Nooby question - locking

Nooby question - locking

My local dealer just lent me a Roadster for a couple of days, but one thing he didn't tell me was how to lock the damn thing and I'll be b*ggered if I can find a way to lock it - there is no remote control on the key. It does auto lock but fortunately the roof wasn't on so I could reach in and unlock it.

Am I being completely stupid?

Douglas3 | 24 novembre 2010

They key has a built-in FOB; it's perhaps not immediately obvious but there are three buttons on it. Push the round Telsa logo to lock. There are also two recessed buttons (that don't really look like buttons) alongside it. The middle one unlocks and the end one opens the trunk.

nickjhowe | 24 novembre 2010

Thx! I just figured it out. There was so little movement on the fob initially it didn't seem like it was a remote. Ho hum.

Brian H | 24 novembre 2010

Bad on the dealer for not showing you. I hate people who assume you already know the basics, because they're not tuned in to what real people need to hear.