Obeche Wood: Matte or Glossy?

Obeche Wood: Matte or Glossy?

This is a re-post from the TMC forum:

I was asked to finalize about 30 days ago and have been carefully considering my options. I am now at the trim stage. I am getting the car in black with tan interior and obeche wood trim.

I originally thought I might want the matte finish based on this thread, but now I am not so sure. Since deliveries are starting to pick up I'm hoping to get more feedback from those who've seen matte and glossy together.

I realize its a personal choice but would like to hear other thoughts before I finalize. Thanks in advance.

jinglehyme | 3 novembre 2012


I've seen both - Gloss is Cadillac - Matte is Audi -


robert27 | 3 novembre 2012

Wrong. Gloss is awesome. Sig 23--worth the wait for this option.

rmitchum | 3 novembre 2012

Right. Matte seems to portray simple elegance of Model S to me.
(Of course, to each his own.)

Captain_Zap | 3 novembre 2012

I think it depends on your interior color.

RZitrin1 | 3 novembre 2012

My interior is black, so GLOSSY was an easy choice. With tan interior, I might've gone the other way. But glossy is not by any means bright.

rwang | 3 novembre 2012

went w/ Matte for a simpler reason, not a fan of fingerprints and smudge on gloss. If you are single and don't have kids, i'd say glossy is nice to look at an not too hard to maintain. With lots of folks in the car, it's going to get smudgy.