Philadelphia Auto show

Philadelphia Auto show

Was wondering if the Model S will be at the Philadelphia auto show? I was hoping to get a glimpse of it if it was there. The show is end of Jan/ beginning of Feb

Vawlkus | 21 gennaio 2011

Check the events section. If it's gonna be in attendance, there'll be a note there.

Brian H | 27 gennaio 2011

Not there. The page is , by the way.

wbrown01 | 24 gennaio 2012

I was wondering the samething in this "2012 the year of the Model S". I am from Philly and go to the show every year and the display they had was very low budget. I would so love to see them because I cannot get enogh of seeing the Model S. I will go and look for them anyway and also check out the Coda, Leaf and all the rest.

FranknWC | 13 febbraio 2014

Yes. One of the S's that crossed the country was there Monday. Far right as you enter the main floor. Tesla Rep. said they were a late entry.

AlMc | 13 febbraio 2014

Correct. They have a limited budget but did decide to go at the last minute. With their 'advertising' budget constraint they got a very small spot.

Go. Then test drive one at King of Prussia Mall, Short Hills, NJ or Washington DC depending on where you live.

If you check out the 'events' section of this site you can also find places/dates that may be near you to sign up for a test drive.

bonaire | 13 febbraio 2014

Very poor EV representation at the Phila auto show. Had an ELR and i3 and the other normal models but more people were interested in the vast spreads of pickup trucks and sports cars. Actually, the Jaguar F-Type was very pretty.