Owner's Manual Oddities

Owner's Manual Oddities

I've been watching videos, scanning the forum, and reading through the owner's manual during the holiday week in preparation for the arrival of our Model S. There are places where it seems like the manual could be clearer, and I thought I'd turn my obsession into an opportunity to provide Tesla with feedback where others can chime in.

I'll start off with...

In the Model S Software 4.0 Owner's Manual on page 14 it states that the active air suspension "also lowers to load and unload passengers, provided all doors are closed." Doesn't having all the doors closed make it hard to load and unload passengers? Clearly this phrase is intended to mean something, perhaps that the vehicle will lower when stopped to make it easier to get in or out, but that opening a door before it finished interrupts the process. Or something. I'd be curious about what it's actually intended to convey.

Brian H | 27 dicembre 2012

"Can be lowered in preparation for loading or unloading passengers, while the door is still closed."

olanmills | 27 dicembre 2012

It makes sense that they would not allow the car to change height while the doors are open since people might be in the process of ingress or egress. The manual could probably give better details.

What else did you find?

kubisf | 27 dicembre 2012

It can be dangerous, to lower the car with open door. If you open the door in place with a high curb and anybody stand so that his foot is under the open door ... so the lowering car will clench his leg.

Volker.Berlin | 27 dicembre 2012

... so the lowering car will clench his leg. (kubisf)

Or even worse: It might scrape the door!

GeekGirls | 27 dicembre 2012

I'm still making my way through the manual and have found it to be very well written for the most part. Anything else I've noticed falls into the category of minor nit. For example, page 18 in the v4.0 manual is written clearly enough, but I was amused that the maximum current draw from the 12V socket is specified – while nothing is stated about the current supported over USB. It's definitely a sign of the times that USB current draw is of significantly more interest to me than the legacy power socket.

Volker.Berlin | 27 dicembre 2012

It's definitely a sign of the times that USB current draw is of significantly more interest to me than the legacy power socket.

There is also a new unit for power that is specific to USB ports: Can it charge an iPad, and if so, how many of them simultaneously? ;-)

cmlaff | 28 dicembre 2012

The index does not match the pages that it refers to.
Somewhere in there it mentions "fuel"?!
I'll get details later. BTW I refer to the hard copy that came with the car, not the online version. Haven't studied that one.

MandL | 28 dicembre 2012

No hard copy came with my car. And AFAIK the only way to access it from the touchscreen is via the web browser. This is very annoying when, for the second time, 3G stopped working and I had to go to the manual to figure out which fuse to pull to do a hard reset on the touchscreen. There should be a copy stored on the local drive.

Brian H | 28 dicembre 2012

Have you opened the glove compartment? There may be a wee surprise for you in there.

MB3 | 28 dicembre 2012

MandL. Did a screen reboot fail to fix the problem?

MandL | 28 dicembre 2012

No manual in the glove compartment. And no, a screen reboot did not fix the problem. First time I took it to the DC store and they eventually pulled the fuse, second time I just called and asked them which fuse they had pulled. All this was before the 4.1 update though, so it's entirely possible the issue has been fixed.

DouglasR | 28 dicembre 2012

Unfortunately, the touch screen would not have helped you with the Owner's Manual. It is PDF, and the browser on the touch screen doesn't do PDF.

Opus | 2 febbraio 2013

Is the "Owner's Guide" intended to be the Owner's Manual, or is there a second, more detailed, Manual (that's not yet on-line)?

stevenmaifert | 2 febbraio 2013

I think between the Owner's Guide and the software release notes, that's all we're going to get. They do update the online Owner's Guide after a major software release that adds features. TMC and this forum are extremely useful in learning things about Model S that didn't make it to the Owner's Guide.

TonyF | 2 febbraio 2013

@ Opus - Many of us were hoping that the small 38-page "Guide for Owners" that is included with the car was to be more of a quick start guide to operation of the car - and that a much larger complete document would be on-line or via the touch screen. This does not appear to be in Tesla's plans - at least for now.

Functions are changing (improving) pretty rapidly via software updates and each software update has full documentation that comes to the touch screen as part of the download. So it looks to me like we will learn about the nuances of the car in 3 ways: First from the quick start guide that we get with the car; second by the release notes that come with each software update; and third and best of all, we can call Tesla ANYTIME and ask them any question that we have about the car. Those three ways of getting information will be enough for me - even though I am an engineer and hundreds of pages of documentation would have suited me just fine.

jjaeger | 2 febbraio 2013

TonyF - there is a 4th way to learn about the car functionality. The Owners Guide. It is not a static document, and has been updated on a couple occasions already. You might wish it were more than 38 pages, but on periodic updates it will capture the current functionality of the car (albeit in an abbreviated form).