New options soon?

New options soon?

I ordered my MS with a confirmation date set for August 2nd. Subsequently on a second test drive I got some unofficial advice from the sales rep to delay my confirmation by a couple of weeks. According to him there was a "very good chance" that mid August would see some new options. Specifically the PDC sensors and blindspot warning system, plus others potentially. It had to do with the production of the European models coming online (many of these options will be standard for them).
I called the configuration specialist and placed my order on hold. I'm anxious for the MS but don't want to miss out on these features.
Has anyone else heard similar rumors? (I read about a possible August 1st date for the PDC on another thread.)

NomoDinos | 29 luglio 2013

Swalker - I heard the same thing. At this point, no harm in waiting a couple weeks.

TeslaLABlue | 29 luglio 2013

I had a service ranger out today to replace my 12v battery.... part of the original bad batch that had to be replaced.

He said Los Angeles just got a batch of cars and a bunch of techs were gathered around one that had the proximity sensors.

I would have thought they'd know whats coming to them before it arrives but apparently not.

Looks like the US is really close to offering the European options!

carlk | 29 luglio 2013

Great news. That's all I'm waiting for before pull the trigger.

tobi_ger | 29 luglio 2013

I wouldn't expect new options to be included/free, the PDC is already priced extra for Europe (though well worth it).

soma | 29 luglio 2013

How would the prox sensors be priced? Included in the tech package? Or something separate?

ev4life | 29 luglio 2013

Sheesh I just confirmed...Guess I'll give them a call and see if I can get a straight story.

@soma, for EU you need to have the Tech Package and then it's a 500 Euro option.

tobi_ger | 29 luglio 2013

The upcoming wifi option is probably part of the tech package as there is no corresponding option mentioned on the order page (Germany). For a car like the MS, the EUR 500 is reasonable, though I'm wondering if this will be a default feature in the future (MS 2.0?).

Navi | 30 luglio 2013

I do see a price increase the last few days. (Europe)

Air suspension was € 1.600, now € 2.300.
21" silver wheels were € 3.700, now € 4.600.

TommyBoy | 30 luglio 2013

The impending PDC inclusion is what stopped me from placing an order already as well.

This is EXACTLY why companies keep so secretive about these things. Same with computer companies. Nobody wants to order something and then the next week find that the processor speed doubled and the hard drives are now solid state and battery life has tripled.

For me, even at an extra expense the PDC is just too good to pass up. The Model S is a very wide and large vehicle and either my wife or myself has a very good chance of clipping something and this is cheap ($500?) insurance over the lifetime of the car to have that little bit of added protection.

I hate Blind Spot Detection. I almost was killed in a rental car trusting that darn thing!!!!!!

swalkermd | 30 luglio 2013

As a follow up I should mention that the Tesla rep also told me that as of mid August up to 30% of the production will be dedicated to the European models...which means, he said, that US orders could take 2-3 months to fill. Like many here, I feel like the PDC is probably worth the wait.

Jack_L | 30 luglio 2013

Now all I need to see is AWD. Factory rep at a local June Tech Talk told me that is on its way...before the MX arrives for sure. Could not get an idea if it would be 2-3 months or 10-15 months though. Also confirmed the EU options would occur over the summer as reported above. That would be great if it all occurs!

jrettinger | 30 luglio 2013

I heard the same thing from a factory employee. Early/middle August for the EU options.

AmpedRealtor | 30 luglio 2013

There is a rumor going around that there may be a price increase on Aug 1st, perhaps this may have something to do with the forthcoming options?

S4WRXTTCS | 30 luglio 2013

I thought the price increase was price increases that have already happened, but haven't gone into effect for people who have a hold on their cars.

There have already been a boat load of price increases (wheels, suspension).

Bubba2000 | 30 luglio 2013

I just my 85P/Pano loaded that I ordered on Jun-18, delivered today, 7-30. Initially, I was disappointed that I am going to miss on the PDC features and some others like smart cruise control, collision avoidance, lane change warning, etc. After driving the MS, I did not miss these features that much... just have to be careful and be aware of the surroundings and the rear camera helps. Something to get used to.

The MS was delivered to me by an enclosed 18 wheeler with climate control. It has been checked and detailed in Houston, so it was in good condition. Everything seem to work and the sound system upgrade worked well.

Tesla will continue to innovate. No point getting disappointed over features that I am missing. More likely I am going to upgrade to MX with AWD and the biggest battery they off at the time.

elguapo | 30 luglio 2013

It would be nice if they offered current owners the option to get the PDCs and other options retrofitted for a price. I won't be hurt if they can't/don't, but it would be nice...

ev4life | 30 luglio 2013

I'm hearing the stores will know more on Thursday (the 1st). Hope to know what's up soon as my car will be in production in the next couple weeks.

jq5073 | 1 agosto 2013

Hm. Nothing yet. Any word?

ev4life | 1 agosto 2013

Not yet though it is still early in the day. I don't expect to hear back until later this afternoon.

