Parking sensors should be simply a hardware upgrade

Parking sensors should be simply a hardware upgrade

For those of us that would like parking sensors it seems that most of the cost is a hardware upgrade of the bumpers which should be included in the service agreements that we purchase. I am willing to pay the additional $500 for the sensors but above and beyond that amount is unreasonable considering tesla has always said that hardware upgrades are included in service contracts

earlyretirement | 6 agosto 2013

It will never happen.

firerock | 6 agosto 2013

Well, it's not a hardware's a new feature/hardware. So, not likely to be a $500 upgrade to retrofit existing MS. My guess the cost would be somewhere along $3k.

AmpedRealtor | 6 agosto 2013

@ jkitain,

What makes you think that your service agreement covers adding new features to your vehicle that did not exist before? Can you please point out that section of the ESA? And please don't quote the part where they say they include "hardware upgrades". Adding a new feature to a vehicle is not a "hardware upgrade" because in order to upgrade something, you must already have it in the first place.

Can you please point me to any vehicle manufacturer in the history of the world, ever, that has retrofitted existing vehicles with future functionality and at no cost to the customer by including the addition of those future options in an extended service agreement?

DTsea | 6 agosto 2013

AmpedRealtor +1.

How is a new bumper plus sensors 'service?'

mrspaghetti | 6 agosto 2013

Ok, I have to just say it - what a bunch of whiney babies people are over the stupid parking sensors! I am amazed at the toddler-like crying from people who presumably are old enough to have drivers licenses. Are you really so used to having everything so precisely as you want that you throw a public tantrum whenever you get anything less?

How embarrassing.

AmpedRealtor | 6 agosto 2013

@ mrspaghetti,

Tesla has so severely underestimated the demand for parking sensors by people who probably would never need them, Tesla has decide to reconfigure the store yet again. As of 8/6, anyone ordering parking sensors will have to pay the new price of $1,500 but will receive sensors that are color coordinated with their bumpers. All orders currently in the queue can upgrade to the new option at the new price, but old orders will receive parking sensors with the black circles around them.


Okay so I was kidding, but admit it... for a mere moment, some of you thought this was real and were considering upgrading to the new sensors. See, Tesla has you by the balls! LOL

hsadler | 6 agosto 2013

I ordered two sets - in case one fails.

Bubba2000 | 6 agosto 2013

I doubt that Tesla has the manufacturing and service resources to upgrade what could be thousands of Model S with PDC. They would have to remove the bumpers, drill holes in the bumpers, install sensors, run wire harnesses to the Tegra computers, etc. Then put it all back together. Big logistic headache. Cost in the $thousands. I do not think it will happen.

Anyway, the car is a lot fun to drive. After you start driving it, you will forget these minor stuff. I remember my first clunker. Stick shift with a weak alternator and battery. I used to park in a slope so in the morning I could let it roll, drop the clutch and start the engine. It was a lot fun too, even with just the CB and a tape player... 8-track anybody?

We all knew Model S will evolve. Next we will have ACC, multiple cameras, lane assist, 500 mile battery, AWD, self driving, etc. No point getting worked up about these issues. I certainly don't, since I am not looking to drive these things with a foley tied to a leg bag after my b/l cataract surgery.

Brian H | 6 agosto 2013

When you stop, the dash screen says, "You are now parked." It sensed it.

earlyretirement | 6 agosto 2013

Amped. LOL. The scary thing is that if someone posted something like that, you wouldn't know if it was a joke or true. Because that's kind of how they are operating which isn't fun as a consumer.

As well, I don't think people should have to settle. I read a lot of posts like, "once you get the car and drive it you will forget about X". The thing is, people paying $100,000+ for a car kind of shouldn't have to settle for missing X, which is basic and standard in most cars, let alone luxury cars.

People just never lose objectivity. Yeah, the car is pretty darn special but you still have to be objective about things.

negarholger | 6 agosto 2013

@earlyretirement - price is not an entitlement.

JAFIC | 6 agosto 2013

eh...from what I learned, adding parking sensor is not just the adding the sensor to bumper. You need to link the sensor to the car and then to the touchscreen to make it work together with the rear camera. and after that, to the speaker to have it sound.

And no, it's not done yet. You also need to seamless cabling. (no visible bumps in drive cabin) so yes, it takes a bit of work. And no, it's not that simple

hsadler | 6 agosto 2013


'You also need to seamless cabling. (no visible bumps in drive cabin) so yes, it takes a bit of work. And no, it's not that simple'

Unless they are wireless.

(Think 'Bluetooth sensors as thin as a dime')

Ralph_G | 6 agosto 2013

After market sensors can be installed, I am an S owner all be it for only two weeks, I haven't stopped smiling.

hsadler | 6 agosto 2013

What are the most expensive, most elaborate after market sensors out there?

jjaeger | 6 agosto 2013

Ok, I'll bite and keep one of the more inane and ridiculous threads going. Where do these people come from? Free upgrade because of a pre-paid service plan? Get real.

negarholger | 6 agosto 2013

@jjaeger - privileged people think they are entitled to more privileges... ( e.g. just look at the car dealers )

olanmills | 7 agosto 2013

I believe the clause in the service plan is to cover certain replacement items for existing features, i.e. suppose Tesla says that the quality of the window switch (just a hypothetical) is not up to snuff, but it's not a safety/recall issue. The replacement would be covered under service contract.

EcLectric | 7 agosto 2013


You may be on to something. Imagine the market for small parking sensors that contain a solar panel and a super-capacitor for power. They would each need to have their own address so the car could tell them apart. Generating a radio signal takes some power, so it would depend on how low-power you could make the sensors' radios. Another idea would be to power them from the car's transmitter. RFID cards use this idea, but the range is limited for high bandwidth signals.

All this to save a bit of wire? Yeah, but it would give designers a lot of flexibility, and allow for an easy retrofit.