehicles that I simply was'nt comfortable in because of my size and don't want to purchase a Model S only to find out I don't fit in it.

Tesla does'nt have any test drive events scheduled for anywhere near New Orleans any time soon. So, I'm wondering if there are any current Model S owners in the New Orleans area that would allow me to take a test drive in their Model S.

Could use some help or suggestions.

Brian H | 20 giugno 2013

Do you play for the Saints? Surely some teammates have MSes by now‼ >:)

TI Sailor | 20 giugno 2013

I thought I heard Drew Brees had a Model S...Anyone remember seeing that too?

tongman95 | 21 giugno 2013

I don't play for the Saints currently, but I did 20 years ago :) Still hoping someone close by will let me take a look at their Model S.

Brian H | 21 giugno 2013

Even ex-Saints may receive belessings. Good luck.

david | 21 giugno 2013

It might be worth the few hundred bucks airfare to Houston or Denver just to take a test drive - EVERYONE who drives this car ends up wanting it badly. But in case you can't find a way to drive a Model S before committing, here are my opinions:

1) You will fit fine. It is a very spacious car. It's not an F-250, but if you can fit in a Mercedes S-class, Audi A8 or BMW 7-series, you will fit in the Model S just fine.

2) As for how it's a lot like other great sport sedans, except more instantaneously responsive and much, much smoother. Imagine a very nice BMW or Audi or Mercedes that makes no noise and accelerates instantly and smoothly without any transmission-shifting or engine revving. It's a huge advancement in the way cars operate.

However, the way the Model S drives (i.e. what you would experience in a test drive) is only part of the equation. Most of this car's brilliance cannot be fully appreciated in a 20-minute test drive. For example, the packaging (huge hatchback storage area plus a full trunk up front, or 7-seating!), the way it automatically comes to life when you get in (no "starting it up"), the eerie way you just silently glide in or out of your garage, the way you can heat the interior (or cool it, with the A/C) using your iPhone from anywhere in the world, the convenience of recharging nightly in your own garage...these are all things that you'll discover and come to fully appreciate as an owner which you may not even notice in a test drive because you're too engrossed in the amazing way the car drives.

tongman95 | 22 giugno 2013

Its looking more and more like I will need to make a special trip to be able to take that test drive.

David, it certainly looks like you're a fan, and from what I've read I think I will be too.

Thanks for the feedback.

Bubba2000 | 22 giugno 2013

I do not think you can test drive in Houston. Texas has laws against Tesla giving test drives or buying from the store.