EVMD | 1 agosto 2013

Yes I'm holding my confirmation a couple of weeks too, this options are a must have.

CalabasasKid | 1 agosto 2013

Me too! I have my order in the system just waiting to confirm but I can't do so until those options are released. As of right now, they are projecting an "End of August" delivery with a confirmation deadline of Aug 13th. That means that they feel they can source, assemble and ship a car to L.A. in a bit over two weeks.

NomoDinos | 1 agosto 2013

Calabases - Right there with you. My finger's been hovering over the "confirm now" button for the past several hours...

NomoDinos | 1 agosto 2013

Whoops, sorry. *Calabasas* (was just there last week)

dfriedman415 | 1 agosto 2013

Gotta say I'm in the same boat. I have an order waiting to confirm but don't want to do so if those options are about to be announced. I realize there will always be new options, but if they're that imminent, I'd rather wait! Let me know if anyone hears something confirmed.

CoreyM | 1 agosto 2013

After CalabasasKid's post yesterday and a couple of others about potential price increases today and the imminent availability of the PDC option, I finally just went for it and made my reservation last now, I'm in the same boat as you guys waiting for the option so I can hit "Confirm Now"...

majgill | 1 agosto 2013

Guys this is how I look and took the car. I understand more options are going to keep coming every 6mos or I will say every year and I wanted the car now and maybe next year or so tesla might change the exterior design then its time to change it again! I am not worried about these opitions that's why I took delivery in nov 2012. I have already put 15k miles on it less than 6 months. You guys make the call drive now or keep holding! Its like things changes so quickly these day everything gets old in less than a year i.e computers one can says mine is faster and it is new...I am very happy with options they put in the car except the console..

201w77 | 1 agosto 2013

Wondering if pking sensors can be done by the service ctr. after mkt?

CalabasasKid | 1 agosto 2013

I hear you 100%! My issue is that sensors are high on my wife's wish list and she replaces her car on average every 8-10 years. Seeing as we are this close to those options arriving, it would be a huge shame to miss out on something that's she's had for the last ten years on her existing car and has come to depend on considerably.
Lets not forget how big of a car the MS is. It might be nimble when it's moving but parking it is a whole different story.

CalabasasKid | 1 agosto 2013


I've been told that they're thinking the car would have to be trucked back to Fremont to have it done and that loners would not be offered during that time although this is a rumor.

jim67j | 1 agosto 2013

My first post to any of these forums (though I've been obsessively reading them for the last few weeks)...

I'm in the same boat. my confirm date is Aug 3, but I don't want to confirm until I see the new options (my sales rep told me Aug 1 too). So, I've been hitting "refresh" on the teslamotors options page for the last 7 hours hoping to see something different every time I push it...I now know what Einstein meant when he said the definintion of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

At this point, I'm just ready to confirm and be done. Want my car!

jq5073 | 1 agosto 2013

In consideration of Einstein, keep Murphy in mind. As soon as you confirm your purchase, all these awesome options will be available... to everyone else.

JaneW | 1 agosto 2013

I'll be at the Denver Service Center tomorrow.If they know anything more, I'll tell y'all.

CoreyM | 1 agosto 2013

After months of working on my wife, she finally agreed to my getting a Model S and said I could order it for my birthday (early September). Now that I have the okay though, I'm willing to wait another week or two for PDC. Yes, there will always be something new on the horizon that could be nice to have, but this is an option that is already showing up in stores.

If my confirmation date comes (Aug. 13) and the PDC still aren't available, I'm not going to place my order on hold indefinitely.

(This may also be the first time in my life where I've exhibited patience.)

LarsM | 2 agosto 2013

As for AWD; I strongly doubt it will come as an option for Model S. Including a rotor in front will mean a completely new front structure (frunk and wheel base).

Strategically, I don't see any reason why TM will offer AWD before launching Model S, that will basically kill the market for some potential Model X buyers. I might be wrong, but I see it more likely that AWD will be offered as an option on Model S cars after TM produces the Gen. 3 cars.

LarsM | 2 agosto 2013

Typo: ...before launching Model X.

EVMD | 3 agosto 2013

New options are here, I add the new 19 wheels, parking sensors, but the blind spot is a missing stuff.

jim67j | 3 agosto 2013

I confirmed my car at old prices and skipped the parking sensors. Very happy.